Life is Short, Travel Well

Life is too short not to travel and see the world. Instead of a routine of going from your bed to your work, you should be creating memories. And the best way to create memories is to travel, either by yourself or with the people you love.

Seeing things on photos or videos is no substation for seeing things in person. Here are some suggestions that might deserve a place on your bucket list.

Life is Short, Travel Well - The BeauTraveler

An Overnight Stay in An Igloo

You should stay in a glass igloo in Iceland one time. It’s like the best of both worlds. On the one hand you have the comfort of a warm bed, on the other hand, you have a clear view of the sky and, more importantly, the Northern Lights.

Sure, you can go on a snowmobile safari, husky sledding or have a reindeer sleigh ride. But that might all sound a bit too cold for your liking.

If that’s the case, look into staying in a special accommodation that allows you to see the Northern Lights in all its glory in complete comfort and warmth. And as you marvel at the dancing lights, you can slowly drift off and be amazed by nature’s beauty.

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Make a Visit to See Santa

If you are visiting the northern hemisphere anyway, you should see Santa and his reindeers in Finland. This one is especially good when you have children, but by no means is restricted to families. After all, who doesn’t want to see Santa in person?

The great thing about visiting Santa in Finland is that he is available all year long, so no waiting till the festive season to go bring him a visit. You can visit the good man in his office and go on reindeer rides.

With any luck, you will run into Rudolph himself. When you get a chance with Santa, tell them what you want for Christmas, and he is sure to deliver, especially if your partner is near when this conversation is happening. So, what are you waiting for, get your thick coat out and go visit the old man.

Reminiscing the Trace of the Von Trapps

If Santa is not your thing, what about those rolling hills from The Sound Of Music (1965)?

Although some scenes from the film were recreated and shot in a Hollywood studio, the aerial shots were taken around Salzburg, Austria. You will find an entire industry built around the film.

There is some complete Sound Of Music tours that can take you to all the locations that made their appearance in the movie. Now you can recreate the ‘Do Re Mi’ scene in the Mirabell Palace Gardens or the ‘Lonely Goatherd’ in the Salzburg Puppet Theater.

Or ‘My Favourite Things’ at The Horse bath, there is plenty to choose from and enough opportunity to burst out in song. Spring and summer are the best seasons to visit Austria and enjoy all its splendor.

Chillax around the Lake in Switzerland

Close to Austria, you will find Switzerland, home to Lake Maggiore. This large lake is located on the south side of the Alps and has been made famous in Ernest Hemingway’s ‘A Farewell To Arms.’

It’s a perfect place to eat, relax, drink and catch up on that pile of books that you promised yourself you would read.

If you are looking for some stunning views check out the Mottarone Cable Car for some perfect photo opportunities. You have Rocca di Angera, also known as Borromeo Castle, which houses the Museum Of Dolls And Toys.

Or just wander the lakeside towns of Verbania and Stresa. If you are looking for a grown up and sophisticated place to spend your time, this would be it.

Source: Pexels

Some Foodie Experience in French Riviera

Maybe moving closer to the equator is more appealing, then go visit the French Riviera. It’s the Mediterranean coastline of the southeast of France. After all, who wouldn’t get tempted by the idea of chilling around the beach and enjoy a glass of French wine?

This region is known for its laid-back lifestyle, fantastic food and wine, and of course, the people that life and frequent there.

With coastal cities like Cannes, Saint Tropez and Monte Carlo in Monaco, you will be brushing elbows with the rich and famous. Expect to see some expensive restaurants, hotel stays and, especially for the coastal cities, yachts, a lot of yachts.

And if you are in Monte Carlo go hit the casinos, just so you can tell people you have done that once. If that’s too much, you can still enjoy France in the beautiful city of Nice.

Make a Way to Some Historical Visit to Stonehenge

If the glitz and glamour of the French Riviera are too artificial for you, consider flying up to the UK, to the Stonehenge.

And if you can be picky when to visit Stonehenge, Winter Solstice is something special at this monument. You might find yourself amongst druids when you visit Stonehenge on this day. The shortest day of the year attracts visitors from all over the world, trying to find something magical on this hallowed astronomical occasion.

Seeing the sunrise through the prehistoric ring of stones is something extraordinary. Make sure you book well in advance though, as these special events will be booked out months in advance. Some events will even allow you to get quite close to the stones, so make sure you plan this one out.

Source: Pxhere

And Also for Some City-Hoppers…

And if the Stonehenge is too prehistoric for you, maybe get your urban megacity fix? And maybe skip the usual destinations such as New York and Tokyo. Have you considered Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love?

You have attractions such as the Liberty Bell, the ‘Rocky steps’ (the ones from the movie), museums on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, the Schuylkill River and the famous Love sculpture.

Also, you will have a choice of food all around, but notable mentions are for the South 9th Street Italian Market and the Reading Terminal Market. Make sure you don’t leave Philadelphia without having a Philly Cheesesteak.

So, there you have it. Something for most people. And quite possibly these things won’t make it to your bucket list, that’s fine. The point is to figure out what you still want to see and get out and travel the world. After all, the world is waiting for you.

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