What You Could Get in Budva for $10 – Adriatic Sea and More!

Everyone knows that I’m obsessed with Balkan for so many reasons. The region has been on the top of my bucket list since I started learning geography. So today, I’m excited to host Sam from Sam Sees World to cover a city in the region. And on this week’s $10 series, we’re going to talk about Budva in Montenegro.

When it comes to the country, I know only a bit of its strong from back during Yugoslav era. But hey, you learn something new every day. So, you might as well sit back and relax while getting more information about the town on the Adriatic Sea.

What You Could Get in Budva for $10 - The BeauTraveler

Budva Beyond the Adriatic Sea

Montenegro is a beautiful coastal country located on the Adriatic Sea. Although it is not in the EU, the currency used here is the euro. Therefore, the value of $10 USD is equal to €9 Euros. This may seem like a modest budget, but in Montenegro, €9 can take you pretty far.

Head to The Beach

Budva prime location along the Adriatic Sea has resulted in an abundant amount of beaches. I genuinely think the beaches in Montenegro are some of the best in Europe. With vivid blue waters, rolling mountains in the background, and a buzzing atmosphere you can’t go wrong.

Some of the Budva beaches have sun-beds available that cost money, but almost all are free beaches where you have the option to lay out in the sun for no cost!

This is a great morning or afternoon activity. Some great beaches in Budva you should check out are Sveti Stefan and Mogren Beach.

Credit: Sam Sees World.

Eat Authentic Montenegrin Food

Montenegro is a relatively low-cost travel destination and the cost of food is no exception. Another great thing about Budva is that it is full of some great authentic Montenegrin restaurants. I suggest finding a traditional restaurant such as Konobabocun and trying a local dish!

Montenegro is known for its outstanding seafood dishes, therefore, try ordering a seafood dish to get the full Montenegrin experience. A small traditional seafood meal can cost €5 and up. Choose a smaller meal option to keep prices down.

Explore the Old Town

Budva is one of the oldest cities in Montenegro. As an older city, it is full of historic sites and cultural significance. One of the best things about Budva is the Old Town, which is a maze of stone buildings and winding streets. Exploring this beautiful area and learning about the history of the city is a very enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. Also, walking around this beautiful part of Budva is free.

Credit: Sam Sees World.

Experience Montenegrin Spirituality

Montenegro is full of both beautiful and compelling monasteries. The Reževici Monastery is a famous Serbian Orthodox Monastery in Budva that was built in medieval times. The interior is well preserved, and the church is full of history. Entrance is free, but it is highly suggested to donate. A modest €1is enough.

Visit the City Museum of Budva

The City Museum of Budva is full of rich local heritage dating back to the ancient Roman era. There are four floors full of exhibits depicting Budva’s complicated history. Items range from Greek and Roman jewelry, glassware, clothing and more! The cost of entrance to the museum is €3 for adults.

Contributor: Sam from Sam Sees World

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