Top 3 Budget-Friendly Activities in Bucharest, Romania

The capital city of Romania, Bucharest, is known as one of the most affordable destinations to visit in Europe. There are so many budget-friendly activities in Bucharest, whether you plan to savor the local cuisines or explore the cultural activities like visiting museums or going to see a play at the theater.

From Cluj-Napoja to Sibiu, there are so many other destinations that are worth visiting on a budget in Romania. However, the capital city definitely should be on your bucket list. Not only is the city easily navigated, it's also a great starting point if you want to do trips to some popular places in Romania, including the famous Dracula's castle in Transylvania!

This time, we have Jules, a Bucharesti local, who spared her time to share the local insights about things to do on a budget in Bucharest!

3 Things to Do in Bucharest on a Budget

Bucharest is the capital city of Romania and my hometown. I am in love with the city and no matter where I go, I am always glad to come back home.

Bucharest is a rather cheap city, in comparison with other larger cities in Europe, so there are plenty of things to purchase on a budget.

I'd highly recommend joining a walking tour in Bucharest so you can wander around the capital city while enjoying the local vibes and the historical buildings in the city center. 

1. Explore the local Romanian cuisine

First off, let’s start with the food (or drinks) – with $10, you can buy a meal for yourself (albeit, not a posh one).

It would consist of a main dish and certainly something to drink. Most of the restaurants in Bucharest offer “daily meals” (pre-cooked) – it is cheaper than $10 and it already includes a soup, a main dish and a dessert.

You’ll be left with plenty of money to also have something to drink. In terms of coffees, even the most expensive one, does not go over $10.

2. Enjoy the Romanian philharmonics

If you want to have a taste of Bucharest’s cultural life, with $10 you can buy tickets to the Romanian Athenaeum, to see one of the oldest Romanian philharmonics, the George Enescu Philharmonic (they would not be front row seats, remember!) or to any other theaters.

Bucharest is the cultural capital of Romania, so it has a wide variety of shows and plays. Of course, even a cinema ticket is within the allocated amount.

3. Visit the National Village Museum

A trip to the museum has never been easier in Romania – one of my favorites museums in Bucharest is the National Village Museum, which exhibits replicas (or sometimes originals!) of old, traditional houses from all over Romania.

There are so many other museums to choose from, in Bucharest, that I am convinced that you will not get bored. Most of them sell tickets which are within the $10 range.

Bucharest is a very welcoming city and a trip here is something you cannot miss!

Contributor: Jules from The Traveling Tulip

Jules absolutely loves to travel. She could never give up wine and she is incapable of having a normal conversation in the morning unless she drinks her coffee.

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