Review: Staying at Kule Hotel in Bursa, Turkey

On my birthday last year, I decided to take a last-minute trip to Bursa from Yalova as I thought it would be worth going to Mount Uludag and getting on the famous gondola (or known as teleferik in Bursa) to celebrate my birthday all by myself. 

I decided to book a room at Kule Hotel in Bursa for two nights, so I will share my firsthand review of staying at this affordable hotel in the center of the former capital city of the Ottoman Empire. 

So, where is the best neighborhood to stay in Bursa? On a scale of 1 to 10, how convenient is Kule Hotel as an accommodation for a solo traveler? Is it value for the money, or is it better to find another hotel in the city? 

Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Bursa, Turkey

Attaturk statue in Bursa city center, Turkey.
Attaturk statue in Bursa city center, Turkey.

One of my considerations for staying at Kule Hotel is because of the good location. Based on the description on Agoda, Kule Hotel is located in Bursa city center. Now that I have stayed there firsthand, I can confirm that Kule Hotel has a great location, especially if you're planning to stroll around the city by walking. 

Bursa Grand Bazaar and the Grand Mosque are only around 10 minutes walking from the hotel, and pretty much everything in the city center, including the Green Mosque (Yesil Cami) and Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum, are located in the neighborhood. 

As it was a last-minute trip and I only stayed in Bursa for two days in total, I spent most of my time walking around the city that I even left my Bursakart (the card used for public transportation in Bursa) unused. 

I took a Pamukkale bus from Yalova to Bursa, which was only around an hour trip in total. From Bursa otogar (the main bus station), I took a taxi to get to Kule Hotel and it was around a 30-minute trip to get there. I decided to take a public bus on the way back, and I spent around 2 hours getting to otogar from the city center.

Alternatively, you can also find accommodation around Cumalikizik. It's a historic village located on the outskirts of Bursa, which is popular for the traditional Ottoman houses and cobbled streets in the neighborhood.

While it's a great place to stay if you're looking for an authentic experience, it's a bit further away from the city center. Depending on what kind of traveler you are, it could be a great experience to stay in one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Turkey.

Visiting Bursa isn't complete without stopping by Mount Uludag. So if you're looking for a mountain retreat with a little extra budget, it's also a great place to stay. Especially during the winter when it's popular for winter sports enthusiasts, it's also a great place to enjoy your winter wonderland!

Review: Kule Hotel in Bursa, Turkey

The night rate at Kule Hotel in Bursa was the main reason I ended up booking the room there for my stay in the city. For a Standard Double Room, I only paid 14.56 GBP (around $17 USD) for a 2-night stay at Kule Hotel.

I first thought it was a typical old hotel that got a bit run down, and I think I was right. The lobby and the entrance to the hotel rooms have two separate doors, and the lobby is quite cramped too.

The receptionist gave me a bottle of lemonade for free when I told him it was my birthday.
The receptionist gave me a bottle of lemonade for free when I told him it was my birthday.

But other than that, the staff was super friendly that even the receptionist bought me a bottle of lemonade when I checked out of the hotel and told him that it was my birthday. It's the little thing that matters, and I think they've done a great job of making my stay memorable!

Now, off to the rest of the review for this Kule Hotel in Bursa, Turkey!

Standard Double Room at Kule Hotel in Bursa, Turkey

One of the staff accompanied me to my room on the first floor of the building next to the lobby. I could be wrong, but it seems like that was the only room available on this floor as my room is exactly in front of the stairs to get to the second floor.

When I entered the building from the entrance, I thought the room would be cramped, given the idea that the hallway wasn't very big either. But I was quite surprised when the staff opened the room door and the Standard Double Room that I booked was actually quite spacious.


The room looks a little bit run down, and while Cihan Palas Yeni Hotel where I stayed in Ankara seemed like an old hotel, Kule Hotel definitely seems to be older than that. I think if Cihan Palas Yeni Hotel used to have its glory, Kule Hotel doesn't seem to ever really get to that phase.

But other than that, the room at Kule Hotel has everything you need in an accommodation. The wallpaper behind the headboard on the bed might be peeled off here and there, but the queen bed was quite comfy. They also provide a weighted blanket, which I imagine could be super helpful during the cold winter day.

When I got there, the weather was already sunny so it wasn't really that cold in Bursa. But then there's also a heater that worked well next to the bed, which is definitely a plus point if you're looking for budget-friendly accommodation during winter in Bursa.

And what surprised me was how spacious the room was, because I honestly didn't expect the room to be that big. They have a large cabinet in the middle of the room, which design-wise, it's a bit odd and makes the room seem a little bit more cramped than it actually is, but it's useful.

There's also a small desk next to where the TV hangs, and they also provide an electric teapot which is quite a bonus despite the fact they don't provide any complimentary teabags or coffee along with that.

The way I see it, the room might not be a great choice for an interior design enthusiast, but it's functional so it's great. The only downside is that their phone is not working, so if you need anything during your stay, you may have to go outside and go to the lobby next door instead.


My first impression when I entered the bathroom at Kule Hotel was the hairdryer. The electricity socket looked a bit dangerous, but I'm glad that they provide a working hairdryer in the bathroom. Well, I ended up using it after the shower and I'm still alive to tell you the story one year later, so I think it went well. LOL.

Other than that, I think even the bathroom is super spacious. It's probably not the cleanest bathroom at a hotel I've ever seen, but the flush in the toilet worked well, as did the bidet. And the water pressure in the shower was good too.

There's also a soap dispenser you can use if you're not the kind of person who brings your own toiletries. However, I don't see any other amenities other than the soal in the soap dispenser. So don't expect the hotel to provide toothbrushes and toothpaste in this case.

And if you think the bedroom design at Kule Hotel is a bit odd, the bathroom is quite odd too. I'm pretty sure it's not because I'm too short, but they put the mirror so high that I couldn't even see my reflection when I dried my hair. I even had to tiptoe to put on my makeup because of this.

Also, in the cabinet, you can find flip-flops made of rubber instead of clothes-made slippers, so it's also convenient to wear inside the shower if you need them.

Other Facilities

Another downside of Kule Hotel during my stay was the wifi connection, which is very important for remote workers like me. They had wifi and password, it got connected with false mobile data because there was no data in the freaking wifi so I had to top up my mobile data in Bursa because of that.

Apart from that, there aren't many other facilities that the hotel could offer. They don't provide breakfast, but there's a fridge where they sell beverages at the receptionist's desk.

If you consider staying at Kule Hotel, make sure to only book it because you need a place decent enough for you to sleep with easy access to Bursa city center. Not only is it close to most of the main attractions in Bursa, Kule Hotel is also only within walking distance to the nearest bus stop, which is quite convenient if you intend to use public transportation to get around too.


Final Verdict: Staying at Kule Hotel in Bursa, Turkey

While Kule Hotel has a few downsides, I still think they also have so much to offer with their great location, relatively comfortable place to stay with a nice bed, and great hospitality from the staff even though their hotel is super underrated!

To be fair, if there's anything that I regret about going to Bursa, it is the fact that I didn't stay there long enough. I met so many interesting people in such a short time during my stay there. And the receptionist who randomly gave me a lemonade was one of the people that made my birthday feel so special despite being there all by myself!

So, how's my final verdict after staying at Kule Hotel?


  • Kule Hotel in Bursa has a really good location. Most of the must-visit places in Bursa are within walking distance, and there are a lot of restaurants nearby. 
  • It's super affordable. Not so bad for a room with less than $10 for the night rate. 
  • The room is super spacious! 
  • Kule Hotel has everything you need for accommodation. Nice bed, good heater, and they even provide a hairdryer in the shower too!
  • The staff there are helpful and approachable. Their hospitality is top-notch to say the least!


  • It is absolutely not the hotel for those seeking instagrammable accommodation in their travel. Their odd interior design is definitely not something that people would flaunt on TikTok or social media. 
  • Their wifi didn't work when I stayed there. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give Kule Hotel an 8 for their spacious bed and comfortable bedroom, regardless of the hideous interior design. The strategic location in Bursa is also a plus point as you don't have to spend much for transport to get around if you're up for a little stroll and hike around Bursa and its famous cobblestone.

If I have more budget, maybe I will consider another hotel. But for that budget, I think I got so much more than what I paid for my 2-night stay at Kule Hotel in Bursa. But the next time I visit Bursa, I think I'll stick to finding accommodation around Bursa city center again if not going back to Kule Hotel one more time.

So, have you ever been to Bursa? Do you have any recommended accommodation to stay in Bursa, maybe one that is outside the city center but you like for some reason? Share your experience in the comment below, and cheerio! 🙂

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