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Hello again, everyone! 😀

It’s Wednesday again, and it means that my very own favorite feature on this blog is back! And yes, What You Could Get In The City For $10 is here again, and this time I’m getting a little way too excited. Why?

Because this time, I will cover one of the cities that is totally on the top of my bucket list: Zagreb in Croatia!

In case you wonder why, I’ve been obsessed with Balkan area ever since I was around 11. The main reason why is that because I’ve been supporting their national football team ever since France 1998. #BudiPonosan #AjmoHrvatska

This passion over Croatian football led me to pick the major I took in the university: International Relations. And not just that, because in the last semester of the university, I chose a topic related to Croatia for my thesis: The Cultural Diplomacy of Serbia and Croatia in the Post-Yugoslav Era (2006-2011).

Ever since I was 11, I always want to go to Croatia and have a Balkan trip because I’ve been dreaming of a Balkan beau although I used to date a Bosniak and it didn’t work as I expected. So when Angelynn from Travelholicmusings told me she wanted to cover Zagreb, I found myself a little way too excited! 😀

Needless to say, I owe so much to Croatia for some of the paths I’ve taken in my life that it’s always been the top of my bucket list. The only problem is that with them joining EU, it’s so hard for me to obtain the visa as what’s on my bank account is not sufficient to even just apply for the Schengen. 😛

What You Could Get in Zagreb for $10 - The BeauTraveler

One Word: Booze!

The Balkans has always been hailed as the ‘cheap’ part of Europe. Although it’s still cheap, Zagreb is one of the most expensive cities in the Balkans.

I do eat out in Zagreb, which I don’t do often, it’s always less than $10. I’ve had a bowl of mediocre Ramen noodles for $8. There are also a lot of kebab shops and fast food joints ranging from $2 to $10 for a full meal. One of my favorite ice-cream joints in Zagreb on Ulic Tomiveca sells a scoop for $1.50.

Unfortunately mediocre Ramen noodle.

A traditional meal of Cevapi, which are meat sausages in buns, costs around $5, %10 if you want fries. The portion size here is big; I often split my meals so I don’t have to fork out extra cash for dinner. #lifehack


I always get my booze from supermarkets. You can get a 2-litre bottle of beer for as low as $1.80 in Konzum, the local chain supermarket.

I’ve also got a bottle of wine for $3! That said, let’s be honest here—it isn’t incredibly expensive to go to a bar either. Most bars start selling beers for $2 per bottle. That’s a small price to pay to enjoy a great atmosphere and to meet amazing people!

Contributor: Angelynn from Travelholicmusings 

She loves to people watch. She could just sit on a bench by the park for hours making up stories for people she watches. It’s a journey where she learns to be what she could be. Where she had to admit herself the things she wouldn’t have normally said about herself. Where she learns things about herself that might resonate with you. 

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22 thoughts on “What You Could Get In Zagreb For $10 – Booze Before Anything Else”

  1. I’m such a foodie, I love hearing about what there is to eat all across the world! It’s fun to hear the difference in prices too- I can’t believe how cheap the beer is!!

  2. I would definitely split that meal. Wow, the portions. Isn’t it fascinating how something as simple as the World Cup and have such a profound affect and impact on your life? I would love to hear if Croatia lived up to your dreams and expectations.

  3. We visited Croatia in November and we loved it. So much beauty and cheap food! We haven’t been to Zargeb but it seems like it has a lot of good food options for cheap. And who can say no to cheap booze!?

  4. went on a Balkan road trip and, indeed, most of the countries are cheaper (e.g. in Macedonia, a pack of cigarettes was under 1 euro). Croatia, however, didn’t seem that cheap to me. (I didn’t go to Zagreb, I only got as far as Dubrovnik.)

  5. Hello and thanks for this great informations. We love to visit Croatia – we try to go there every year but honestly – we haven`t been to Zagreb. Hopefully we can manage it this year. Your infos are fantastic – I will safe this article!
    Have a nice day, Martina

  6. It’s been years since I’ve been in Zagreb and I have wondered recently if prices have gone up quite a bit now that tourism is booming in Croatia. It sounds like while prices have raised, it’s still quite reasonable (yupie!) Sounds like a need to get back there asap!

  7. Well, a couple of years ago, Croatia got really popular as a beach and party destination. Increase of tourism always leads to worse service and prices that rocket sky high.
    What I find interesting is the visa issue. I actually never think about things like this since for us it’s so easy to go everywhere. My Brazilian Portuguese teacher was blown away when I told her we don’t need visa for the US…like I said, for us it’s so natural to be able to travel literally everywhere; I think we West Europeans should be more grateful from time to time.

    1. yes, visa issue is something that people from developed countries couldn’t understand. for me being a holder of indonesian passport myself, so many requirements to apply for the visa. and there’s no guarantee to get it approved. and even to apply for it, there’s a fee for it too so not only that my bank account is not enough to apply for it in the first place, i really don’t want to gamble with the chance of it getting rejected after the fee paid. the fee itself is quite a lot, indonesian-wise. 😛

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