What You Could Get in Leeds for $10 – Parks, Markets, Museums, and Water Taxis to Spend on the Budget

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It wasn’t my intention to cover Leeds on our $10 series this week, just a few days after Arsenal won over Leeds United on the English Premier League. #COYG

But I guess something gotta happen, so here we are! This week, we’re going to cover what you could do around Leeds for under $10 USD as Rachel from AverageLives will be sharing some snippets on how to travel there on the budget.

So, what could you get in Leeds for $10?

Where is Leeds and What Can We Do Around the City on the Budget?

$10 is roughly £7.20, and unfortunately, this may not go very far anywhere in the UK. However, Leeds is not as expensive as other major UK cities such as London and Edinburgh, which means that you will be able to get more for your $10 in Leeds than elsewhere in the UK.

Leeds, England.

Did you know?

The first steam locomotive in the world was made in Leeds. Salamanca, the first commercially successful steam locomotive, was build by Mathew Murray of Holbeck for the edge railed on Middleton Railway between Leeds and Middleton.

Where is Leeds?

Leeds is a redeveloped city in West Yorkshire in England. It is home to five universities, which means that it is full of life and youth.

Leeds is full of great-value attractions from parks, museums to budget experiences, and this list will cover you for all the fun you can have without breaking the bank.

Budget Experiences in Leeds

The first thing you should do is catch one of the yellow, Dutch water taxis from Granary Wharf (the train station) to Leeds Dock.

A one-way ticket costs £1 (so now you have £6.20,) and the taxis run every day, and they take you along the river to a rejuvenated area, which is great to relax and walk around.

Dutch water taxis in Leeds, England.
Dutch water taxis in Leeds, England.

1. Leeds Dock

Leeds Dock is home to the Royal Armouries, a free museum with an incredible collection of arms and armour. They were once in the Tower of London.

2. Leeds City Centre

After you have finished exploring, stroll along the river back into Leeds City Centre. Head to Leeds Corn Exchange and walk around the impressive structure. It is a great place to take some pictures and browse independent shops.

3. Leeds Kirkgate Market

The next place you need to visit is Leeds Kirkgate Market. It is also free to walk around and is a great market experience. The market dates back to 1857, and it is home to many stalls and shops. The locals make the atmosphere exciting, and you will learn this quickly.

Another fun fact is that this market was also the birthplace of Marks and Spencer. If you do not know what this is, it is one of the biggest and most popular retailers in the UK.

Marks & Spencer clock, Leeds.
Marks & Spencer clock, Leeds.

In 2013, they opened a stall in the exact place that they opened their first Benny Bazaar stall in 1884. It is located next to the famous M & S clock and is a must-see when you are in Leeds.

4. Free Museums Around Leeds

Luckily, Leeds is full of free museums, so you can head to the Tetley to see contemporary art in a former Brewery. Or you can explore Leeds City Museum where you can learn about Leeds’ history. Both are interesting options, and you still have £6.20.

5. Temple Newsam

How are you going to spend your final money? Well, that is up to you. You can spend it on a return bus journey to the historic Temple Newsam house, or you can walk there in an hour (3.5miles). Temple Newsam’s grounds are full of free walking trails and an operational home farm.

6. Trinity Kitchen

If you have any money left, you should grab some food at Trinity Kitchen. It is on the top floor of the main Trinity Shopping center. Arguably, it is the best street food in Leeds, and you will be able to find a bargain meal, that is for sure.

There are plenty of choices – all in one convenient location, and you will deserve it, after all that exploring on a budget!

Contributor: Rachel from Average Lives

Rachel is a Yorkshire girl who runs the travel blog AverageLives with her partner, the blog promotes affordable travel, outdoor experiences and road trips in the UK and beyond.

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