Amazing Eateries in Dublin

If you are looking for the ideal weekend getaway this spring, you can enjoy a bank holiday weekend in Dublin. Dublin is a stunning city and the capital of Ireland, and it is full of character and history and diversity. You can definitely have some fun, productive trip for 2 days in Dublin!

During your stay, you'll be able to see some amazing sights and try out new activities, and perhaps best of all you will be able to experience some great food. Dublin is a good place to have your perfect afternoon tea, and it's not hard to find amazing vegan restaurants in Dublin either!

Today we are taking a look at some of the places in Dublin that you should visit this year to make the most of your grub. And if it's your first time visiting Dublin or Ireland in general, see these driving in Ireland tips if you're planning to get on a road trip around the country!

Amazing Eateries in Dublin – The BeauTraveler

Davenport Hotel

If you have an afternoon free which you want to spend in a relaxed atmosphere, a great choice would be taking afternoon tea in Dublin's Davenport Hotel this spring.

Afternoon tea is a classic British lunch and it consists of lots of cakes, scones, sandwiches and mini pies and quiches. After a long morning shopping in the city center, a trip here is well deserved and you can enjoy trying out lots of different dishes in bite-sized pieces.

Source: Pxhere.

Brother Hubbard

If you are looking for classic comfort food with a modern twist, there is nowhere better to visit during your stay than Brother Hubbard.

This restaurant features all of the classics you would expect in a British restaurant but camped up to the next level for the best possible culinary experience. One of the most amazing fusions they offer is between Irish and Mediterranean flavor and it is something which is totally unique and wonderful.

The Fumbally

This little spot is ideal for anyone who wants to grab a spot of lunch during their retail therapy and this restaurant offers some amazing lunchtime options which will melt your tastebuds and senses.

The Italian Roast Pork sandwich is the best you can get in the area and it will fill you up nicely for the day to come. Make sure to enjoy a Guinness while you are here for the full Irish experience.


If you want to choose just one of these restaurants to visit during your stay, this should be the first choice on your list.

This is a restaurant which features some stunning creations and will make you really explore food in a different and unique way. Ogle example there are dishes such as tomato salad, spicy pistachio dip, and even frangipane to enjoy during your meal.

There are so many amazing dishes to choose from that you'll be there staring at the menu for hours!

Source: Pxhere.

Locks 1 Windsor Terrace

If you want to choose an eatery which is full of value for money, this is the ideal place to come for a trip away.

Locks 1 is a stunning restaurant across the street from the train station and while you are here you will be able to enjoy crisp lamb, homemade rye bread and a ton of other comfort food dishes. While you are here eating make sure that you take the time out to try a cider or two with your meal, you won’t be disappointed!

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