Review: Eyebrow Threading & Brazilian Waxing at Waxhaus 23 Paskal Bandung

Do you shave or wax?

Well, I used to shave everything from my eyebrows to my pubic hair. That, until I decided to start waxing around 3 years ago in Jakarta. Ever since, knowing that it totally stings to wax after having your hair previously shaved, I never really look back to the shaving option ever again.

That, until after Asian Games 2018 finished last year when I moved back to Bandung for good. Despite the fact I'm originally from Bandung, I had never waxed anywhere in the city. But since the chance would be rare for me to occasionally go to Jakarta, I decided to find a new wax parlor where I could have my eyebrows and hair down there done.

During my time in Jakarta, I usually went to N's Sugar Waxing since it's located close to my place in South Jakarta. After googling some information about waxing place in Bandung, I found out about Waxhaus.

I went to Waxhaus for eyebrow threading and Brazilian waxing earlier this year before going to Singapore. And recently, I came back for the same procedure.

Review: Eyebrow Threading & Brazilian Waxing at Waxhaus 23 Paskal Bandung - The BeauTraveler

About Waxhaus

After doing some research, I found out that Waxhaus was established in Jakarta. It has numerous branches in Jakarta, mostly at some big malls that I rarely go to like Kota Kasablanka and Plaza Semanggi.

Despite having so many branches in Jakarta, I've never waxed at any other Waxhaus branch. In Jakarta, apart from N's Sugar Waxing, I also had eyebrow threading and Brazilian waxing at Caramello.

Anyway, according to their website, they now have branches in a few cities in Indonesia. Apart from Jakarta and Bandung, they also open their wax parlor in Tangerang, Surabaya, Depok, and even Bali. They are a caramel-based waxing parlor, in which they use natural ingredients for their products with no preservatives.

Kudos for whoever designed their logo and all the graphics around the stores! 😛

Almost all the information needed for the potential customers are provided on their website. From the branches, to even the price. And my first impression when I checked the price on their website is that they're actually expensive. That, I compare it with N's where I usually go in Jakarta.

Now that I've tried it, how do I find it?

Waxhaus at 23 Paskal Bandung

In Bandung alone, Waxhaus has 2 branches. One in Aria Jipang, and the newest one is at 23 Paskal. Prior to my first waxing experience at Waxhaus, I had never been to 23 Paskal before. So, that's one of the reasons why I chose this branch over the one in Aria Jipang.

Other than that, of course because location-wise, 23 Paskal is actually closer to my house. It is on the third floor at the mall, located not so far from Burger King. The parlor is situated not so far from the escalator so finding it is not gonna be an issue once you get on the third floor.

The First Impression

A glimpse of the waxing room at Waxhaus.

Waxhaus at 23 Paskal Bandung is a small, decent parlor that is very clean. The store itself is not very big. I suppose they only have 3 or 4 rooms in total. So, there's a chance for you to wait if the rooms are full.

As for the layout of the waxing room, I think it's pretty much similar to those that I have been like N's or Caramello. It has a small mattress with a table where they put the stove and the tools needed for the wax. In addition to that, they also use some disposable pillow sheet and layer for Brazilian wax as well.

The staff at the receptionist desk, as well as the therapists, are quite friendly and they assist guests quite well too. 🙂

Eyebrow Threading

Before and after picture on the first eyebrow threading at Waxhaus.

To be honest with you, when it comes to eyebrow threading at Waxhaus so far, I wasn't entirely satisfied because none of the two therapists who did my eyebrows at Waxhaus seems to get the shape of the eyebrows that I've wanted. But then again, to be fair, in this case, you should be more demanding about what you want.

I naturally have thick and messy eyebrows, so it might be a struggle for both the therapist and me to find a perfect shape for my brows. If anything, for this, before anything gone wrong, communication is the key.

I've done my eyebrows at Waxhaus for the second time recently, and honestly, I was more satisfied with the result on the first time.

Before and after picture on my second time having my eyebrows done at Waxhaus.

I just noticed when I already finished that my brows were still all over the place in some areas. Not sure if it has anything to do with the therapists. Maybe one was new, when the other already got used to the procedure. Or maybe because I did the first time during the weekdays when the latter I went on Saturday night.

To be frank, since I've never been super satisfied with the result for the eyebrow threading so far… I'd rather do it at N's if I got a chance to go to Jakarta to do it. The result for my eyebrows there was more decent, and more importantly, the price for eyebrow threading at N's is cheaper.

Bikini Waxing at Waxhaus

Prior to waxing procedure, we'd be given the clothing as well as a pack of wet wipes.

Now that I've had Brazilian waxing done twice at Waxhaus, I could tell you that it was done quite smoothly. In fact, I think I should give them a plus point for how they prepare a small pack of wet wipes for us to clean our private part before the procedures.

As for me, since I usually wear a skirt or a dress, I rarely use the clothing they prepare for the guests. But if you're the pants or jumpsuit kind of person, then you shouldn't have to worry about having to get entirely naked while the therapist trying to get rid of your body hair. 😛

My take on the Brazilian waxing at Waxhaus for both the first and the second time I came here is pretty much the same. It was all good, and I found it quite smooth. The hair started growing again after around 2 weeks since the procedure.

Final Verdict on Eyebrow Threading and Brazilian Waxing at Waxhaus


As I mentioned before, one of my considerations to try out the threading and waxing at Waxhaus is the price that is more expensive than what I usually paid for the same procedure at N's Sugar Waxing.

At Waxhaus, eyebrow threading costs you IDR 60,000 (around $4.3 USD) and Brazilian waxing is IDR 150,000 (around $10.5 USD). For the same procedure, the last time I went to N's, it was only IDR 44,000 (around $3.1 USD) for eyebrow threading and IDR 99,000 (around $7 USD) for Brazilian. All those with a better outcome.

If you ask me whether I'll still go to Waxhaus for threading and waxing procedure, then I suppose in Bandung I still have no alternative other than Waxhaus.

But if I could get to Jakarta, I'd choose N's Sugar Waxing anytime. Especially since I'm not really happy with how the brows look. Like, the result looks like something that I could get by plucking them. And obviously, I really don't want to pay extra for a result like that.


  • The parlor is really nice and clean, like it looks very hygienic in a way it's so suitable for a waxing place. 
  • The staff is super helpful with a good level of hospitality skill. 
  • Strategic location, located at 23 Paskal Bandung that is easy to reach from my house. 
  • They provide a small packet of wet wipes for you to clean up before starting the procedure. 


  • It's pricey, and the result is not as good as I expected it to be. 🙁 

Waxhaus Fun Card

Anyway, since I am still yet to find a better and cheaper alternative wax parlor in Bandung, when offered to register as a member with Waxhaus Fun Card, I agreed. They offer some promo with the card, such as 10% off for every transaction, with some special promo on public holiday and even 20% off on our birthday.

Waxhaus Fun Card.

I paid IDR 100,000 for the card on my first visit to Waxhaus. Even with 10% off, the total amount that I had to pay is still more expensive than what I usually paid for waxing and threading at N's. But then again, it's always better than nothing. #kiasualert

If there's any plus point that I find of being a member at Waxhaus, that would be the fact that they provide paperless transaction with no receipt. The receipt is automatically sent to the e-mail registed on your member's data.

The e-receipt from Waxhaus that I got from my last transaction.

So, that's my take on threading and waxing at Waxhaus so far. Have you got a different experience doing the procedure there? Or do you have any other wax parlor to recommend in Bandung?! Let me know your recommendation on the comment section below, and cheerio! 🙂

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