Eat-Pray-Love, Bangkok Way!

When another blogger posted an announcement that they need links related to traveling in Thailand, I noticed that I only got one post about Thailand as I reviewed Sawasdee Bangkok Inn the other day.

Yes, now that I’ve been there… I think it’s not surprising that Thailand is so many travelers’ favorite destination. From strolling around for a day trip in Ayutthaya to spending your honeymoon around the beach in Hua Hin, Thailand has a lot of things to offer! 😀

Forgive me that it might be a little redundant (again) like some other posts but for exactly the same reason I want to share with you what to do in the capital city of Thailand.

I mean, sure yall have heard about the book (or the movie) of Eat Pray Love, but what if you only have one day to do all these three things in one city only? Does it sound like so many things to do and so little time?

Worry not, because in my opinion, Bangkok has got them all, even when you’re traveling solo around the Land of Smiles! 😀

Eat-Pray-Love, Bangkok Way! - The BeauTraveler

Eat – From Tom Yam Soup to Scorpion!

Being Asian myself, I think it’s only normal that I enjoy any kind of Asian food. I mean, despite being Indonesian and my tongue is set on default for Indonesian food as well as generic Chinese, other kinds of Asian food will do the magic whenever I feel the need to eat something hot and spicy.

As I used to live with a Thai girl, Thai food is definitely something that I always adore. Who would have thought that tom yam soup could actually heal a broken heart? Not sure about you, but it definitely worked for me. 😛

If there’s anything that I could describe Bangkok, then I think it’s the fact that Bangkok is the heaven for foodies and shopaholic.

Especially for foodies, you can find any kind of food. Tom yam is for the normie, because you can actually find some edibles scorpion too!


So you have so little time in Bangkok, but you really want to experience many things when you’re there? I would suggest you to stay somewhere around Khao San Road as it’s probably the entertainment center for travelers in Bangkok!

Need any reference where to stay around Khao San Road? You can check out some hotel or hostels around Khao San here.

Not only that you can find street food all over the place in the area, but also you can find bars and restaurants to hang out with your friends or mingle with other travelers.

I mean, if you’re seeking the ‘eat-pray-love’ experience, I suppose mingling with other travelers at the bar could lead to the latter eh?

Chang is their national brand for beer. I know a lot of friends who think that Chang is the best beer according to them, so it’s worth to try while in their home country despite the fact that it’s imported everywhere! 😛

Pray – Choose One Temple, Or Even More!

For anyone visiting Bangkok for the first time, I think it is somehow mandatory to visit at least one of temples in Bangkok. I mean, you don’t have to visit all temples in Bangkok but you can definitely choose at least one of them if you have limited time in the city. 🙂

Now you’ve probably heard that recently Thailand had celebrated 5-day funeral after the death of King Rama IX. But did you know that in Thailand, every king reigned in the country will have their own temple?

Yes, if you’re keen to visit a temple in Bangkok, you actually have a lot to choose to begin with. Are you curious on why there are so many temples in Thailand? You may be interested in reading a post about it here.


On my first time visiting Bangkok, I decided to visit Wat Pho for a start and I wasn’t disappointed. So for this, I would suggest you to visit it too. 🙂

The entry ticket to get to Wat Pho costs only THB 100, including a bottle of mineral water as a bonus. There, not only you can take some time to meditate or pray, but you can also take so many pictures around the temple area.

Apparently, as Thailand is the world’s most heavily Buddhist country with about 93.6% of the population are Buddhist, I’ve figured that it is illegal in Thailand to use the picture of Buddha for any kind of accessories or property.

So you might want to think twice to expose Buddha’s tattoo if you have one. Also, avoid wearing short when you go inside the temple.

But if you’re already on the way to the temple wearing short then don’t worry, because they normally provide sarong that you can use to enter the temple.

Since there are so many temples in Bangkok alone, you can also choose other options like Wat Arun, Wat Saket or the most visited temple in Bangkok as it’s located within the grounds of Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew.

Love – A Casual Date around Asiatique

So you’ve eaten well enough around Khao San Road as well as prayed in the temple, so where to go if you’re seeking for a place to go out for a date?


If you’re into urban dating (is there even a thing? *lol*) then Asiatique The Riverfront might be your next where-to-go!

Why? Because it’s not your usual shopping mall as it still embraces history by avoiding the cultural cliches and traditional symbols. For some, Asiatique The Riverfront is a good example of yin and yang between tradition and globalization. And there are so many things you can do there!

If you’re only there to travel, then you’d probably want to buy some good souvenirs you can buy in Thailand. Otherwise, you can do anything from just watching people to even getting on the merry-go-round. 🙂

First of all, you can get there by boat from Asok. Imagine you can be like the budget version of Rose and Jake in the boat that looks anything but Titanic! 😛

Not only that you can go shopping (although one-minute silence for your man if that’s what you decide to do there!), but also you can do other fun things together there like riding ferris wheel or merry-go-round! Sounds cliche, but it might warm up the romance so why the heck not, right? Right.

There you go, eat-pray-love in Bangkok…

Who says it’s impossible? Because not everyone has got enough time to eat in Italy, pray in India or love in Bali. And in that case, I feel you! 😀

I mean, you can totally do literally everything on budget not only in Bangkok, but throughout Thailand! If you want to find out more about how to do it, you can click this to find out.

So, here’s for anyone who has limited time to visit the city of Bangkok but wants to make the most out of it… Cheerio!

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7 thoughts on “Eat-Pray-Love, Bangkok Way!”

  1. Hey Marya, i love the layout of this! I’m heading to Bangkok for the first time next month so reading this has me pumped!

    What does scorpion taste like? And I read that if you’re going to enter a temple you have to cover your elbows too, is that true?

    Bangkok seems like such an underrated place mainly in the West, there’s so many misconceptions associated with it. Thanks for helping give Bangkok the better image it deserves 🙂

    1. the scorpion that i have tasted, honestly it was plain that i couldn’t even describe how it actually tasted. hmm. but since it was expensive for my budget, i think once is enough for me to try it. lol

      and are you sure that bangkok is underrated in the west? because i’ve found so many western travelers in bangkok. but i think bangkok is their go-to to party hard with some friendly budget. if anything, i think i met more non-asian tourists in khao san road than the asian ones. 😛

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