The Beaten Trail: Travel Tips for London, England

There's nothing quite like booking your first flight to London, England. There's history. There's
style. There are things you’ve seen on the TV all your life like Big Ben and Buckingham Palace – and the most surreal part is that everyone there just walks right by them. The location is top-notch that you can get on a day trip to some other destinations in England, from a spa trip to Bath or wine tasting in Sussex.

Well, I suppose you would, wouldn't you? If you lived there, you get to see this stuff everyday… But to the wild traveler, this stuff is magic!

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You'll of course set foot off the plane with delusions that you're going to meet the Royal family and maybe get invited into Number 10 Downing Street for afternoon tea and a quick catch up with the Prime Minister. And honestly, I hope that happens for you.

For the rest of us, however, we're going to need to know a few things about London to make the best of our trip.

Firstly, no matter where you come from, always carry the number of your embassy. This will come in handy if you run into any issues with lost or stolen passports. Also, know where to turn if you run into any potential problems like personal injury or if you get into any kind of lawsuit – for example, see Morelli Law.

Now that's covered, let's get on with it!

Source: Pexels.

London Underground

Not as scary and hard to navigate as you'd imagine. For a start, most of the London Underground is actually above ground, so plenty of room to maneuver and ask for directions. 

There are 249 miles of tunnels, so getting lost is a bit of a hazard, but when you consider that the shortest distance between stations isn't even 300 meters (and the longest is about 6 km!), you're never far from the next available opportunity to jump off the tube if you think you're headed in the wrong direction. 

A little tip – the Jubilee Line connects with all other lines. That can be useful because you can always use the Jubilee Line as a ‘base' or ‘spine'.

‘Old City' Walking Tours

London is huge. Sprawling. Massive. You won't get around it in a day, and you certainly won't see everything you want to see in a single one to two-week trip.

The best advice to take a walking tour – there's no shame in this, and there are lots of them available. Get to see all the sights in the oldest and most historic part of London in the morning, ticking many boxes at once and leaving you the rest of the day and trip to explore! 

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