What is The BeauTraveler ?

I've been blogging since I was in high school, and I've had a fair share of some blog-for-fun experiences through various platforms like LiveJournal to Tumblr since 2004.

It wasn't until I was in my mid-20s that I decided to build a personal brand through my blog. Initially, I started this blog as "Ransel Ungu" in early 2017. The name literally means "purple backpack" in Indonesian, and I did it as a tribute to my purple backpack that I've had since I was 10.

As I realized that I'm more comfortable writing in English and the Indonesian word for my blog can be a bit confusing for the international audience, I decided to rebrand my blog as "The BeauTraveler" in November 2017. The name that sticks until this very day.

Why is The BeauTraveler ?

The name "The BeauTraveler" derives from the three main elements that I initially wanted to cover in this blog: beau, beauty, and travel.

As I started this blog in my mid-20s when things got a little wild back then, I had a fair share of debauchery that involves one-night stands, unnecessary ghosting, and unwanted heartbreaks in between as an attempt to find the Mr. Right. The BeauTraveler could be roughly translated as beau traveler, as I travel from one beau to another and I haven't found anyone who made me want to settle so far.

These days, I still write about beauty products and tips once in a while although I get to the point that it's not really something that I enjoy the most since I tend to stick with the products that I already trust instead of trying to see if a new product works on my skin and stuff.

I still manage to travel when I have time (and money!), and these days I tend to travel longer so I can write more things about the places that I visit, the hotels where I stay, or even the transportation that I use to get me from one place to the other.

As I start working remotely as a freelance copywriter and a virtual assistant in 2018, I got a chance to gain experience as a remote worker and as an entrepreneur. And over time, I realized that this is also the topic that I genuinely enjoy sharing with my audience.

Despite being able to work remotely, I don't think I'm the one who would condemn being a digital nomad, though. I travel occasionally to change the scene, but I have to admit that working while traveling is not really my thing.

For me, I still love the idea of having a home base where I can work from home with my cats meowing in the background with the ability to travel to a new place once in a while. And that's the kind of topic that I'd like to write in this blog moving forward.

Where is The BeauTraveler ?

I was born and raised in Bandung, Indonesia. I also got a chance to call some other places on earth "home" at some point in my life. Izmir in Turkey, Semarang in Indonesia, Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, and finally Jakarta in Indonesia were a few places that I used to call "home" due to my past responsibility.

It was only in 2018 when I decided to come back home to restart my life and see how it works. So far, I enjoy being home as much as traveling to new places.

I have an open heart for the idea of yet another relocation someday. But until then, you will always find me home in Bandung, Indonesia when I'm not traveling.