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What You Could Get in Peak District for $10 – Explore The Best Delicacy of Derbyshire on the Budget

It's been a while since the last time we covered a city in the United Kingdom, especially in England. A few months ago, we covered Bristol and Leeds for the $10 series. And this week, we're going back to the Crown's nation and this time we're going to talk about Peak District!

While the area is mostly known for its national park, Molly of Lovely Local Indie will be sharing a few local treats that you could try in the area on the budget.

So, what could you get in Peak District for $10?!

3 Best Treats Around Peak District

The Peak District is one of the world's most stunning national parks. Most of the Peak District is in the English county of Derbyshire, situated in the East Midlands. $10 USD works out at about £7.30 at today's exchange rate. Ten American dollars could buy a simple meal out.

Did you know?

The Peak District was the first of Great Britain's 15 national parks. Designated on the 17th of April in 1951, it covers around 1,438 km in the heart of England that makes it one of the most accessible national parks in the country as it's relatively close to a few cities in England including Manchester, Sheffield, Nottingham, and Derby.

Chatsworth House in Peak District, England.

The Must-Try Delicacy in England: Fish and Chips!

Firstly, how about our national dish, fish and chips? Choose from cod or haddock, freshly cooked in light and golden batter and served with a portion of chips.

Note that British chips are nothing like American chips (which we would call crisps – your potato chips). Chips are small rectangles of potato deep fried in hot oil. They are distinct from ‘fries' because they are bigger chunks of potato and therefore adopt a different texture – less crispy but still deliciously moreish.

Seasoned with plenty of salt and malt vinegar, and usually a pot of mushy peas (although some people and some regions of the country prefer either curry sauce or gravy).

Fish and chips is the finest street food in Britain. It doesn't look much, in fact, it looks a bit beige… but good fish and chips are the stuff of dreams. And you cannot visit England without trying them! A portion of fish, chips and a sauce (e.g. mushy peas) cost about the equivalent of $10USD in Derbyshire.

Experience the authentic English tea room with a ‘cream tea'

Your ten dollars would also get you a ‘cream tea' – that's a scone served with clotted cream and jam, and a jolly good cup of tea served in a quintessentially English tea room. You'd probably get some change too, although not much after leaving a tip.

Don't Miss the Local Delicacy: Derbyshire Oatcakes!

Fish and chips and cream teas are enjoyed throughout the country. If you wanted more of a regional delicacy, try Derbyshire oatcakes. They date back to the 17th century.

Derbyshire oatcakes are similar to a pancake (the thin crepe sort – not the fluffy American style) or a wheat tortilla in both shape and texture. They are round (about the size of a side plate), soft and pliable.

Like pancakes, they can be enjoyed with a range of sweet or savory fillings or toppings. Often they appear on breakfast menus as part of a ‘Full Derbyshire' breakfast – a local take on the famous ‘Full English' or cooked breakfast which typically consists of sausage, bacon, eggs (which can be fried, poached, or scrambled), cooked tomato, mushrooms, and baked beans.

If oatcakes are served on a Derbyshire breakfast this would typically be instead of the toast that you would be served in the rest of the country. For the best places to eat Derbyshire oatcakes, click here.

Contributor: Molly from Lovely Local Indie

Molly Scott is a Derbyshire blogger who is passionate about lovely, local, indie businesses. She feels like it's never been more important to support the local economy, and for that sole reasons she started her blog on Lovely Local Indie.

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