Review: Accommodation in Beyoglu, Istanbul – Private Room at Ariya Yildiz Apartment

Beyoglu is one of the most popular areas for tourists to stay in Istanbul. Not only is it close to some must-visit spots like Istiklal Street or Galata Tower, but the area is full of restaurants and bars that you can visit within walking distance. On top of that, it’s fairly easy to find affordable accommodation in Beyoglu, Istanbul!

Since I stayed in Yalova last year, I decided to stay in Istanbul for a few days after my trip to Ankara. After I got disappointed with Liva Suite Hotel in Taksim, I decided to book my accommodation through Airbnb this time, and that was when I found a private room at Ariya Yildiz Apartment in Beyoglu.

Although I was intrigued to find accommodation a bit further away from Beyoglu, I decided to choose accommodation in Beyoglu instead since the only reason I stopped by Istanbul at the time was that I wanted to visit the Museum of Innocence in Beyoglu.

I thought it would be nice to have a nice walk to the museum from the accommodation while also getting a chance to check out some cafe nearby. Well, as disappointing as it sounds, if there’s anything I’ve learned about traveling to Istanbul, I feel like I shouldn’t trust my judgment when I go to the city!

Ariya Yildiz Apartment in Beyoglu, Istanbul

Private room at Ariya Yildiz Apartment in Beyoglu, Istanbul.
Private room at Ariya Yildiz Apartment in Beyoglu, Istanbul.

When I decided to stop by Istanbul from Ankara, I thought the best way to do it was to book accommodation for a couple of days before heading back to Yalova.

At the time, apart from my plan to go to the Museum of Innocence in Istanbul, I also got in touch with an old friend to meet him when I was there. While it’s quite easy to get to Istanbul on a day trip from Yalova, it wasn’t really that simple to arrange, especially after the snowstorm that challenged me when I had to take the sleeper train from Istanbul to Ankara a few days before.

So then I decided to book a private room at Ariya Yildiz Apartment for two nights. In total, I paid $43 SGD (around $32 USD) and while I think it was quite affordable, by the time I checked out I had mixed feelings about it as I felt like I spent too much money for the benefits that I got during my stay. Why? I’ll elaborate later!


There are so many reasons why I think it’s worth paying a few more bucks to stay at the hotel than an Airbnb, and my stay at Ariya Yildiz Apartment convinced me that the statement was true.

If I knew, I think I would have stayed at Liva Suite Hotel again, even though I knew that the hotel was literally a building form of depiction. But guess what? At least it was worth the money I paid for, and although I ended up only staying there for one night as my Emirates flight was changed, price-wise… It’s still cheaper than the private room at Ariya Yildiz Apartment in Beyoglu!

So, based on the Airbnb receipt that I got, the base fare for the night rate of the private room at Ariya Yildiz Apartment by the time I stayed there was $18 SGD (around $14 USD), and the cleaning fee was $7 (around $5).

Maybe it would’ve been worth it if I didn’t experience the worst thing that could happen when you traveled: the water was shut off for almost two days!


If I gotta be honest, the apartment area was a little bit ghetto. There are shops and lokanta (it’s not exactly a restaurant, but typically they serve food) nearby, but it’s pretty crowded, and it gave me some kind of anxiety when I wandered around. 

Location-wise Ariya Yildiz Apartment was quite accessible, although it was on me that I struggled to understand the map in Istanbul and its street directions. It’s only walking distance from Omar Hayyam bus station, and my bad was that I stopped at the wrong side of Omar Hayyam bus station, which took me longer to reach the apartment in the first place. 

While the nearest public transportation from Ariya Yildiz Apartment is only the bus (so no metro or Marmaray station), it was still quite a nice location if you rely on public transportation to get around Istanbul. Just make sure to get yourself Istanbulkart, and you should be okay!

Hospitality & Facilities

Another reason I had mixed feelings when it comes to my stay at the private room at Ariya Yildiz Apartment is the hosts’ hospitalities and pretty much the facilities they provided during my stay. Tala and her husband, Kamran, are the hosts for this Airbnb and if there’s anything good that I should highlight about this property is their customer service!

Even a few days before I arrived at the apartment, Tala was super responsive on Whatsapp when I tried to confirm my booking. She was also waiting for me and directed me to the right location when I got lost after I got off the bus on the wrong side of Omar Hayyam station.

When I got checked into my apartment, she also introduced me to Kamran, her husband, with whom I met several times during my stay as with the water shut off, they were committed to helping me as a guest by sending me gallons of water to use at the toilet. I imagine it would be a challenging time for them too, but I wouldn’t say I was pleased about the water shutting down as it really became the highlight of my stay at this property! 🙁

Review: Private Room at Ariya Yildiz Apartment

My first impression when I arrived in the private room where I stayed at Ariya Yildiz Apartment was that it wasn’t too bad for a short stay, but it was definitely not the kind of place I wanted to stay for a long term. I believe on top of the private room, they also rent a double room and even an entire apartment that is probably more suitable for a couple or a family who need accommodation to stay in Istanbul.

As for the private room, it was a little cramped with only a bed, a night light on the side of the bed, and a small cupboard to store your belongings. There is no mirror in the room, but there is one in the bathroom above the sink. I’m not sure if it was the design, but I kinda got a hunch that the bathroom felt more spacious than the bedroom.

But other than that, on the surface, I thought the private room at Ariya Yildiz Apartment could be a good option for any solo traveler looking for inexpensive accommodation in Istanbul. That was my thought until the next day when they shut off the water!

The Private Room

I gotta say, if the water wasn’t shut off during my stay, I thought the private room at Ariya Yildiz Apartment in Beyoglu wasn’t really that bad. Yes it was a little cramped, but if you traveled alone like me, it shouldn’t be an issue!

The room was super compact with all the basic necessities you need in an accommodation. The heater worked so well that I felt warm, even slightly hot when I entered the room. Mind you, I checked in just a couple of days after the snowstorm in Turkey last year!

And I thought the hosts were super mindful that they even provided a water boiler, a few teabags, candies and small toiletries. Plus, they even provide an extended electricity socket in the room. A hair dryer was also provided, although the one I found inside my cupboard didn’t work. But when I told Tala about this, her husband Kamran delivered one that worked, which was really appreciated!

On top of that, they also provide slippers and a towel. That was super convenient!

The Bathroom

As I mentioned previously, I would say that the bathroom felt slightly more spacious than the bedroom. But I dislike the design since there’s like a small staircase to get to the bathroom that made me feel a bit anxious about getting slipped or something. But other than that, it was all good… Until the water got shut off!

Since I arrived quite late when I checked in, the water worked properly until the next morning when I took a shower and got ready for the Museum of Innocence. But when I came back, the water was completely shut off that I didn’t even know what to do when I wanted to pee.

For that reason alone, I decided to go to Taksim and Besiktas just so that it would be easier for me when I had to pee or even worse… take a dump. It was horrible! 🙁

What made the experience slightly better was that the hosts, Tala and Kamran, actually took responsibility for it and that they at least made an effort to make up for it. Tala was still super responsive on Whatsapp, and whenever I requested for water, Kamran would send a gallon of water to use for the bathroom.

But it was definitely not enough for me. Initially, I planned to return to Yalova on the afternoon ferry boat from Istanbul. But because of this issue, I decided to go back to Yalova as soon as I woke up because I didn’t have enough water to have a proper shower. If anything, I find it as a blessing in disguise that it happened during winter. With the heat in Istanbul, I can’t really imagine how terrible it would have been if I had stayed there and it happened during the summer!

Customer Service

Look, I really appreciated the effort that Tala and Kamran made during my stay and I imagine it wasn’t easy for them either since they said that it happened in the whole Beyoglu area too. At that point, I’m not sure who’s to blame whether it was just my bad luck or it was something common that happened in Turkey.

But during my stay, I would say Tala and Kamran as the hosts provided the best customer service one could give, especially during the stressful situation with the water shut off. However, by the time I already got home to Indonesia, I had an unpleasant experience when they added me, and so many other guests who stayed at their apartment, on a Whatsapp group without consent.

Final Verdict: Private Room at Ariya Yildiz Apartment in Beyoglu, Istanbul

If I have to be honest, I don’t think I’ll book my stay at Ariya Yildiz Apartment again if I ever go back to Istanbul one day. In fact, I’m not sure if I’d ever choose Beyoglu again for accommodation at this point for various reasons.

I think Besiktas seems to be a better area to place for me personally. Not only is it because accessible to so many bars and restaurants, at least when the water shut off in Beyoglu, it didn’t happen there. Either Besiktas or Kadikoy, these two areas in Istanbul seem to be a better option if you look for a convenient area to stay in the biggest city in Turkey.

And when it comes to the private room at Ariya Yildiz Apartment in Beyoglu, here are some pros and cons I’ve experienced during my stay there!


  • The hosts, Tala and Kamran, were super attentive and they made a big effort to make sure that we had a convenient stay at their property despite the issues that came up during my stay. 
  • Tala was super responsive on Whatsapp that even though she wasn’t around, whenever you raised an issue, chances are she’ll read your message and do something about it. 
  • It’s accessible and the nearest bus station, Omar Hayyam, is only 3-minute walk from the apartment. 
  • It’s close to some stores and lokanta. 


  • I can’t help but having the water shut off as the highlight of my stay at Ariya Yildiz Apartment. 
  • The area kinda felt ghetto to me. 
  • The night rate was pretty low compared to other Airbnb properties in the same area, but I don’t think it’s worth the price compared to my personal experience of staying there. 
  • It was quite icky to get added to some random Whatsapp group without my consent a few months later after my stay at the property. 

FAQ About Accommodation in Istanbul, Turkey

In this section, I’m going to list some of the frequently asked questions about choosing accommodations in Istanbul, Turkey. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert on traveling in Istanbul, but I have to say that I have a fair share of experience about traveling in the country. So, here we go!

Is Beyoglu a good area in Istanbul?

Beyoglu is a great area to stay in Istanbul if you’re looking for budget-friendly accommodations in the city. It’s probably most popular for backpackers and budget travelers, as the area isn’t too far from the popular spots in Istanbul like Taksim.

While it is generally safe to travel to Istanbul, I personally wouldn’t think Beyoglu as the best place to stay in Istanbul. If you’re a first-time traveler looking for accommodation in a strategic location in Istanbul, Sultanahmet and Eminonu are probably better choices than Beyoglu.

If you’re looking for a more convenient place to stay, Besiktas and Kadikoy are probably the best areas to stay in Istanbul. Besiktas not only offers a lot of budget-friendly accommodation options, but it’s also quite easy to get around Istanbul from the area. Some of the best things to do in Besiktas include the nightlife, as well as some historical spots in the European side of Istanbul. This area is also home to some of the best cafes in Istanbul!

Meanwhile, Kadikoy is located in the Asian part of Istanbul, so you may have to take a ferry boat or Marmaray if you want to go to the European side. However, Kadikoy is considered a posh area in Istanbul so you can at least guarantee better safety if you stay in the area.

Is it cheap to stay in Istanbul?

Staying in Turkey in general shouldn’t be too expensive. But compared to other cities in Turkey like Izmir or Antalya, the living cost in Istanbul is higher and it is quite competitive when it comes to finding a place to stay in Istanbul compared to other cities.

The rent in Istanbul can be nerve-wracking, so you need to make sure that you get what you pay for if you’re looking for a place to stay in Istanbul.

How many days are enough in Istanbul?

If it’s your first time to be in Istanbul, 4-5 days should be enough to cover the hotspots in the largest city in Turkey. However, I personally don’t have Istanbul on my top list to visit in Turkey since I find other cities like Bursa or Izmir offer more things than the hustle and bustle in Istanbul.

So, that’s all for my review of the accommodation where I stayed in Istanbul. Have you ever been to Istanbul? Do you have a favorite place to stay in Istanbul? Share in the comment below, and cheerio! 🙂

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