Andalusia Travel Tips: 5 Best Things to Do in Almeria, Spain

With the warm weather and the rich history of the region, Andalusia is one of the best places to visit in Spain all year round.

Among many other towns in Andalusia like Seville or Malaga, Almeria is one of the best travel destinations you should include in your Southern Spain road trip. On top of that, exploring the city shouldn't be too expensive!

In this post, we have Roxana from Nosy Suitcase to share her first-hand experience of exploring the city and tell us some of the best things to do in Almeria, Spain, especially if you want to travel there without breaking the bank. 

So, what are the best places to go in Almeria, Spain? Is Almeria worth visiting? Let's dive in!

5 Best Places to Visit in Almeria, Spain

Almeria is one of the sunniest cities in southern Spain, in the lovely region of Andalusia. It's both quiet and full of life, so I am definitely sure you have plenty of choices on how to spend your free time.

Compared to other cities in Andalusia like Seville or Malaga, Almeria is a little bit off the radar while the city still offers a lot of things to do in the area.

From joining a walking city tour around Almeria Old Town to dive into the city's past, to relaxing on the beach… Here are the best places to visit in Almeria, Spain, if you plan to visit Andalusia region in your trip to Spain!

Visiting the Museum of Spanish Civil War

If you are a citizen of EU countries, then the entry to most of the museums would be free. Even if you're not, then it doesn't cost much as you only have to pay for a really small fee.

I think those that represent a “must-see” in Almeria would be the Museum of Civil War and the Alcazaba.

Are you interested in getting to know more about the Spanish Civil War? No worries, as Almeria has the Museum of Civil War. It is composed of 9 meters deep underground galleries, which were designed to shelter people during the bombing occurred in the city back during the war.

Only 30 people are allowed down in these old underground bomb shelter at a time. As guided tours are conducted only a few times a day, make sure to reserve a place for you on the tour.

The tours provided by the museum are only available in Spanish, but you can book this Spanish Civil War to get an English-speaking guide to enlighten you with the region's historical events. 

Wandering Around Alcazaba

Alcazaba is the biggest of the citadels built by the Arabs in Spain. Its construction began in 955 and ended in the 11th century. Like most Arab legacy, it was taken over and transformed by the Catholic Monarchs.

The architecture inside the citadel is gorgeous as there are a nice garden, a typical Arabic pond, and typical Moorish fortifications.

Allow yourself to spend about 3 to 4 hours to enjoy the most of your visit here.

By climbing the towers, you will also get the best view of the city and the port, as well as the famous gypsy caves from the neighborhood “La Chanca“.

The fortress itself has 3 parts, where the first two are Muslims and the other one is Christian. Each is easily identified by its canons.

I'd highly recommend joining this Alcazaba of Almeria tour for the best experience, so you can learn more about the history of the fortress while exploring the citadel. 


Exploring Tabernas Desert

Take the bus from the Estacion de autobuses that is located not so far from the city center, and head to Tabernas Desert. Be sure to have some water and a hat with you!

According to Ken Jennings from Condé Nast Traveler, this is Europe's only desert. The climate is semiarid Mediterranean and rainfall does not reach 250 mm per year with an average temperature of over  17° C.

A lot of Western movies have been filmed there. To name a few, there are Indiana Jones, Lawrence of Arabia and Exodus.

There are a few ways to explore the Tabernas Desert when you're there. From joining this Tabernas Desert 4WD tour, to booking a horseback riding tour to explore the desert.

Whichever way you choose to explore the European desert, don't forget to climb to the top of the hills for the best experience. It's the best way to enjoy the majestic view of the desert, and don't forget to take some amazing pictures there too!

Tabernas Desert.

Stopping by a Tapas Bar

Touristy bars are nice, but don't forget to follow the locals' recommendation!

The best you can do is to order a Spanish dish and not an English one.

You may struggle a bit with Google Translate, but the English menus are sometimes a bit tricky and they could be very different from what you expect. Plus, you'll miss on the free tapas that are offered along with the drink.

Go on a narrow street around the Cathedral of Almeria, and visit one of the tapas bar, as they will definitely have some affordable and tasty tapas.

Try jamón ibérico con almendras, patatas bravas con ali oli (potatoes with garlic-mayo), atun con aceitunas (tuna with olives), croquetas with meat (usually pork, chicken or cod) and definitely don’t miss Tinto de Verano. It’s a summer drink: red wine mixed with lemon juice and ice. It’s very refreshing and easy to drink.

Usually, a tapa costs you under €5 Euro and a drink is around €1 Euro. So, a tapa and a drink for less than €8 Euro! That's a good deal, isn't it?!

Tapas in Almeria.

A beach getaway to Cabo de Gata

The beautiful beaches of Cabo de Gata are quite well-known as one of the best national parks in southern Spain, and its location is so close to Almeria. However, even the city of Almeria has a wide beach as well.

It is free to get there, and it only costs you around €1.50 Euro if you opt to take the bus from the city center. If you're strictly on the budget and in the mood for an exercise, you can also walk around 20 minutes to get to the beach.

The beach is clean, and the sand is perfect for a lazy day. The place isn't very touristy either, so if you go during the week, you'll see mostly just teenagers and the elderly.

If you're up for a lazy day, you can simply just rent a chair and an umbrella along the coast for €5 Euro!

Are you convinced to visit Almeria for your next trip? Book your flight ticket for next summer!

Almeria Beach

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