30 Awesome Gifts for Your Boyfriend in the UK (for Under £50)

It's that time of the year again when you start hunting Christmas gifts for your boyfriend and other loved ones! 

As someone who's been in a long-distance relationship for over a year now, finding a Christmas gift for my boyfriend can be a little bit tricky. Sending a package directly from Indonesia to the UK is freaking expensive, but I also want to add a personal touch to the gift for him. 

Since my boyfriend resides in England, I'm going to make a round-up post of some awesome gifts for your boyfriend in the UK. And since I personally don't make a lot of money this year, I want to focus more on the gifts under £50 GBP, so these recommendations can be useful if you're also looking for budget-friendly gift ideas for your boyfriend. 

I can share some of my personal insights about the best platform to send gifts in the UK, and some fun items that won't break your bank especially if you currently live far from the UK. 

So, here are some of the best Christmas gifts that you can give to your long-distance boyfriend if he lives in the UK! 

If you don't have time to go through the entire list, here are my top picks for some gift ideas for your boyfriend in the UK for under £50 based on the three categories!

Where to Buy Christmas Gifts Online in the UK

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Even long before I started dating my boyfriend, I had already gotten used to buying gifts online in the UK since one of my online friends, Jason, who I knew from the Arsenal fans community, is English. We exchanged gifts regularly for special occasions like birthdays and Christmas. 

So when I started seeing my boyfriend, I already knew some e-commerce websites that I personally like to send gifts in the UK. 

Although I technically have an Amazon account for my Prime Video account, I don't really like using it to shop for gifts. My go-to e-commerce to buy gifts online in the UK is Not on the High Street and Moonpig

I probably use Not on the High Street more often, just because I like their interface better. Essentially, both Not on the High Street and Moonpig offer something similar: they're your one-stop gift shops that sell both items and experiences. 

If you want to personalize your gifts, you can also check out the Always Personal website where you can find a wide range of items, from mugs to some trivial things like personalized game sets. 

Another platform if you want to give your loved ones some unique experiences is Tinggly. Unlike Not on the High Street and Moonpig, you can only book experience gifts on Tinggly. And even better since the platform can also be used in various countries, and not only in the UK! 

Because of this, in this post I will split all these awesome gifts for your boyfriend in the UK into three categories: Hampers & Their Favorite Items, Personalized Items, and also Experiences. 

So, here are some of my recommendations! 

Top 30 Gifts Under £50 for Your Boyfriend in the UK

hampers gift
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Hampers & Their Favorite Items

When looking for presents for my friend and boyfriend, I almost always prioritize hampers just because they usually look nicer with the packaging. Not to mention that most of these gift shops also offer stuff that can be personalized with their hobby and favorite things to do. 

What I love most about giving them hampers is that I can find a lot of hampers that barely cost £30, and even that seems pretty decent with a wide variety of items that can be useful for them. 

1. Stormtrooper Thirst Aid Kit Hamper

My boyfriend is such a big nerd. He loves everything like Star Wars or Dungeons and Dragon, so on my first Christmas gift for him last year, I got him a gift set that contains a Stormtrooper decanter and glass. He loves it, but I'm not going to give a similar gift this year! 

If your boyfriend is more like a beer drinker, this Stormtrooper Thirst Aid Kit hamper can be a great gift idea for him! 

With five cans of beer and a signature labeled Craft Ale glass, it's definitely a great choice if your boyfriend is a Star Wars fan. You can also add a Maltesers Truffle box for a small additional fee to sweeten the present for your boyfriend! 

2. Mystery Box for Him

Maybe you were just new to the relationship with your boyfriend, and it's pretty normal if you're still trying to get to know each other at this point and not sure what to get him for the Christmas gift. 

This Mystery Box for Him is a perfect gift as not only is it affordable, but it also contains seven items that will be useful for your boyfriend. 

From mug and utility tin to even some fun spoon with “cereal killer” design… It's funny and functional, which makes it sound like a bargain if you want to give your boyfriend something for a special occasion at the early stage of your relationship! 

3. Pamper Gift Set

If you're in a long-distance relationship like my boyfriend and I, you've probably lost count of how often you want to pamper him, but the distance stops you from doing that. Well, if you can't take care of them in person, why not give them something for them to indulge in their self-care instead? 

This Pamper Gift Set is a fun gift to show you care and remind them to take care of themselves even if you're not around. 

In addition to the self-care items like a pack of face mask and shower products, you're also eligible to add a complimentary card to your gift set package for your boyfriend!

4. Baileys Miniatures & Fudge Hamper

Either you appreciate Baileys, or you don't. It's as simple as that. 

Well, if your boyfriend loves this Irish cream, the Baileys miniatures hamper can be a perfect gift for him, with a bonus of a tin of Baileys delicious fudge to top it all! 

I personally wouldn't give edibles as a gift except if I intend to get them for souvenirs, but this hamper can be a great choice if your boyfriend loves sweets and Baileys!

5. 100 Christmas Movie Poster

If your partner is a movie freak who's obsessed with movies beyond the typical Hallmark Christmas movies, then this Christmas movie poster can be a fun option to encourage them to find new movies to enjoy during the holidays! 

Even better, it can also give you movie ideas for a movie night next time you get together. The poster comes with 100 fun Christmas movies from Love Actually to Love Hard, and scratch each movie off to make their own bucket list! 

6. French Wines Trio in a Wooden Box

For those who love red wines, this hamper of French wines trio can be a great present with the classic collection of Le Sanglier Sauvage, Les Arbousiers Reserve Coteaux du Languedoc, and Château Pertignas Bordeaux in a fancy wooden box. 

This hamper not only looks posh and expensive, but the wines are also delicious, which can complement their Christmas special dinner!

7. Star Wars Advent Calendar

If your partner is a child at heart, Lego will never fail to impress them, and this Star Wars Advent Calendar can be a sweet gift to release their inner child! 

These collectibles combine two of the things that your boyfriend may enjoy so much: Christmas and Star Wars. The set comes with special Star Wars characters like a Gonk Droid as a reindeer and even an Ewok wearing Christmas costumes. 

A must-have for Star Wars collectors, and you can also add a fluffy Christmas decoration to add in your package! 

8. Brighton Classic and Retro Radio

Whether your boyfriend loves retro items or just enjoys cheering his cricket team on one of the LW radio channels, this exclusive Brighton Classic and Retro Radio is a perfect choice!

With its gorgeous design that comes in different colors so you can choose your boyfriend's favorite, this radio also comes with a powerful speaker with crystal clear sound that makes it even more fun to listen to during their spare time! 

9. Mix Tape Style Bluetooth Speaker

Just because it's no longer the 1980s, it doesn't mean you should stop giving your boyfriend a mix tape. In fact, why not give your boyfriend this cassette-shaped bluetooth speaker for this Christmas? 

This speaker is easy to set up and connect with their phone or other devices. If you want to personalize it even more, you can also create a playlist on music streaming apps like Spotify or Apple Music and share the link with your boyfriend so they can listen to your mix tape on this cool speaker!

Personalized Items

For a gift to my loved ones, I personally prefer giving them some personalized items as I can add a personal touch and sometimes a more thoughtful message to surprise them when they receive it. 

It doesn't have to be fancy, but when you add a thoughtful, personal touch, it can be a great memento to cherish to celebrate your relationship!

A lot of shops offer personalized items at affordable prices with the possibility to highly customize them. So, here are some ideas if you're looking for some personalized items as a gift for your long-distance boyfriend!

10. Personalized Heat Changing Mug

What I love about the personalized mug is how versatile it is, because you can give anyone one with a personalized message or name and they will appreciate it. A personalized mug is suitable to give as a Christmas present, whether it's for your close friends or your boyfriend! 

This personalized heat-changing mug is even better since you can customize the personal message into the mug, and it can change color when they pour hot water into it. 

I remember it was the first gift that I gave to Jason, my best friend from the Arsenal fans community, and he was so fascinated by it. Plus, it's so cheap since I barely spent £15 GBP on it! 

You can fully customize the design that appears on the mug when they change color. While most people usually add a photo to show up on the mug, you can also create your own design using tools like Canva to personalize your message to appear on the mug!

11. Personalized Solid Copper Photo

As a couple, you may have a lot of photos from when you travel with your partner or even just some random fun photos from the booth you visited at the mall. Well, why not make it more memorable with a solid copper frame

Apart from the fancy frame, you can also add customized texts and messages to make it more personal. 

It's really great for home decoration, as the photo will be printed in waterproof material and you can also choose the size accordingly to make it more suitable for your loved one! 

12. The Classic Personalized Football Kit Art

We talk about boyfriends in the UK, so chances are some of your boyfriends are obsessed with football. Even worse, they're probably obnoxious about it to the point they come across as a hooligan. LOL. 

My boyfriend isn't a football fan, but I am. So, this classic personalized football kit can be a unique gift for your boyfriend if they're into it. 

Of course, it's important to know which club they're rooting for so you can customize the football kit for them accordingly. However, if your boyfriend is a football fan, it's not hard to know which one since your lad probably won't stop talking about it on the weekend! 😛 

13. Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle with “I Love You” Reasons

If you're feeling mushy, a personalized jigsaw puzzle with some pieces stating why you love them can be a great gift for your boyfriend to make them feel loved and appreciated. 

The puzzle has 14 pieces on the set, and you can customize the reasons why you love your boyfriend in 12 of them with one love piece for the main message, which can be a romantic gift to appreciate your boyfriend even if you have to give it from afar! 

14. Personalized Colored Bowling Pin Water Bottle

If your boyfriend loves bowling, this personalized water bottle that's shaped like a bowling pin can be a great way to remind them to stay hydrated. 😛 

You can customize the water bottle with their name, but unfortunately you won't be able to personalize it with an additional message for this one. 

I personally think this bowling pin water bottle may be more suitable if you're looking for a gift for a guy friend rather than your boyfriend since the item seems a little bit platonic if you're looking for something more personal and romantic!

15. Personalized Map in a Bottle

The most appropriate gift if you're in a long-distance relationship is this personalized map in a bottle

You can choose a location of a place that's meaningful for you for the map to commemorate something special between you and your boyfriend. It can be anything from the place where you met the first time, to even the first destination you travel together as a couple.

Although the number of words for the message on the tag is limited, you can also add a short, cute message to personalize your gift for your boyfriend if you choose it as a Christmas gift for your boyfriend in the UK this year!

16. Personalized Leather Bookmark

If your boyfriend is a bookworm like mine, a heart-shaped leather bookmark can be a small yet thoughtful gift for them. You can emboss their initials to personalize it, as you can add 3 to 4 letters to the design depending on the type of font you choose for the bookmark. 

For additional details, for a couple of quids, you can also add their horoscope symbol to make it even more personalized. 

17. Personalized Lego Brick Spotify Photo Block Puzzle

It's one of those gifts for him that combine his hobby and your love story in one. Customize your own Lego Brick with a Spotify-style design block with your own theme song. You can also add the double-sided print service to add either a message or photo on the other side of the block. 

When they're bored, they can also play with it as a puzzle which makes it one of the fun games to give your boyfriend for a special occasion. Whether you need a Christmas or birthday gift for your boyfriend, this personalized Lego brick can be a great idea for unique gifts for him!

18. Personalized Pull-Out Photo Album

My boyfriend doesn't read my blog (I asked him not to even though he knows full well I blog and even know the URL by heart!), but I'm actually thinking of giving this pull-out photo album for Christmas this year! 

I love the design since it's in a box, and it looks compact with an option to add up to 7 photos for this pull-out photo album. 

Plus, I can personalize it for the cover and hidden message in the album for free. I definitely consider giving my boyfriend this photo album either for Christmas or maybe for his next birthday!

19. Personalized Bamboo Lid with a Scented Candle

Some say that scented candles are basically one of the most romantic gifts you can give to someone. Well, I tend to disagree if your boyfriend can't appreciate scented candles in the first place. 

But if he does, this scented candle with a personalized bamboo lid can be a great alternative if you want to give something thoughtful that's not too expensive. 

The lid comes with the default message “You Light Up My Life”, but you can add his name and also a short message to add a personal touch as a gift for him! 

20. Personalized Keep Calm Cushion

If you think the Keep Calm design is a bit outdated since it reminds you of Tumblr in its glory, then you're not alone because so do I. 

However, this personalized Keep Calm cushion can also be a fun gift for your boyfriend if you have something creative to add to the message of the design. It can be the best harmless prank gift that your boyfriend has ever received!

You can add anything from an inside joke to even something more thoughtful that reminds him of you, so he can always hug the cushion when he misses you. I know, long distance is THAT hard!


Diagon Alley UK tour
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The key to a happy long-distance relationship is that you must trust each other, and you need to allow others to have fun without you too. And what's better than giving them an experience gift to prove to them that you fully trust them, even if they have to do something fun without you? 

It's especially meaningful if your partner occasionally travels on their own, or even if you want to give something special to spice up their routine anywhere in the UK

In this section, I've gathered some fun ideas that you can consider giving your boyfriend as a gift. From England to North Ireland, here are the best experiences you can give for your partner this Christmas!

21. Game of Thrones Tour from Belfast

You don't have to be a fan of Game of Thrones to know that their fandom are pretty crazy about the series, and they can go above and beyond to explore the various shooting locations of this franchise! 

From the UK to Dubrovnik in Croatia, it's not hard to find some Game of Thrones tour that any GoT fan will appreciate. 

Well, if your boyfriend is one of them and he lives in Northern Ireland, why not give him an experience to join the Game of Thrones tour from Belfast

You will explore the Iron Islands and Giant's Causeway from the capital city of Northern Ireland with the tour guides who have worked as extras on the series, so they can also give some insider tips to add excitement for any fans of Game of Thrones!

22. Guided Bike Tour in York

If your boyfriend lives in the northern part of England, Yorkshire can be a fun day trip they can visit during the weekend. York in particular has its big yet classic city charms that make it fascinating to explore. 

From the scenic views to the history of Romans and Vikings, you can sign him up for a guided bike tour in York. For a day trip from the nearby cities in North England, this guided tour will enhance the short yet sweet experience of exploring the city!

23. Historical Pub Tour in London

One can never run out of activities when traveling to London. And the best way to socialize in the capital city of England is by connecting through a pint of beer! 

A historical pub tour in London will give you both the fun and the knowledge to learn more about the drinking culture from time to time. It's not just pub-hopping activities to get you drunk, but it's more like a tour that gives you some insights into how society is shaped in various eras and generations. 

You can give the tour as a gift for your boyfriend, especially if he lives in South England and is looking for some fun things to do around the weekend!

24. Harry Potter Walking Tour of London

If you're dating a millennial, chances are your boyfriend is obsessed with Harry Potter. Another way to explore London is by joining the Harry Potter walking tour around the city. 

From the Leaky Cauldron to platform 9 3/4, you can visit all of these landmarks in the wizard world, as well as some notable muggle buildings like St. Paul's Cathedral and the London Eye

So, if your boyfriend is a Potterhead, giving them a chance to join this Harry Potter tour can be a mindblowing experience!

25. Learn How to Throw Axes in Edinburgh

Dubbed as the UK's #1 fun and modern games, you can find various axe-throwing centers throughout the country. If your boyfriend resides in Scotland, you can sign him up for a session in Edinburgh to learn how to throw axes

The session will start with a short tutorial, and there will be a mini-competition where you can challenge your skills with other participants to enhance the experience. 

Definitely a must-do if your boyfriend is the type of person who will be up for the challenge! 

26. Silent Disco Adventure in Cardiff

If your boyfriend has never been to a silent disco before, an awesome adventure exploring this experience in Cardiff can be a great way to give him his first-time adventure to enjoy the silent rave!

While enjoying the music on your headphones, you can stroll around Cardiff to enjoy the city landmarks in the capital of Wales. 

If your boyfriend's home base is in Cardiff, he can experience Cardiff in a new way he had never seen before. If he's new to Cardiff, this can be a fun way to explore the city for the first time! 

27. Gossipy Historical Walking Tour in London

Saying that you have a complicated relationship with the MP when you're a British citizen is pretty understatement. If your boyfriend is British, then maybe giving him a chance to talk shit about the people in the higher class can be a great way to pour their disappointment with the politics in the country! 

This gossipy tour in London will walk them through some posh areas where the rich lives, while the tour guide will share some scandals while exploring some off-the-beaten-path spots in London. 

28. The Great British Rock and Roll Tour in London

Who doesn't enjoy music? But British rock and roll has its own glory, which is worth exploring more in London. It can be a fun experience for your boyfriend, especially if they enjoy rock and roll! 

Booking the Great British Rock and Roll tour in London for your boyfriend will give them a chance to explore some of the most hyped spots for London musicians, like Soho and Mayfair. 

Bonus point? He will get a legit working musician and performer to guide the tour, so who knows?! Maybe in 10-15 years, this tour guide will transform into the next British rock and roll legend! 

29. Ghost Walk Through St. James Cemetery

Another charming yet spooky spot in the north of England, you can book a ghost walk tour at the legendary St. James Cemetery in Liverpool if your boyfriend is rather superstitious. 

You'll be accompanied by some lantern light to walk through the night at one of the most haunted spots in England, while listening to some urban legend and ghost stories told by the tour. 

Expect to learn what the local tales believe about things like witches and vampires, and see if you can find something enlightening in the process! 

30. Ted Lasso Tour of Richmond

If your boyfriend religiously follows Ted Lasso's adventures on Apple TV, then the tour in South West London can be a great experience to explore some shooting spots for the series! 

Not only can you explore the charming side of London in Richmond, but you can also get a chance to visit some of the notable spots in the series during this tour. That includes Ted's London home and also the Crown and Anchor pub where most AFC Richmond fans were supposed to gather and watch the match together!


christmas gifts for your long distance boyfriend
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Sending Christmas gifts in the UK for your long-distance boyfriend can never be easier, as you have endless options to make your Christmas gifts memorable. 

Whether you want to focus on personalized gifts that show him that he's the one you think about every day or just let him try a new experience and have fun, giving them a thoughtful gift shouldn't be too expensive. 

With under £50, you can absolutely find something that shows you how much you care despite the distance. 

So, have you decided which Christmas gift to give this year to your boyfriend? Share in the comment below, and cheerio!

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