What You Could Get in Manchester for $10 – Where to Go and What to Eat on a Budget in the Second-Largest City of the UK

As an Asian football fan, the first thing I was familiar with the city of Manchester is Old Trafford. I mean, when I started watching football, Manchester United won a treble with the golden generation that gave us the one and only David Beckham.

Mind you, I said this even though I'm not a supporter of the club, neither am I supporting the blue Manchester team. I'm a gooner, if you must know.

But today, we're not going to talk about football when we talk about Manchester… Because after covering William Shakespeare's hometown in Stratford-upon-Avon a few weeks ago, let's go to Manchester to see how far you could get in the city with your $10!

And today, Jenni of Choose Veganism will tell you how you could stroll around the city on a budget. So, what could you get in Manchester for $10?

Various Affordable Things to Do in Manchester

$10 equates to £7.60 in English pounds, which is enough to enjoy a day out in Manchester, as long as you plan ahead carefully.

Manchester is the second-largest city in the UK, after London. Whilst it's not as expensive as the capital, which has an unfortunate reputation as being the most expensive place to visit in the UK, most things in Manchester City Centre will cost more than they will do outside of the in England's towns and villages.

Did you know?

Kellogg's factory is originally from Manchester. Since 1938, the company has been making some of the most popular cereal such as Crunchy Nut, Coco Pops, Rice Krispies, and even Corn Flakes.

Metrolink Manchester.

Places to Visit in Manchester for Under $10

Luckily, Manchester has a whole host of museums and art galleries which are available to visit for free, or for a suggested donation.

You could donate your $10 when you visit one of these attractions, or hang on to it and use it to buy a cake and a coffee in the cafe. Among many, there are some places you can visit in Manchester for under $10.

  • Manchester Museum, full of amazing artifacts from nature and cultures across the world.
  • Science and Industry Museum, a place to discover inventions from Manchester that changed our world forever.
  • Manchester Art Gallery, a place to see one of England's finest collections of art.
  • The Whitworth, an incredible art gallery that is set within a beautiful park.
  • Central Library, an iconic building with an incredible domed roof.
  • People's History Museum, a museum that tells the story of democracy in Britain over the years.
  • Greater Manchester Police Museum to see what life was like in a police station in Victorian times.

Places to Eat in Manchester for Under $10

With so many free things to do in Manchester, you could use your $10 to experience some traditional British cuisine such as fish and chips or to sample some street food from around the world.

Fish and chips.
Source: Pexels.
  • Hatch, a variety of street food outlets set inside old shipping containers.
  • GRUB, a constantly rotating roster of traders with live music. On ‘Plant Powered Sundays', all the food is vegan.
  • Levenshulme Market, a volunteer-run enterprise where you can buy all kinds of nick-nacks, fresh local produce and enjoy street food.
  • Piccadilly Gardens, a city center park that is s a great spot to sit and enjoy street food from around the globe.
  • Fish and chips shops. England is famed for its ‘chippies'. Try the chips and gravy – it's a northern delicacy!

Manchester is compact enough to explore most of the city on foot, but if you'd like to take a full tour, you could invest your $10 in a travel card and ride the Metrolink tram all day, hopping on and off wherever takes your fancy.

Contributor: Jenni from Choose Veganism

Jenni Fielding started her blog Choose Veganism as she wants to help those who transition to a vegan lifestyle and stick to it.

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