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$10 in bogota

What You Could Get in Bogotá for $10 – 3 Frugal Ways to Enjoy the Capital City of Colombia

After covering some fun facts about Colombia back when the FIFA World Cup 2018 was held in Russia, this time we’re going to talk about what you can do under $10 USD in the capital city: Bogotá. 

So yes, after covering other cities like Cartagena and Cali, this time we’re going to talk about how you could live a frugal yet efficient lifestyle in Bogota. 

Thanks to Venaugh, let’s find out how you could get $10 in Bogotá!

What You Could Get in Turin for $10 – 8 Ways to Explore the Hidden Gem in Northern Italy on the Budget

Turin or Torino might not be the most popular cities in Italy for international tourists. But for anyone who loves football (or soccer for Americans/Australians!), the city is known for two of the biggest football teams in Italian Serie A: Torino FC and Juventus. The latter was where legendary players like Alessandro del Piero or Gianluigi Buffon used to play for decades. It’s even where Cristiano Ronaldo currently plays.

But today, despite the fact that Italy just recently won Euro 2020 in England… We’re not going to talk about football today, as we’re gonna talk about how you can explore Turin on the budget.

Thanks to Natalie from The Best of Turin, we’re going to list some recommended activities in the city that is less than $10 on this week’s series. So, what could you get in Turin for $10?

what you could get in tokyo for $10

What You Could Get in Tokyo for $10 – 8 Budget-Friendly Ways to Explore the Capital City of Japan

After covering Nagoya just a few weeks ago, today we’re going back to Japan and heading to the capital city to talk about how we can splurge on $10 in Tokyo! 

A few years ago, I already covered Tokyo on the same feature with a different perspective. So if you’re looking for another way to travel around Tokyo on the budget, stay on this page and read through it since Christian from Avid Travelers will talk about more ways to spend in the capital city without breaking your wallet! 

So, what could you get in Tokyo for $10? 

What You Could Get in Canggu for $10 – 5 Budget-Friendly Activities to Travel Around the Best Digital Nomad Area in Bali

You know… As an Indonesian, one of my pet peeves is to meet anyone who claims to be a world traveler but can barely understand that Bali is actually just a small island in an archipelago called Indonesia. And as an Indonesian myself, I’m not exactly a big fan of the island.

But today, on the $10 series, I’m going to cover yet another part of Bali after talking about Uluwatu and Ubud the other day.

In case you missed my piece about must-visit places in Bali, you might want to see Bali from a local Indonesian perspective. But this time, Mal of Raw Mal Roams will talk about Canggu so to see what to explore the area that is popular with its digital nomad ecosystem.

So, what could you get in Canggu for $10? Here we go!

What You Could Get in Jaipur for $10 - The BeauTraveler

What You Could Get in Jaipur for $10 – Exploring the Budget-Friendly Shopping Haven in the Pink City of Rajasthan

This week, we’re going back to India for the $10 series to talk about the capital city of the colorful state Rajasthan… Jaipur!

In case you missed out on our previous coverage in India, you can check $10 in Bhubaneshwar and Kochi as well. But this time, I’m excited to have Sundeep and Bedabrata of Delhi Fun Dos talk about enjoying the shopping spree in Jaipur on the budget!

So, what could you get in Jaipur for $10?