Why You Should Visit Europe in Autumn

Europe. Wherever you are right now in the world, I can guarantee you that Europe is on your travel bucket list – because it’s not just one place.

It’s London monuments and French rivieras, Spanish tapas and Italian churches. It’s Bavarian fruitcakes and Belgian chocolates, Greek plate-smashing and Icelandic ice baths.

Europe is stuffed with cities, country towns, beaches and baths, spas and pools and theaters and museums. Europe is dripping in history, culture, spectacular art, amazing beer and some of the finest and most authentic food you’ll ever taste in your life.

If Europe isn’t on your bucket list, you’re not writing the right bucket list!

Europe in Autumn.
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Europe has so much to offer, whether you are traveling alone or traveling as a group. It makes up such a huge part of the world that you can’t get away from the fact that not visiting it at least once will lead you to regret.

How could you not want to throw coins in the Trevi fountain in Rome? Sit at the bank of the Seine with a coffee and a croissant? Or maybe enjoy the lifestyle of digital nomads in Athens while trying delicious Portokalopita cake before heading back to one of the many beautiful Mykonos villas?

There are just too many reasons to go, but if you’re going to make Europe your next adventure, heading out there in Autumn is the best thing to do.

Not only is the busy summer season over, but the Autumn in Europe is all red and gold leaves, crispy, sunshine days and the cold air on your cheeks. It’s bonfires and BBQs, fireworks and Halloween all in some of the most beautiful places in the world.

Do you still need convincing? Let’s go, then!

Forests of Bavaria

Those fairytales you grew up on didn’t come from nowhere; some of the most beautiful stories are set in the thicket of Bavarian Alpine forests.

When you’re heading to Europe in Autumn, those golden and red colors are exactly what you want to take photos of! Bring the walking boots and your gear: you won’t be able to turn down a walk.

Red, Red, Wine!

And all the other colors, too!

Italian wines are some of the most deliciously made wines in the whole of Europe and during the Autumn months, it’s the time to sample the local offerings.

With Italy packed out for wine festivals in the Autumn, you’ll be spoilt for choice. While you’re traveling, the Beaujolais Nouveau Day in France is worth booking, too!

Riding a Bicycle in Amsterdam

Want To Ride A Bicycle? It’s time to head to Amsterdam if you want to explore the cobbled streets and the many, many bridges!

The canals in Amsterdam are a picture-taking moment in themselves, and the fact you can discover it all on the back of a bicycle means that you can take it all in in your own time.

Amsterdam in autumn.
Source: Pexels.

Islands in the Ocean

Greece is made up of many different smaller islands and if you head to Kos, you’ll be able to see the tiny baby turtles hatch by the hundreds and move their way up to the water.

You can see the locals create their rows to channel them to the sea without being killed. The Autumn is the best time to witness the hatching and it’s one of those sights you never get overseeing.

It’s Cheap, Cheap, Cheap!

The best reason to travel to Europe in the Autumn is the fact you are no longer traveling during a peak season.

You can explore a continent where no two countries are ever the same, and the cost is far lower than anything you’ll ever payout on a long-haul break. When your travel is cheaper, you have more money to spend on activities while you travel!

Quaint Lake Breaks

England is famous for the Lake District, and there’s a reason for it. The forests and woods seem to be on fire in the Autumn, with red, gold and green leaves all mixed in together.

Sitting by the lake or staying in a quaint little cottage with lakeside views and an outdoor fire pit is the ultimate luxury.

Dubrovnik, Croatia.
Source: Pexels.

Weather Win

The Autumn months are cooler than summer across Europe, but that doesn’t mean it’s freezing. If you want those crisp, cool days where boots and skinny jeans live, then Croatia is the place you want to be!

Dubrovnik gets seven hours of bright, warm sunshine in the Autumn, so it’s worth checking it out.

Europe needs to be on your bucket list, and you can travel around it for less money than you think. Get planning for post-pandemic fun!

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