Travel in Europe: The Best Destinations in 2024

Planning to travel around Europe this year?  

Whether you’re set on trying new cuisine or exploring undiscovered corners of your favorite country, there are so many reasons to choose the best travel destinations in Europe.  

Within the same continent, you have the luxury of choice: from ancient towns steeped in history to golden coastlines and bustling capital cities, Europe truly offers something for everyone. Whether you’ve been every year for the past decade or it’s your first time, it’s always worth knowing about some of the very best European travel destinations.  

Europe in 2024: Our top three destinations 

Euro Trip 2024
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Vienna, Austria: The trendy city break. 

Looking for a refreshing take on a city stay? Vienna offers plenty of opportunities. If you’re a wine connoisseur, you won’t be disappointed by the array of glorious wines produced in the Wien region. It’s just one element behind Vienna’s impressive legacy. 

The city itself is perhaps best known for its ties to the evolution of Baroque architecture and artworks. Vienna is home to several magnificent palaces – many of which are open to the public for tours and educational visits. The Belvedere Museum, for example, showcases more than eight centuries of art history, with original pieces on display from world-renowned artists like Klimt, van Gogh, and Schiele. 

Vienna welcomes visitors of all ages. The city center is accessible and easy to navigate, with a multitude of pedestrianized central areas to explore.   

Vienna, Austria.
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Florence, Italy: Ready for the romantics? 

As the esteemed capital of the Tuscany region, Florence is known for its appealing architecture, Renaissance artworks, and magnificent churches. As one of the most quintessential historical cities on the continent, Florence is worth including in the most luxurious tours in Europe

If you’re planning a longer tour of Italy, Florence could make a wonderful starting point with some additional destinations like Bologna or Milan. After staying in Florence, you could head north to Bologna and Venice – and even head into the awe-inspiring alpine regions. Mountainous areas in northern Italy border parts of Switzerland and Austria, so it’s easy to extend your tour. Or, if you’re seeking sunshine and sandy beaches, heading southeast towards the Amalfi Coast will exceed your expectations. 

Florence, Italy.
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Copenhagen, Denmark: See Scandinavia by bike! 

Scandinavian towns and cities showcase a different pace of life. There are several brands trying to recreate that Scandi feel across the UK, but nothing comes close to seeing the local way of life in person.  

The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, displays perhaps the very best of Nordic cuisine, festivals, and cultural activities. A seamless juxtaposition of modern architecture and eco-friendly living invites the trendiest tourists to this colorful country.

Locals get around primarily on two wheels, so it’s always worth getting familiar with the best bike routes in Copenhagen before your stay.  Alternatively, you can also join this bike tour in Copenhagen to explore the city.

Copenhagen, Denmark.
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Before you go… 

Ready to pack your bags and leave now? Don’t forget to check all the official advice before you travel. If you’re not sure which destination to choose, don’t hesitate to contact a bespoke tour provider to help you see as much as possible on your next European visit.  


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