What You Could Get in Sibiu for $10 – A Hearty Good Meal in the Heart of Romania and Beyond!

Hi everyone, it's almost Christmas… What are you preparing for the Holidays?!

It's Wednesday again, and as usual, time for some $10 series. Yeay!

Anyway, this time's $10 series, we'll fly back to Romania… The country where someone from the past comes from (hmmm), and by someone from the past, I was really talking about Adrian Mutu. 😛 #rootingforparma

So, you might have already read some of the posts on Romania, from Romanian local beauty product to what you could spend your $10 in the capital city Bucharest. This time, we're going to the center part of Romania to see how you could spend your Hamilton there.

This time, we've got Iuliana from Authentic Travels to share with us the local insights on Sibiu. Stand still and read on! 😉

What You Could Get in Sibiu for $10 - The BeauTraveler

How You Could Enjoy the Central Part of Romania with Your Hamilton Dollar Bill

Sibiu is located very close to the middle of Romania (0 kilometer). We don't use euros yet, so the prices are still low compared to other European Union's countries.

$10 mean approximately 40 Romanian lei (RON). You can't do many things with this amount of money but for sure, you can do more things than you would have done with them in Western Europe.

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If you visit Sibiu, you will have to eat and a hearty, good meal in a restaurant fits perfectly in a 10$ budget. Unless you will choose one of the fancy, luxurious restaurants in Sibiu, most of the restaurants in the city center have decent prices.

For example, you can order the first dish – a soup (or a ciorbă how we call it sometimes) for more or less 10 RON.

The second dish will cost you a little more and it depends what kind of meats you prefer. A schnitzel with a side dish and salad will cost around 25-30 RON, so you might reach the $10 limit.

If you order also dessert (pancakes, ice cream, or fried dumplings) you will pay another for around 10 RON.

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If you prefer to eat less and visit more of the key sights of the town, drop the dessert and buy a 10-RON ticket to the top of the evangelic church's bell-tower.

From the top, you will have panoramic views of the medieval core of Sibiu and you may glimpse even the Făgărași Mountains in the backdrop.

As an alternative, you can also take a bus trip to Păltiniș, a mountain resort located 30 km from Sibiu. There, you can hike in the Cindrel Mountains and then come back to Sibiu in the evening. This is a good way to spend less money and take the most of your stay in Sibiu.

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Contributor: Iuliana from Authentic Travels

Iuliana is a passionate explorer, travel writer, and blogger based in Sibiu, Romania. Her life motto is taken from a piece of Khalil Gibran, “We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting.” 

Iuliana likes to travel at a slow pace and to some remote places. Riding a camel amidst sand dunes in a desert, that's the moment she feels most authentic. She has specialized in the Balkan/Middle Eastern countries, showcasing remote places of these regions through her workpieces. 

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13 thoughts on “What You Could Get in Sibiu for $10 – A Hearty Good Meal in the Heart of Romania and Beyond!”

  1. I love schnitzel! I especially love cheap schnitzel. My husband and I hope to visit Romania sometime soon but never had an idea where. We’ll definitely be checking out Sibiu. It looks beautiful!

  2. I like the idea of your $10 series, just shows how much you can do on a budget. It’s good to know that do you don’t have to spend a fortune. I’m sure it’s beautiful here when it snows too.

  3. This is your first $10 post I’ve read: what a great idea! I love learning how to really experience a country’s culture like a local who probably doesn’t spend hundreds of dollars per day. Very cool to highlight a lesser-known Romanian town as well, Sibiu sounds fascinating!

  4. Sibiu is one of my favourite places in my home country, Romania. If you’re not into a big meal, you can also grab a langos to eat on the street, or other similar products from a bakery for under 10 lei. And the remaining should be enough to check out Brukenthal’s Art Museum. Or to check out the outdoor village museum in Dumbrava. And another cgeap tower to visit is the one next to Piata Sfatului.

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