What You Could Get in San Francisco for $10 – What’s on the Budget Beyond the Golden Gate Bridge?

You've learned a new thing every day when you found out that it's ‘San Francisco' instead of ‘San Fransisco'. Or is it just me?! 😛

So, after we recently covered San Diego in California, let's go back again to the same state in the USA. This time, we're going to the city with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and let's see how you could do there on the budget that is beyond that.

This time, thanks to Jess from Longest Bus Rides who voluntarily covered the city on this week's $10 series.

What You Could Get in San Francisco for $10 - The BeauTraveler

$10 and Less in San Francisco

There are many activities and scrumptious foods to be had for $10 and less in San Francisco, California.

The toll to drive across the Golden Gate bridge is less than $10 and brings you to Hawk Hill for stunning views of the structure. Of course, walking across the bridge is free, but be sure to bring a jacket at any time of year for the cold wind. And, maybe Karl the Fog (yes, the fogbank is named) will welcome you.

Golden Gate Bridge.

Hiking and Chilling around the Beaches

All of the hiking and beaches in the city are 100% free of cost, and bus fare is well under $10. However, if you plan on parking a car, you should also plan on paying—rates vary by location, time of day and other factors, but is less than $10 for 2 hours.

So, bring a picnic and enjoy. Be aware that the Pacific Ocean this far north is very cold and most people wear wet suits for surfing and swimming.

Fisherman's Wharf

A visit to Fisherman's Wharf is well worth your time. Observe the making of sourdough breat at Bouchon.

The huge plate glass of windows give an unobstructed view from the sidewalk. From there, walk to the Musée Méchanique for fun with the old fashioned coin operated games and machines (a machine for getting quarters is onsite).

Finally, spend your $10 on clam chowder served in a sourdough bread bowl from one of the many outdoor stands.

The Marsh Theater and Beyond

If you enjoy shows, have a look at The Marsh Theater calendar for an inexpensive, yet high quality live performance. It's usually possible to find $10 tickets.

Free activities include I Spy Tours, walking tiled stairways, and visiting Balmy Alley, which is covered in beautiful, and often political murals. Also, Golden Gate Park is free to visit although museum entry exceeds the $10 budget.

However, entry into the gift shop at the De Young Museum is free and it has a wonderful city view. Many museums have a discounted Thursday night entry for adults only.

This One's for the Foodies!

Foodwise, San Francisco has many wonderful bakeries, such as Tartine.

In Chinatown, the bakeries sell dumplings which can be taken to a nearby park for a picnic. However, if you have a love for Mexican food, then you must visit a taqueria in the Mission Districts. Snacks, a light lunch, and tacos are under $10.

Ferry building, San Francisco.

Bi-rite and Humphrey Slocombe have great ice creams with original flavors. Foodies can explore the Ferry Building inside, and on Farmer's Market days on the outside, too. A fantastic variety of regional produce from peaches to olive oil is available for perusing and tasting.

Dynamo Donuts, San Francisco.

Cowgirl Creamery has scrumptious sandwiches for $10 and less. If you're looking for a great donut, sit on the garden at Dynamo Donut's Mission location.

Contributor: Jess from Longest Bus Rides

Jess absolutely loves travel. When traveling, she happily rushes out the door before dawn for her sunrise photography. She has traveled on 6 continents in a bout 30 countries, typically to places way off the beaten tourist track like Mongolian steppe, university towns in Poland or Myanmar recently opened areas.

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