Hotel Around KLIA/KLIA2: Bary Inn Hotel, an Affordable Place for a Short Layover Near Kuala Lumpur International Airport

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As some of you probably know, I'm currently on the Indochina trip that I had been longing for so long. And for exactly the same reason, I kept procrastinating to update my blog post with fresh content about my current journey. Like, I've had plenty of stories to tell yet I'm too lazy to start one, to begin with. What is life?! πŸ˜›

So, now that I'm in the mood to actually work, I decided to finally start my first post covering a piece of my journey.

And the first post would be a review about a hotel where I stayed for my short layover in Kuala Lumpur before heading to Saigon the next day. If you know me personally and you've talked about traveling with me in person, then you probably know that Kuala Lumpur is my favorite city to have a layover for so many different reasons.

One of them would be the option to pick a place to crash during a layover for a good price. So, after reviewing Capsule by Container in KLIA2, this time I'm going to review one of the hotels around KLIA/KLIA2 that could be your next choice for a layover in Kuala Lumpur.

It is a convenient place to stay with an affordable nightly rate. What more do you need?

Hotel Around KLIA/KLIA2: Bary Inn Hotel, an Affordable Place for a Short Layover Near Kuala Lumpur International Airport - The BeauTraveler

Bary Inn Hotel, A Place to Stay for a Layover in Kuala Lumpur Near KLIA/KLIA2

I was initially planning to book Capsule again, but then I realized that my layover will be a little over 12 hours. Plus, I arrived at KLIA2 since I flew with AirAsia to Kuala Lumpur. However, my flight to Saigon departed from KLIA so then I decided to just book a place that is still away from the airport but close enough.

Bary Inn Hotel became my choice to stay for a layover this time for so many reasons. First of all, it was affordable. The night rate was only 50 MYR, excluding the tourism tax for 10 MYR. In total, I only spent around $15 USD for accommodation in KL.

Apart from that, they also provide a free shuttle to the airport. The latter was the main reason why I ended up booking the hotel since I once had a layover in a hotel around KLIA/KLIA2, and the shuttle bus to get to the airport was around 20 MYR.

I was trying to spend as little as possible during my layover, so free shuttle service was definitely a bargain! πŸ™‚

Deluxe twin room at Bary Inn Hotel.

Review: Bary Inn Hotel

However, despite the free shuttle service that sounds like a bargain, I was a little disappointed when they didn't respond to my message on Agoda as I asked about the shuttle from the airport to the hotel.

I mean, hey… The taxi from the airport could be so expensive, so I thought if they could also offer a shuttle bus from the airport, that would have been nice too. But they didn't reply to my message so I had to take a taxi from KLIA2.

When I arrived at KLIA2, I went to their e-hailing pickup location and ordered Grab taxi for 45 MYR (around $11 USD) to Bary Inn Hotel.

The hotel is located around 20 minutes drive from the airport. To be fair, it isn't super close to the airport either. But it's still located around Sepang, which is near the airport.

There are some restaurants around the hotel where you could grab your meals. You can even find a supermarket in case you're in need of snacks too.

The price for meals and snacks is definitely the normal rate since it's located outside the airport. For example, I had nasi lemak with chicken drumstick for dinner not so far from the hotel, it only cost me 7 MYR, or around $1.7 USD.

The room facilities.

Deluxe Twin at Bary Inn Hotel

To be fair, since I traveled solo I usually prefer a queen bed rather than twin beds in a hotel. However, since I'm quite price-sensitive, when I booked the room at Bary Inn, they had their deluxe twin at the lowest rate.

I didn't have anything much to complain, since as usual, I could always use the other bed for my stuff. The life of a hot mess! LOL

If I gotta be honest with you, the room turned out to be smaller than I was expected. But it was good enough for a short layover. Like, it has everything we need for a layover.

Review: Deluxe Twin at Bary Inn Hotel

They have an elevator for those travelers like me who always bring big luggage with them. The room is small, but I'm not so big either to complain about the size of the room so for me the hotel room suits me well.

If anything, the only turn off about the hotel is the wifi connection that couldn't work well on my devices. I had a hard time working through wifi, but the good thing is that I have a Malaysian number that I could use for mobile data and connect to my other devices.

Also, the fact that they don't have any window in the room kind of suffocated me for a bit. And it has become weird when I found out that they do actually have a window, in the shower next to the toilet. Like you could literally watch the sky while you poop. It was both confusing and fascinating at the same time. πŸ˜›

What kind of contemporary interior design is it?

The toilet corner with a window.

Pros & Cons of Staying at Bary Inn Hotel

As usual, I'll share with you my two cents about my stay at Bary Inn Hotel. I mean, I must be not the only one who seeks the layover options around KLIA/KLIA2. So, here's my take on that!


  • Free shuttle service to the airport. I stayed at some other hotel around KLIA/KLIA2 in the past, and I had to pay around 20 MYR for the shuttle service. At Bary Inn Hotel, I only had to spend 45 MYR for transportation from the airport to the hotel on my arrival.Β 
  • It's close to some restaurants. There's also a mamak stall nearby if you're planning to have budget meals during a layover.Β 
  • The room is not so bad for a short stay.Β 
  • They provide a paid massage chair in the lobby. I spent 15 minutes sitting on the massage chair for as low as 5 MYR.Β 
  • Amenities like soap, shampoo, and toothbrush are also provided in case you prefer to use some from the hotel.Β 
  • It's quite affordable, only 50 MYR per night when I made the booking there.


  • The room is rather small, and the wifi can't work on my devices. I'm not sure what went wrong, because it could connect to my personal phone yet it couldn't to my work phone and laptop.
  • The window in the toilet kinda buzzed me right there. LOL.
  • Despite providing free shuttle service, you still have to spend some money on the taxi to get to the hotel. I tried to message them and asked whether they have the service from the airport with no avail.Β 
Shower at Bary Inn Hotel.

Verdict: Bary Inn Hotel for a Layover Near KLIA/KLIA2

I'd recommend it if you have a layover more than 12 hours. Otherwise, I think you'd better book a hotel in the airport area.

Apart from Capsule, I think there's also Sama Sama Hotel that you could opt for your stay around KLIA/KLIA2. The rate is higher than Bary Inn, but to be fair with the taxi to get to the hotel, there would be no big difference for the money spent.

The only thing is for your budget meals, you could definitely have a tight budget for the meals at Bary Inn since it's located outside KLIA/KLIA2 area.

So, are you ready to have a layover somewhere around Kuala Lumpur International Airport? Or do you have any other hotel recommendation that is close to the airport? Drop your comment below, and cheerio! πŸ˜€


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