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4 Cute Tops to Pack in Your Travel So You Can Enjoy The Sun of A Beach (Or Even More!)

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If you gotta choose between beach and mountain, where would you go for vacation?

Growing up in a mountainous area, I think it’s not a shocking news to find myself answering the first for the question. So, yes… I’m like a vampire as I hate the sun. But it’s probably because I’m more like a nocturnal person.

However, I wouldn’t mind going to the beach just for swimming a bit or even to just be present and think about life. Ever since I visited Bangka, I could actually see myself going there just to chill with a book. Just put my favorite sunglasses and I’ll be set.

Anyway, I think another reason to choose beach over mountain is also the fact that in terms of packing things for the journey, going to a beach is definitely easier (and lighter!) because more often than not, you don’t need any hoodie (too hot!) or even gloves to get to the beach.

All you need to bring with yourself is just maybe some skirts or hot pants, maybe legging if like most Asian girls I know, you’re too scared to get tanned. And get some of your favorite tops and be ready for some fun time! 😐

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5 Clothes To Impress Your Potential Beau On The First Date

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Hello, the beautravelers!

By now, for those who occasionally visit my blog, I suppose you’re probably familiar with the three topics that I mainly write about: beau-beauty-travel.

Right now, I’m so glad to announce that starting today until the next couple of days, I am collaborating with Zaful to write specifically about fashion related to those three topics. Not only am I aiming to introduce Zaful store to those who probably have never heard it before, but also to give you some ideas in case you’re going through the same situation.

And just like the classy lady as you are, more often than not, you usually feel like you have nothing to wear despite there’s so many clothes to wear in your closet. 😛

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11 Underdog Football Players In Early 2000s That Made My Girlhood Tremble

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Hi everyone!

Earlier today, there was a shocking news that honestly made me cry: Arsene Wenger is leaving Arsenal by the end of season.

I mean, I’m one of gooners who truly believe that some changes are needed in the team. That includes the head coach himself. But, hearing the news that it’s become real and he’d end his status quo this season, it is somehow heartbreaking.

Looking back in early 2000s when I just started following football, if it wasn’t because of Arsene Wenger and Arsenal’s golden era, I think I might not become a gooner years ago. And the news got to my vulnerable side to make me think that it’s gonna be the end of history by the end of the season. Merci beaucoup, monsieur!

But then the news gave me an idea of writing some new posts related to football. I started watching football when I was a teenager. It was in early 2000s, and that marked the new era for me because not only I started to understand what offside really is, but also that was the beginning of my adolescence. That includes my interest in the opposite sex.

I can’t remember the first guy that I had a crush on when I was a teenager, but I remember the time when my best friend asked me whether I was interested in guys and I said, “I am definitely interested in Matteo Brighi.”

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