What You Could Get in Hoi An for $10 – Some Things Around the Town That Are Beyond the Lanterns!

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If you know me personally, I think you already know that Vietnam has been my favorite country to visit so far. Good food, nice people everywhere, and everything is so affordable!

I've been to some places in Vietnam, and while I got a sweet spot about Saigon and surprisingly felt home in Hue, there's one place in Vietnam that has become everyone's favorite: Hoi An.

Personally, Hoi An wasn't my favorite place in Vietnam. I've been there 3 years ago, but this week Delilah of Our Travel Mix will share with us her favorite things to do in Hoi An for less than $10 USD!

Plenty of Ways to Enjoy Your Day in Hoi An!

What You Could Get in Hoi An for $10 - The BeauTraveler

Hoi An is arguably one of the most picturesque cities in the world. This quaint, little town is located on the east coast of Vietnam. There is no shortage of items to buy in Vietnam for under $10 USD. Souvenirs, clothing, food – you name it!


Hoi An is also known as the city of lanterns, and when you visit, you'll see why.

By day, the yellow buildings in the Old Quarter are complemented with colorful lanterns lining the streets. Watch the city come to life at night when the lanterns are lit.

Lanterns start from as little as 100,000 VND or just over $4 USD. Intricate, hand-painted designs are a lot more expensive.

When you walk down the side streets in the old city, you'll see small stores with vendors painting the lanterns. The exquisite work that goes into the lanterns is incredible.

Hoi An, the town full of lanterns.

Vietnamese Coffee Grounds and Phin Filter

If you haven't yet tried Vietnamese coffee, don't miss this on your next trip!

The bitterness of the Robusta beans is sweetened with condensed milk. To make the coffee, use a Phin filter. These are typically made from either ceramics or metal. They'll cost you $5 USD or less. The drip coffee system gives such a rich flavor and aroma.

Coffee will cost you $2.50 to $10 USD per 500g bag.

The price will vary depending on the quality and type of beans.

Conical Hat

The conical hat is an iconic symbol of Vietnam's farming community. You'll rice farmers sporting the conical hat, but also locals even in the city center.

The smart design of the conical hat keeps the sun out of your face and during light rain, water droplets roll off the surface. Buy one for as little as $1 USD! They'll look great in pictures on your next trip to Vietnam.


Some of Vietnam's coolest souvenirs come in the form of brightly-colored lacquerwares.

You'll see miniature statues at every second stall, as well as crockery and jewelry boxes. The coconut shell bowls are incredibly popular for gifts for friends and family back home.

The larger pieces can cost you more, but the majority of small to medium-sized pieces will cost you anywhere from $5 to $10 USD.

Cao Lau Noodles

Cao Lau noodles are unique to the region of Hoi An. Rice noodles are soaked in lye water, changing their texture, color and flavor.

The noodles are typically served with barbeque pork, croutons, and greens. Try them at Mi Quang Ong Hai and Cau Lau Khong Gian Xanh for $1.5 to $2 USD.

Banh mi.

Banh Mi

Although not unique to Hoi An itself, one particular store has been made famous by Anthony Bourdain. Banh Mi Phuong is a must-visit in Hoi An.

The Vietnamese take on the French baguette will only cost you 25,000 VND, or just over $1 USD! Chicken and cheese is one of the flavors unique to Banh Mi Phuong.

The line will extend down the street, but don't let that put you off. The store workers are so efficient, you'll likely only have a 10-minute wait. The wait is 100% worth it.

Cycling around Hoi An.

Bicycle Hire

Hiring a bicycle and getting around as the locals do is popular for tourists alike. Bike hire stores are everywhere in Hoi An. Just stop by and hire a bike for 50,000 VND or around $2 USD for all-day hire.

Contributor: Delilah from Our Travel Mix.

Delilah Hart is a full-time traveller and travel blogger making her way around the world. One of her favorite cities in the world is Hoi An, Vietnam.

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