What You Could Get in Bratislava for $10 – Trace Back the Traditional Dish and the Communist Era of the City

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Maybe you came across the post on one of the Slovakian local products Soaphoria on my blog. Or else, maybe you're also planning to visit the Czech Republic and you simply don't want to miss the opportunity to visit their neighboring country Slovakia.

If that's the case, maybe you also wonder how far $10 USD could take you in Bratislava. Is the city worth visiting when you're on a budget?

Now, on this week's $10 series, we're going to cover the city where one of my favorite athletes, Daniela Hantuchova, comes from. Thanks to Pashmina from The Gone Goat, let's head over to Bratislava and see how far you could get! 🙂

What You Could Get in Bratislava for $10 - The BeauTraveler

Bratislove in the Summer

The quiet and quaint Bratislava in Slovakia is one of the most unassuming and underrated cities in Central Europe.

For $10 (9 Euros), you can experience how a 25-year-old country managed to carve its own identity compared to the popular neighboring destinations like Vienna and Budapest.

One hot summer day in Slovakia on a day trip is enough for you to glean over the sights and learn more about their history without spending a fortune.

One day in Bratislava.

Sightseeing and Trying the Traditional Slovak Dish

Starting with sight-seeing, you can visit the alien-like UFO space-ship dotting the skyline of Bratislava for 8 euros. The UFO Tower is a great piece of work by the '70s of the Communist times with a circular observation deck and a retro cafe serving cocktails.

Let down your hair and visit the Slovak pub, and try their traditional Slovak dish – the Bryndzové Halušky, that resembles a gnocchi-pasta dish.

The Halušky contains potato dumpling with sheep cheese and bacon bits. Couple this with a Slovak lager or a Kofola drink, a cheaper alternative to Coca-cola served during the communist times. For that, you get a traditional meal for $10.

Bryndzové Halušky.

Some Treats and Souvenirs for Your Beloved Ones at Home

If you're in for traditional Slovak treats, pastries, and souvenirs – Zeppelin Cafe and Souvenirs is the ultimate place to get at least 8 things for under $10.

The minute you enter, you will be greeted by their warm staff and see their vast array of cakes and pastries. Try their carrot cake for 2 Euros, their traditional Bratislava rolls for 1.10 Euros and spend the remaining money on souvenirs such as Slovak handmade ceramics, magnets and local spirits.

Commemorate the Fall of Communism in Bratislava

To end your budget trip, head over to Devin Castle on bus no.29 which takes 20 minutes and costs you about 0.90 Euro.

Not far from the old town and its medieval St Michael's gate, lie Devin Castle's ruins. You will get to see the fall of the Iron Curtain and other memorials for an entrance fee of 5 Euros which commemorates the haunting period in which several hundred people lost their lives trying to get across to the West.

St. Michael Street, Bratislava.

After you're done, grab a drink at one of the cafes for 2-3 Euros as you ponder over this dark period in history.

Contributor: Pashmina from The Gone Goat

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