My Holy Grail, ReBrew You’re Brewtiful Cleansing Oil!

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It's been a while since I actually wrote something on the beauty section of my blog. Honestly, I've got so many things to write, yet so little time to actually spend some time to take pics for the courtesy with my journey and all that.

But now that I'm back at home, I could actually take a breath and chill for a bit. So, what I did after going out with my friends and then my family tonight was taking some pics for the review of my holy grail that I've used ever since I started my Borneo trip last month: You're Brewtiful Cleansing Oil from ReBrew.

My Holy Grail, ReBrew You're Brewtiful Cleansing Oil! – The BeauTraveler

The Overview: About ReBrew

So, in case you haven't read my previous post where I mentioned something about ReBrew on the list of stuff that I've packed with me in Borneo, feel free to read it here before we go on talking about You're Brewtiful. 😉

There are a few reasons why I reached out to ReBrew the firsthand. One of them is because I was particularly interested in their previous products under the name Kohvee Story. Other than that, I'm also trying to slowly replace my skincare into something more natural and organic.

When I first spoke to Mbak Lianti, the founder of ReBrew, I was even more ecstatic as she brought up the 3 points about ReBrew under the new brand that made me interested in trying their products even more: multipurpose, upcycling and circular economy.

It is that all the products they have are multipurpose, carefully formulated with spent coffee grounds oil and other natural ingredients that are not only safe for our skin, but also for our environment. Yeay! 😀

ReBrew – You're Brewtiful Cleansing Oil

2 of my favorite ReBrew products: You're Brewtiful Cleansing Oil & The Daily Grind Hair and Body Wash.

I've got a chance to try out 4 of ReBrew products in total, which include the hair and body wash, sunscreen, cleansing oil, and the all-purpose butter. However, I could confidently claim this You're Brewtiful Cleansing Oil as my holy grail because there's no doubt that I feel like having a chance to try this as my serendipity! 😀

No kidding, when I started packing for my Borneo trip, I didn't pack my usual makeup remover with me as I still had a few sheets of makeup facial wipes left.

When I packed this You're Brewtiful with me, I was actually planning to buy some more when I reached Malaysian part of Borneo. That was before I tried this amazing potion called You're Brewtiful, because now I didn't have to buy any wet wipes thanks to this one! 😛

The First Impression of You're Brewtiful Cleansing Oil

The texture of You're Brewtiful is more like transparent gel.

Since ReBrew sent me their products right before I started my Borneo trip, I was already planning to start trying out their products since day one. Such a gamble from my side, since God knows what could have happened if the products didn't work on my skin! 😛

So, when I reached Pontianak, the first product that I tried was this You're Brewtiful Cleansing Oil… And I was freaking impressed with the result.

First thing first, I usually do double cleansing with makeup remover and facial wash whenever I use makeup, and this magic potion called You're Brewtiful from ReBrew literally works as both. From there, I could definitely guarantee that their claim as ‘multipurpose' is legit because this one IS multipurpose!

Also, as I mentioned on some of my previous posts regarding my facial tics disorder, one of the remedies suggested by my therapist was to do some facial massage a couple of times a day.

Guess what? I. Could. Do. This. While. Cleansing. My. Face. With. This.

Long story short, I was really amazed by the multipurpose of this product. And even better when I found out that this cleansing oil could also remove any kind of makeup. Including the waterproof mascara.

How To Use You're Brewtiful Cleansing Oil

A picture taken after my night out last night (left to right): (1) With some makeup left on my face, in this case, eyebrow pensil, waterproof eyeliner and some blusher as my lips were long gone after some pizza time! 😛 (2) My face after I applied some cleansing oil. (3) My face after I rinsed the oil with some water.

Since it was my first time to try out this kind of product, I just followed the instruction written on their packaging.

First thing first, I applied the cleansing oil on my face and massage it. In this part, I massage my face with the circular movement as suggested by my facial tics therapist. In that case, don't wait until you get the same problem as I do to start facial massage on your own. Google how to massage your face in order to get more benefit from this cleansing oil!

Wait a couple of minutes, then rinse with water and voila, all your makeup residues are long gone! 😀

The Review of You're Brewtiful Cleansing Oil.

Now you all know that I love this product already. But what happens when you're too lazy to read what I wrote above and just want to see what's the plus and minus of this product based on my experience?!


  • They come in a 100ml bottled, which makes it travel-friendly. Yeay! 
  • It removes makeup gently and so easily. I particularly find it rather relaxing whenever I clean my face while giving it some massage and all my makeup slowly removed. 
  • Super plus as I've got facial tics where facial massage is required as a part of my remedies. 
  • It even works in some super-pigmented, bold-colored lipstick. I tell you what, this potion is indeed magical!
  • It only costs $16. Please note that this product is multipurpose, so you could use it to replace your makeup remover and facial wash all at once. It only means saving up some money to buy more beauty products, which is cool! 
  • Formulated with natural ingredients that are not only safe for your skin, but for your environment too.


  • The product has this coffee smell that might not work for everyone. I personally find no problem with it though, so it's all good to me. 

How to Get ReBrew You're Brewtiful Cleansing Oil

Yes, these ReBrew products are Indonesian-made, but if you're living somewhere outside Indonesia and keen to try out You're Brewtiful Cleansing Oil, then don't worry! 😀

Now, you can purchase You're Brewtiful Cleansing Oil or other ReBrew products through their shop page on their official website. As I mentioned above, for You're Brewtiful in particular, it only costs you $16 USD. Super affordable, given the idea of its multipurpose benefit. 😉

For those of you who are currently based in Indonesia, it's even easier to get the product as they sell it in local currency too for IDR 175,000. You can get it through their Shopee or Tokopedia pages. Please be aware that they occasionally have some promo for their products or free shipping on their pages, so don't forget to follow them for more updates!

Other than that, you can also follow ReBrew on Instagram.


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So, that's a wrap for my review on You're Brewtiful Cleansing Oil… Next, I will write more review of another ReBrew product that I've tried here, while the review for 2 other products will be written on my Indonesian blog.

Do you have any specific product whose review you're keen to read in English?! Let me know on the comment section and cheerio! 😀


This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. 


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