Choosing a Vehicle for a Road Trip

In order to plan the perfect road trip, you need the perfect vehicle. Here are some of the types of transportation to consider when organizing a road trip and the pros and cons of each.

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Why choose a car?

A car is the most popular choice for a road trip. Obviously, some cars are better suited than others – you ideally want a car that’s in good condition, has good fuel economy, has a good amount of passenger space and a good amount of luggage space.

Some cars are likely to be better suited to certain types of road trip. If you’re taking on rugged roads or going off-road, you’ll want a decent 4×4 that can handle the rough terrain. Alternatively, if you’re stopping at lots of cities, you may want something more compact to help with parking.

Sleeping in a car is possible. However, even in the biggest cars, it may not be something you want to do multiple nights in a row.

Why choose a motorbike?

Motorbikes can offer a different type of thrill to cars. You can ride solo or you can go with a group of biker friends. 

Not all bikes are built to handle long distances, which is something to consider. Touring motorcycles tend to be best suited as they have good fuel economy and are built for comfort.

You won’t be able to carry as much luggage on a motorcycle and you certainly won’t be able to sleep on one. The lack of space is the biggest disadvantage. However, being small does mean that you can find more parking spaces and explore cities more easily.

Why choose a camper?

Campers are pretty much apartments on wheels. You can sleep in them every night, cook in them and even use the toilet, saving you money on accommodation. 

There are lots of different types of camper to choose from. There are luxury motorhomes for those that want to cruise in style. There are also hybrid off-road campers that are great for venturing off the beaten track. Consider what is best suited for you.

Campers are bigger, which makes them less suitable for exploring cities and smaller back roads. They can also come with a lot more maintenance and while they can give you flexibility as to where you stay, you will occasionally need to find a hook-up to charge their battery.

Should you hire a vehicle?

If you don’t already own the vehicle you need, you could look into hiring one. Hiring a vehicle could work out cheaper than buying a new vehicle (although depending on how long you plan to hire it, this may not always be the case). 

Hiring a vehicle tends to be better if you’re planning a road trip on the opposite side of the world. You don’t want to be paying extra to transport your vehicle over – you ideally want to be able to set off from home when planning a road trip in an owned vehicle. 

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