The Most Romantic Destinations in Europe to Travel

Are you looking for a perfect romantic escape? We have got you covered. In this article, we will let you know about the most romantic destinations in Europe to travel to, where you can spend some quality time with your companion.

It is indeed going to be mystical to start a fairy-tale with your loved one in one of the most delightful destinations mentioned below.

Whether you want to travel light with the best carry-on luggage for Europe through cheap flights around the continent or even drive a campervan through Europe, it will be as memorable for a quality time with your beloved one. Besides, do not forget to click as many pictures to show off your love to the world. Let’s begin!

1. Provence, France

Provence undoubtedly has been listed among the world’s most popular charming destinations in Europe. It has so many artistic treasures and aesthetic scenery to explore with the love of your life. In Provence, you will experience the warm climate, sparkling Mediterranean horizons, mountainous countryside and much more.

Besides, a must-visit place is Roussillon village, which is a mesmerizing village to delve into. It is no surprise one of the beautiful villages in France. Moreover, the tan-coloured streets of Roussillon are perfect for wandering to go hand-in-hand with your loved one. Also, do not forget to taste the delicious food of cafe’s and sip the local wine while enjoying the serenity of the surroundings.

2. The Dalmatian Coast

Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast is known as the most spectacular shoreline in Europe, a perfect place to plan your romantic affair. You can enjoy the dreamy white-sand beaches with your love which are kissed by crystal clear sea waves that look beyond beautiful. Apart from this, summers on the Dalmatian coast offer water sports like snorkelling and swimming.

Moreover, to add more fun to your holiday, we suggest you go island hopping in a Croatia gulet charter, which looks beautiful, and traditional. These wooden boats will make your romantic holiday more memorable. On a gulet charter, you can enjoy the stunning sunsets while eating tasty dalmatian dishes. Plus, you can also perform some onboard activities such as pool parties, water slides and more.

3. Ireland

No matter if you are planning to celebrate an anniversary or looking to propose to your partner, Ireland is one of the most romantic destinations to feel the magic in the air. Moreover, romantic destinations in Ireland will be incomplete without Wicklow, a beautiful garden famous for the movie P.S I Love You.

Furthermore, you can book a treehouse and enjoy the hot tub on the outdoor deck surrounded by magnificent tree trunks and branches. Plus, do not forget to prepare a romantic candlelight meal for your partner to make the moment unforgettable. Besides, take a quick drive to Kinsale to enjoy the rainbow-coloured town to explore the art galleries and restaurants.

4. Ibiza

In spite of being known as the party place, Ibiza is the most enchanting and romantic island in Europe. If you gaze for a peaceful environment with your sweetheart, drive to the classy La Calma, a lounge and bar in Marina to enjoy the picturesque scenery. Besides, make your visit to Dalt Vila, a famous old town in Ibiza. It is one of the beautiful places with ancient artefacts, stunning restaurants decorated with fairy lights and much more.

Besides, you can sip cocktails with your partner while snuggled up in a cosy outdoor seating area near any of the sensational Ibiza honeymoon villas that you’ll most likely be renting out. If you want to enjoy the hidden beaches, romantic cafes, and leisure activities, grab your partner’s hand and take a tour to Ibiza to make your honeymoon a magical fling.

5. Iceland

Dreamlike, serene, and intriguing, that is what Iceland is for travelers. Visiting here is no less than heaven, a dream place for many. From visiting famous waterfalls like Skógafoss or Seljalandsfoss to enjoying the scenic road trip through Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Iceland has so many things to offer for a romantic getaway!

Blue Lagoon is a perfect place if we talk about the romantic destination, especially if you are visiting Iceland in December; the surroundings look similar to fairy-tales, all covered with lava fields. Besides, the turquoise blue waters are so fascinating and perfect to take a sauna bath with your better half to spend some alone time.

Furthermore, while spending some spare time do not forget to explore the gushing waterfall, where you will explore some natural beauty, calmness, and get excellent opportunities to click photos together.

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