Luxury Guided Tours – The Best Way to Experience Sydney & NSW

If you are planning a visit to NSW, Sydney would probably be on your list of places to explore, while the state of New South Wales has much to offer the tourists. Hunter Valley and the Blue Mountains are just some of the epic locations that should be on your list of places to visit and if you want the very best touring experience, there are experienced tour guides that work for established tour operators.

Sydney, New South Wales in Australia.
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English Speaking Guides

As you probably know, NSW has a long and colorful history and when you book with AEA Luxury Tours, you have an English-speaking guide to describe historical events, which helps you appreciate this amazing state. Learn about the first European settlers and how they integrated with the locals, as well as the details of the numerous gold rushes that NSW has witnessed.

Private & Shared Tours

You can choose between a private tour that comprises solely of your group and a shared tour, where you join with other tourists. If you are traveling solo, it is easy to join a tour group, or if you are part of a group, you can book a private tour.

Sydney Tours

There are numerous tours of Sydney, each with specific areas in mind; you can enjoy a half-day tour of Sydney that takes in Sydney Opera House and the famous Harbour Bridge.

How about climbing the bridge? Whether you fancy climbing or a leisurely walk, Sydney Harbour Bridge is accessible to all and it doesn’t cost a thing to walk the bridge. Alternatively, you can enjoy a boat cruise in the harbor (with guide), which is the best way to experience the bay area.

Not sure if you're up to climb the Harbour Bridge? You can also find some of the best spots to capture the majestic Sydney Harbour Bridge for a scenic photograph!

Hunter Valley, NSW in Australia.
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Hunter Valley

The most fertile part of Australia, Hunter Valley has much to offer the tourist; the best wines of Australia are made here and you can sample some of the best wines the country has to offer while enjoying a fine lunch at one of the leading wineries.

Your tour would include a visit to one of the cheesemakers, where you can sample and buy a delicious range of soft cheeses; the next stop would be one of the boutique wineries, where lunch is served, with a selection of wines, of course. Another product that Hunter Valley is known for is chocolate and you will visit one of the chocolate factories that can be found in Hunter Valley.

Blue Mountains National Park in New South Wales, Australia.
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Blue Mountains

A highlight of any trip to NSW would be a tour of the Blue Mountains, so named due to the blueish tinge that the many eucalyptus trees create. The Blue Mountains National Park offers some amazing views and with a guided tour, you get to see all the best vantage points and enjoy amazing hikes.

If you want the very best experience during your time in NSW, search online for a leading guided tour provider and check out their long list of tours.


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