What You Could Get in Budapest for $10 – Things to Do and Visit Around the Capital City of Hungary

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It's the first post in the $10 series that I've published in February, and in case you didn't know… It's my birthday month!

So, even though I'm currently in the midst of my birthday trip through Indochina, thanks to Giulia and Darek of Travelling Sunglasses who will now cover one of the cities that I also have on my bucket list: Budapest.

Hungary is known as one of the least expensive countries in Europe, and Budapest as the capital city has its own charm that attracts travelers to come there. So, what could you get in Budapest for $10? Check this one out!

How to Enjoy Your City Break in Budapest

What You Could Get in Budapest for $10 - The BeauTraveler

Even though the cost of accommodation has started to rise, Hungary is still a relatively cheap country to travel to, and Budapest is one of the cheapest European capitals to visit.

We are thoroughly enjoying life in Budapest. Here's our advice on what you can get in Budapest for 10 USD!

How to Travel Around Budapest

Budapest, the pearl of the Danube, is the perfect destination for a city break. Over 2-3 days, you can definitely explore a lot! Even a day-trip from Bratislava or Vienna is enough to get a feeling of the city and see the main attractions.

In Hungary, the currency is the Hungarian Forint. According to the daily exchange rate, $10 USD is approximately 3000 HUF.

What can you get in Budapest for 3000 HUF?

Budapest parliament with tram n.2.


Get a pack of 10 tickets valid for metro, trams and buses. Budapest is easy to visit on foot, but after climbing up Gellert Hill to the Citadella, you may want to take a bus back to the city!

Also, add to your bucket list a ride on tram n.2, one of the most beautiful rides in the world, right along the Danube with many wonderful buildings to look at.

Entrances to Some Touristic Spots

The Saint Stephen Basilica, on the Pest side, really deserves a visit to admire its massive Neoclassical structure and wonderful, opulent interior decorations. Access is free, but a guard at the entrance will expect you to drop a 200 HUF coin, or equivalent, in a donation box. The ticket to the dome look-out is 600 HUF.

Matthias Church, instead is located on the Buda side, on the Castle Hill, right by the Fishermen's Bastion. The entrance costs 1800 HUF: the contrast between the Neo-Gothic exterior and the unique Art Nouveau interior is really striking.

The entrance to the stunning Hungarian Parliament, unfortunately, costs 3500 HUF for EU citizens and 6700 HUF for non-EU citizens, but keep in mind that it's a guided tour that lasts approximately 1 hour. Don't forget your passport!

Matthias Church

Food and Drinks

Food can be quite cheap in Budapest! With only 3000 HUF, you can try some local specialties, grab a filling meal, have a couple of drinks, or enjoy a small luxury.

Langos, a deep-fried disk of dough covered in sour cream, cheese, and much more, is the most satisfying local specialty. Find it at stands by metro stations starting from approx 500-700 HUF.

Goulash soup – because it is a soup, not a stew – is another classic Hungarian. Restaurants usually serve a small serving for starters, and a larger serving as the main dish, so the price can range from 1000 to 2000 HUF.

Feeling really hungry? There are sooo many burger joints, especially in District 7, the nightlife district: burger, fries and a drink cost approx. 2000 HUF.

Now, the price of drinks can change a lot according to which bar you go to.

Chain bridge and bar in Budapest.

The cheapest bars on side streets or on the Grand Avenue (Nagy Körút) can go as low as 300-500 HUF for beer and shots, with cocktails at less than 1000 HUF!

However, it's safer to invest in a more expensive (and higher quality) drink and avoid a headache the day after: nicer bars will sell beers at 5-700 HUF, wine at 1000-1200 HUF, and cocktails at 2-3000 HUF.

Summer treat!!! Get a beer or a bottle of wine from a supermarket, sit by one of the pop-up bars by the Danube, and admire the view right by Chain Bridge!

Now, even luxury is a bit cheaper in Hungary: you can treat yourself to the bedazzling beauty of the New York Café, the most beautiful café in the world!

From an espresso for 1650 HUF, to a hot chocolate for 2700 HUF, experience the stunning frescoes, the live piano music, or the traditional gypsy band. Just remember: book a table in advance, and add 15% service charge to your consumptions!

As you can see, there's a lot you can do in Budapest with $10 USD. Just make sure you don't fall in tourist traps, or exchange cash at offices with a bad exchange rate. I'm sure you will love Budapest!

Contributor: Giulia and Darek from Travelling Sunglasses

Giulia and Darek are the writers and photographers behind Travelling Sunglasses. Avid travellers with corporate jobs, they explore Europe and far-away places from their home base in Budapest, Hungary. They love to share tricks and itineraries, provide useful advice, and taste exotic foods. Thanks to Giulia's planned efficiency and Darek's creative spontaneity, they manage to find a balance wherever they go. 

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