What You Could Get In Ljubljana For $10 – Some Alternatives to Spend Your Dollar Apart from Some Glass of Laško

Let’s get back to Balkan again on this week’s $10 series! 😉

If you read some of my old posts, you probably know by now that I’m particularly interested in this area as I did some research about what happened there during Yugoslav era. Well, after we covered Zagreb a few months ago, it’s time for us to cover another area in Balkan! 😉

You see, some normies out there might probably mistake Slovenia from Slovakia. So let’s be clear here, now that we’re covering Ljubljana, it is the capital city of Slovenia. NOT Slovakia.

If you asked me how to tell the difference between the two countries, let’s go back to the 80s… Back then, Slovenia was a part of Yugoslavia, while Slovakia was half of Czechoslovakia. This might be more interesting, as our contributor for this post is actually a Czech, Tereza from Czick On The Road.

What You Could Get in Ljubljana for $10 - The BeauTraveler

What’s Good for the ‘Gram in Ljubljana

If you are visiting Ljubljana with just a few bills in your pocket, there isn’t much you can buy for it.

$10 USD will get you approximately €8.5 Euro which stands for 2 beers in an expensive bar, or 4 beers in a cheap bar, but I’m sure beer is not the thing you want to spend these precious bills on (though Slovenes are pretty proud of their Laško).

Ljubljana City Castle

The most famous landmark of Ljubljana is definitely the city castle. It stands above the city as a magnificent guardian and offers many tourist activities.

You can walk up the castle on foot through a nice forest path and then enjoy many things the castle have to offer for free (view of the city, the main area with cafe).

View from the castle.

You can also buy the entrance to the whole castle for €7.5 Euro which will then allow you to go to the viewing tower, museum of string puppets and exhibition about Slovene history.

After this, you will have €1 left for which you can buy black coffee in some of the more distant cafes in Ljubljana.

Trnovo Neighborhood

Ljubljanica river way to Trnovo.

If rather than exhibition and history you are interested in food and drinks in places popular among local citizens, head to the old center and stroll South across Ljubljanica river. You will arrive at Trnovo neighborhood.

On Eipprova street are many cool bars and restaurants with local foods and drinks and much cheaper prices than in the center. I recommend pizzeria Trnovski Zvon, where for $10 USD you can get a small pizza, typical Slovene soups, and stews, seafood or grilled plate and you will still have some changes left for a drink or coffee.

Nebotičnik Cafe

View from Nebotičnik Cafe.

To combine both of the above – view of the city and great Slovene coffee with some typical deserts, you can visit the skyscraper Nebotičnik with a cafe on the top.

This is definitely one of the best places to get great pics for your Instagram, as it has an awesome view of the castle as well as the Tivoli Parque on the other side. It is though also the most expensive cafe in Ljubljana, so your $10 USD budget will be just enough for cappuccino and some cake.

Contributor: Tereza from Czick On The Road

Tereza is a Czech expat living in Ljubljana since 2011. Ljubljana was a love on a first sight for her and every traveler feels the same after visiting the city. She is currently traveling in South America and is writing a travel blog about her adventures as well as about her favorite city Ljubljana and hikes in Slovenia.

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