7 Best Destinations for Cheap Student Travel in Europe

The world does not stop reminding us that college years are one of the best periods. Everyone has high expectations for this stage and wants to remember it for life. As a result, students tend to desire to go somewhere with friends.

Traveling as a student can bring real fun and enjoyment. However, they frequently face financial issues. Pressure at universities usually prevents them from getting a high-paying job while studying. This fact explains why undergraduates often seek budget travel options.

In this post, we’re going to share some inexpensive destinations for cheap student travel in Europe. From Turkiye to Poland, you can consider your cheap destinations in Europe when traveling as a student!

Best Places to Go in Europe on a Budget for Students

student traveling to dubrovnik, croatia
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Situated in the heart of the Balkans, Serbia remains one of the most popular European destinations for budget travelers. Not only is it known for its formidable architecture and scenery, it’s also among the continent’s most affordable travel options.

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One of the least expensive destinations in Europe for students is Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. You can easily find a hostel starting from €5 like River Hostel in Zemun or Up Hostel in Stari Grad.

If you have an extra budget, I’d also recommend a medium-range hotel like Hotel Slavija in Vracar for the best experience. In addition to accommodation, you can expect to spend around €155 for your travel expenses per week – even less if you plan to visit cities outside Belgrade like Nis or Novi Sad.

Belgrade, Serbia
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Poland is a reasonably priced state in Europe with a sound economic foundation. It is an always welcoming country with accepting and outgoing people.

Tourists’ favorite cities such as Kraków, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk, Lublin, and Warsaw attract students worldwide due to their rich history and beautiful buildings and architecture. These cities are popular destinations for studying, so the prices there are student-friendly.

For example, the 7-day stay in Krakow, with its grand historic architecture, will cost €216 per person!

The hostel prices in Warsaw start from €7.00, like one at Free Parking Host. If you’re traveling as a couple, you can also find a budget hotel room for two people for less than €100 like Ibis Budget Warszawa Centrum or Premiere Classe Versovie.

Warsaw, Poland


While the majority of Turkiye is located in Asia, the European side of the country also deserves a shoutout as one of the best destinations for budget travelers in Europe.

The European side of Turkiye boasts a piece of this scenic region, including Istanbul and the nearby cities. Moreover, its affordability is also suitable for youngsters who strive for a fulfilling journey. From the journey between Asia and Europe in Istanbul, to exploring the ancient city of Cappadocia – there are so many things to do on a budget in Turkiye!

There is a global habit of traveling to Turkiye in the summer, but there are a lot of cities in this country that offer so many things to do at other times of the year. In the winter, destinations like Uludag in Bursa or Erciyes in Kayseri are popular for skiing and other winter sports.

In the off-season like winter, you can find budget hotels for as low as €80 – like Miapera Hotel in Beyoglu or All Seasons Hotel in Fatih. You can expect an even lower rate if you choose to stay at a hostel or Airbnb in Istanbul.

Cappadocia, Turkiye
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Czechia is probably Poland’s closest competitor in attracting students from all over Europe. The prices there are slightly higher than in Poland, but they are still within the reach of the students.

Scholarship recipients can have a vacation similar to wealthy people in some expensive countries.

The average cost of a 7-day stay in wonderful Prague is €290, and you can expect paying a budget hotel room from €50 at accommodations like Hotel Penzion Rohoznik or Hotel Mala Strana. If you don’t mind hostels, you can also find some comfy options like Expo Capsule Hostel or Plus Prague Hostel starting from €30 per night.

If that’s not enough to convince you to visit Prague as a student, buying groceries at supermarkets like Billa is also reasonable – making it a perfect place to live on a budget!

Chain Bridge in Prague, Czechia
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Hungary, especially Budapest, attracts European students with its affordability and many entertainment options. Visitors worldwide admire popular tourist destinations.

There are, for example, the famous Chain Bridge, the Danube River, and the Buda Castle District. And you can enjoy it without spending any money!

Budget travelers can confidently plan to pay between €40 and €60 a day in this country for lodging, transportation, eating, and amusement. The slightly more comfortable conditions will cost around €80.

The cheapest accommodation prices start from €19 in Budapest, but you can also consider staying at medium-range B&Bs or hotels in the city like Czako Bed & Breakfast or Easy Star Hotel Budapest for less than €50 per night.

Budapest, Hungary


The sunny and impressive Croatia is particularly popular during the summer, especially if you’re looking for another alternative for a beach weekend in Europe. While popular places like Dubrovnik and Istria can be ridiculously expensive during the on-peak season, you can consider visiting during winter for a lower price.  

You can budget between €40 and €50 per day, but the accommodation rate varies depending on which part of Croatia you’re going to.

It’s hard to find hostels in Dubrovnik that cost less than €50 per night during summer, but you can book a hotel room at the same price range during winter. Accommodations like Hotel Perla or Hotel Adria are reasonably priced that you won’t pay more than €100 per night there during the off-season in Dubrovnik!

krka national park in croatia
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When it comes to summer weekends, youth can’t avoid imagining them at the beach with a refreshing glass of Mojito or ice cream. Bulgaria is a great place to visit if you’re an outdoor enthusiast looking for experiencing the best of you summer – even if your budget is pretty low!

If you plan to visit the capital city of Bulgaria in Sofia, you can expect to spend around €60 per day or even less if you choose some budget-friendly restaurants for your meals.

You can find hostels that cost for as low as €25 per night in Sofia, including Osogovo Rooms or Hostel Mostel. For a few bucks extra, you can even consider staying at a decent hotel like Stivan Iskar Hotel or Hotel Simona Complex.

Alternatively, you can also spend less in smaller cities like Kiten, Primorsko, or rural areas in Bulgaria. The prices of groceries will be lower, but Sofia is probably the best choice if you’re looking for the most accessible destination in Bulgaria.

7 Rila Lakes in Bulgaria
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To sum it up, there are so many exciting budget travel options for students in Europe. Whether you’re looking for the best place to go in Europe during warm or cold season, you can spend on average of €250 to spend a week in one of these Europe destinations.

From exploring the intersection of the Black Sea, the Bosphorus and Marmara Sea in Istanbul for warmer destinations, to skiing in Zakopane or other ski resorts in Poland – there are so many things to do in Europe for students on a budget.

So, are you ready to plan your Euro trip as a student?


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