The Benefits of Renting a Car in Orlando for Your Family Vacation

Orlando, Florida is one of the best holiday destinations in the United States that offers a myriad of fun activities any time of the year. Described as the theme park capital of the world, it is the home to Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort, and many more epic parks. It is where NASA’s Kennedy Space Center is located. The destination is also known for its nature adventure and excellent shopping, entertainment, and dining options. 

Orlando is a truly fascinating place to visit and enjoy. While theme parks are the biggest draw for holidaymakers, there is so much more to Orlando for your family. If you're looking to explore the many exciting experiences Orlando has to offer, the freedom provided by a car rental is hard to beat. 

Orlando, Florida.
Orlando, Florida.

Why You Should Rent a Car in Orlando

If you want to get the most out of your family vacation and maximize the benefits of your stay in Orlando, it is advisable to rent a car for the following reasons.

1. Car rental is a convenient option for getting around Orlando.

Renting a car is recommended as it is the most convenient option for getting around the city. You can travel to all the local attractions much quicker and easier. You don’t have to worry about the schedule of the shuttles or maneuver through traffic. Driving a rented car is a great way to get to any place of interest in Orlando, including Downtown. It is generally a fairly stress-free experience. Traffic jams aren’t too bad and the roads are wide and well-maintained.

If you carry heavy luggage or kid gear like a stroller, it is so much easier to throw them into the trunk of a rented car at the end of a long day than hold everything in your hands while trying not to lose the kids.

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.
Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

2. It saves you time and fuel.

Availing of a car directly from the car rental Orlando Florida MCO has many benefits. You don’t have to wait hours to get your preferred vehicle. A premium car rental can save half your time and fuel as you’ll get your reserved car right outside the airport. You only have to call the right car rental company even before your journey starts.

Rented cars are provided with a free toll tag that can save you lots of money on a road trip. You don’t have to pay extra charges every time you pass a toll plaza.

3. It is better than public transportation.

A rented car is more flexible than public transportation and expensive taxis. Availing of these public transportations may become a hurdle for you since they have fixed times. 

4. Road trip in your rented car makes your journey stress-free.

You can reach whatever place you have on your itinerary hassle-free without worrying about getting late or lost. Rented airport cars have GPS trackers to keep customers on track.

Car rental in Orlando, FL.
Car rental in Orlando, FL.

What You Need to Know about Renting a Car in Orlando

Here are some tips you should keep in mind for a smooth car rental experience in Orlando.

  1. Orlando Airport also has an online store. By visiting it, you can go through the car option in-store and reserve a care even before landing.
  2. When you rent a car from the airport, you should have all the complete documents ready.
  3. Be careful before signing any documents. Carefully read the agreements, including the fine print before signing to avoid problems, hidden charges, and fees afterward.
  4. Not everyone coming or residing in Orlando can drive a car. You must have an international driving license or permit to rent a car for driving.
  5. Be extra cautious and observe the speed limit while driving. The residential speed limit in Orlando, Florida is 30 mph, while it is 70 mph on highways.
  6. You can only return a rented vehicle when it is in an acceptable state without any irreparable damages.
  7. You also have to first clear all the penalties and fines if you've broken traffic rules or other violations and damages before the car can be returned.

Being a year-round sunshine place replete with amazing theme parks, adventurous places, and unique natural attractions, Orlando, FL is a local paradise your family will treasure. Think about transportation while planning a trip to Orlando. Rental cars are the best option to make the most of your holiday. Allocating some extra money to rent a car from a premium car rental company from the airport will ensure that you have an enjoyable tension-free journey.


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