Khum Phucome Hotel: One of the Best Hotels in Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you're giggling a little when you read the hotel's name, “Khum Phucome” as you think of some inappropriate English words, you're as immature as I am. LOL. In fact, the first reason why my boyfriend and I ended up booking a room at Khum Phucome Hotel in Chiang Mai was actually for the sake of banter because of the name.

Initially, we were eyeing Pingviman Hotel for our accommodation in Chiang Mai as we were keen to stay in one of their rooms with a jacuzzi inside the bathroom. We were traveling to Chiang Mai on Valentine's day, so we were ready to splurge a little for our romantic getaway in North Thailand.

I suppose we weren't the only couple who were aiming to stay at Pingviman Hotel in Chiang Mai, and the next thing we knew was that the hotel was no longer available when we were ready to book our accommodation in Chiang Mai.

When we scrolled through the other options in Agoda, we came across Khum Phucome Hotel and we were joking that this would be a perfect hotel for Valentine's day as a couple. The joke's on us because when we scrolled through the information and the photos of the property… We found out that the hotel looked quite decent in the pictures. So then we decided to book a room there.

Special thanks to Kham Chanthavong from Khum Phucome Chiang Mai, who provided some additional photo resources that I've included in this post. This post is NOT sponsored by any means. Nevertheless, their support is greatly appreciated.

Khum Phucome Hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Apart from the exquisite pictures of their property that we saw on Agoda, we were also convinced to stay at Khum Phucome Hotel in Chiang Mai as we saw that they're SHA+ certified. Before coming to Chiang Mai, we also traveled to Hua Hin and stayed at another SHA+ certified hotel at Hua Hin Grand Hotel & Plaza, we had a blast!

SHA certification has been issued during COVID-19 for accommodations in Thailand. Issued by the Thailand Tourism Board, in coordination with the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and the Ministry of Public Health, SHA stands for Safety & Health Administration (SHA). The certification is given to the private sector in tourism based on the level of safety and health standards provided in their establishments.

Khum Phucome Hotel Chiang Mai
Source: Khum Phucome Hotel.

Khum Phucome Hotel in Chiang Mai is certified with SHA+, which means that not only do they follow the safety and health protocols, but also the majority of their staff are fully vaccinated. While everything is pretty much back to normal now in Thailand, you can also use this certification standard to choose accommodation when traveling in the country.

On top of the SHA certification, Khum Phucome Hotel is also a 4-star hotel which makes it one of the best hotels in Chiang Mai. You can expect top-notch services and hospitality when staying at Khum Phucome Hotel, and that was proven when we stayed there during our holiday in Chiang Mai!


One of the things you may want to consider before booking Khum Phucome Hotel as your accommodation in Chiang Mai is probably the location as the hotel is closer to the Chiang Mai University campus than the Old City, where most tourist attractions are located.

As we took a bus from Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai, we took a Grab car from the Arcade bus station in Chiang Mai, and it took us around 30 minutes drive to get to Khum Phucome Hotel. From Khum Phucome Hotel to Chiang Mai Old City, you may need to book a taxi or tuk-tuk and it should take around 15 minutes to travel between both areas.

The good news is that if you love exploring new coffee shops, Khum Phucome Hotel is located not too far from Nimmanhaemin Road in Chiang Mai. The latter is dubbed as the “coffee street” in Chiang Mai, due to so many coffee shops available there for you to try. In addition, Chiang Mai University also has a night bazaar, which isn't too far from the hotel.

Next to Khum Phucome Hotel is another hotel, SYN Boutique Hotel, so keep in mind if you're greeted by a hotel staff asking which hotel you're staying in. However, it's easy to recognize Khum Phucome Hotel as the architecture is more traditional than SYN, and they have two main buildings around the entrance – one is the conventional hall, and the other one is the lobby to get to the hotel.

The entrance and parking area at Khum Phucome Hotel is quite spacious, so I imagine it will be a convenient area to stay if you travel by car or even rent a car in Chiang Mai.

Types of Rooms and Night Rates

Based on the information that I got from Khum Phucome website, they have five types of rooms available at the hotel: Deluxe Lanna, Executive Deluxe, Junior Suite, Exclusive Suite, and Presidential Suite.

If you're looking for a spacious hotel room in Chiang Mai, Khum Phucome Hotel should be one of the alternatives since even their smallest type of room, Deluxe Lanna, is 40 sqm. I definitely would recommend Khum Phucome Hotel, especially if you're a family planning to travel with children to Chiang Mai.

We stayed in the Executive Deluxe room, and it was by far the largest room we've stayed in during our previous trip to Thailand. It was 46 sqm, with a spacious bathroom with a luxurious bathtub.

As we booked through Agoda and I'm holding the Platinum member status on the app, we only paid IDR 1,581,612 (around $104 USD) for a 2-night stay in the Executive Deluxe room in Khum Phucome Hotel. The price didn't include breakfast, but we managed to pay extra for breakfast once during our stay, which I will write the details later on this article.

Review: Executive Deluxe Room at Khum Phucome Hotel Chiang Mai

Since we stayed in the Executive Deluxe at Khum Phucome Hotel Chiang Mai, I'm going to share my firsthand experience of staying at the hotel to review Khum Phucome Hotel in Chiang Mai.

Check-In & Hospitality at Khum Phucome Hotel Chiang Mai

We arrived at Khum Phucome Hotel a bit later than expected, since our bus from Chiang Rai arrived at around 5 PM. We checked in late at around 6 PM, but it was a quick check-in process, and I loved how friendly the hotel staff were from our first step at the entrance!

As mentioned before, since the hotel area is split between Khum Phucome and SYN Boutique Hotel in Chiang Mai, the concierge at the hotel asked which hotel we were going to stay in. We stopped at the right entrance since it was the front lobby of Khum Phucome Hotel.

Another thing is that the drying rack in our room fell down the next day, and we asked the receptionist to fix it before we left for bungee jumping at X-Centre. They were super attentive because it was fixed when we returned later in the afternoon.

Since our booking didn't include breakfast, we also had to purchase the breakfast coupons from the receptionists and they helped us throughout the process.

On our last day in Chiang Mai when we decided to stroll around before heading back to Bangkok with the Thai Railway train, we also asked if we could leave our luggage after check-out since we wanted to see more of Chiang Mai before we left.

They allowed us to leave the luggage free of charge, and we managed to use our time to explore more of Chiang Mai efficiently on our last day. And we even managed to have a Thai massage at the women's prison in Chiang Mai because of that!

Even months after we left Thailand, I reached out to Khum Phucome Chiang Mai via email to see if they could share some photos that I could use as additional resources for this blog post, and thanks to Mr. Kham Chanthavong now I could share some of their marketing assets on top of the amateur pictures I took during our stay at Khum Phucome Hotel in Chiang Mai.

Executive Deluxe Room at Khum Phucome Chiang Mai

Valentine's day package from Khum Phucome Hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Valentine's day package from Khum Phucome Hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

We were really pleased when we entered the room because the Executive Deluxe at Khum Phucome was exquisite! The room was spacious, and the bed was so comfy, with pretty much all the things we needed during our stay, from mineral water to bathrobes!

And since we stayed there on Valentine's day, when we opened the fridge, we got a nice surprise from the hotel as they prepared two glasses of beverages and a small pack of chocolates with a greeting card inside. It was a really nice gesture that made our impression on Khum Phucome Hotel even better!

For the Executive Deluxe Room, I love how spacious the room was. The room comes with a king sized bed with a small couch and coffee table close to the window, and it also has a small desk near the TV. I have to say, the room is really well-designed, making it one of the best hotel rooms I've stayed so far!

Honestly, I couldn't find any flaws in Khum Phucome Hotel in Chiang Mai because everything I experienced at the hotel was top-notch.

In addition to the comfy bed, the bathroom was also great in every aspect. The bathroom has three different sections, including the toilet with the sink, the shower, and the bathtub. I wish I had a chance to properly use the bathtub, but I got my cycle during my stay at Khum Phucome so I didn't get a chance to have a proper bath there.

They also provide some complimentary toiletries, although we didn't really use them except for the soap to wash our hands. But from what I saw, everything seems to be well-prepared so it's definitely a great place to stay in Chiang Mai if you want to be spoiled by comfort and full facilities during your trip to the city!

Breakfast at Khum Phucome Hotel Chiang Mai

Although we could've booked a room with free breakfast on Agoda, we decided not to since we planned to grab something local for breakfast on the first day. However, on the second day we decided to head straight to the women's prison to book the Thai massage so we asked the receptionist if we could buy the buffet breakfast at Khum Phucome Hotel in the morning.

We paid 400 THB (around $11 USD) for breakfast for 2 pax, and it was actually a great decision because I was impressed by the breakfast menu at Khum Phucome Hotel. Pretty much like our breakfast at Pimanninn Hotel in Chiang Rai, we stopped by the receptionist to pick up the coupons but we paid it later when we checked out from the hotel.

Breakfast coupon at Khum Phucome Hotel Chiang Mai.

Well, the buffet was pretty standard like most 4-star hotels in general. In addition to the buffet, they have an egg station where you can take either omelet, scrambled egg, or even boiled eggs. You can get anything from salad to cereals there, but what I loved the most about the breakfast at Khum Phucome Hotel is probably the coffee machine they have at the restaurant!

The coffee machine has various hot beverage options, from cappuccino to Thai tea. And it's a great combo when you enjoy it with their assorted pastries and cakes since that's what I did and I'd really recommend it to start your day in Chiang Mai!

Honestly, I think it's worth paying extra to include the complimentary breakfast at your room booking with Khum Phucome Hotel. But I have to say, I was satisfied enough to pay an extra 200 THB per person for the buffet breakfast when I stayed there.

Other Facilities at Khum Phucome Chiang Mai

Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to use their other facilities like gym and swimming pool as we only stayed there for two nights and we spent mostly outside exploring the Old City and even went to the outskirts of the city for ATV and bungee jumping.

However, if you're looking for a hotel with pool and gym facilities in Chiang Mai, Khum Phucome is a great option since they have a large swimming pool and gym facilities.

Next to the swimming pool, they also have a coffee shop so you can either just sit around the bar or ask to order some and get it delivered to the pool if you prefer.

Final Verdict: Staying at Khum Phucome Hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Overall, I was really impressed by Khum Phucome Hotel as my experience exceeded my expectations, especially since we literally booked our stay at the hotel for the banter because of the name. LOL

I know Khum Phucome Hotel is a 4-star hotel, but I personally think they deserve 5 stars based on the services and hospitality given by the staff. From attentive staff to cozy bedrooms with top-notch facilities, staying at Khum Phucome Hotel in Chiang Mai is definitely worth the money!


  • They definitely won my heart because of their hospitality! The hotel staff at Khum Phucome Chiang Mai know how to treat their guests. They're so friendly and super attentive to our needs. 
  • The rooms are spacious, even the smallest type of room at Khum Phucome Hotel is 40 msq. It's definitely one of the best family-friendly hotels in Chiang Mai!
  • Khum Phucome Hotel is SHA+ certified, and when we stayed there the staff still applied the safety and health protocols like wearing a face mask and providing hand sanitizer for us. 
  • Their breakfast was really good, and even better with their coffee machine with so many hot beverage options! 
  • Spacious parking lot, making it suitable if you travel to Chiang Mai by car. That's probably also the reason why most of the guests there are Thai. 


  • The location that's a bit further away from the Old City makes it less ideal for a place to stay in Chiang Mai if you're a first-time visitor to the city. 
  • Due to the hotel location, we weren't qualified for free pick-up facilities for our Thai cooking class in Chiang Mai

Based on my experience of staying at Khum Phucome Hotel, I'll give 8 out of 10 for the accommodation. I'd definitely give it 10 if the location is closer to the Old City though, but I'm pretty happy with my decision to stay at Khum Phucome Hotel in Chiang Mai!

Book your stay at Khum Phucome Chiang Mai now!

Khum Phucome Hotel Chiang Mai.
Source: Khum Phucome marketing asset.


The only downside of Khum Phucome Hotel is probably the location, since it's a bit far from Chiang Mai Old City, which is a popular spot that's considered a must-visit spot in Chiang Mai especially for first-time visitors.

I feel like we could've explored more of Chiang Mai if we had stayed closer to that area. However, I think the location didn't really matter if you're fully satisfied with the service and facilities of your accommodation, and that's what I think about Khum Phucome Hotel in Chiang Mai.

It might be our second option for accommodation in Chiang Mai. Nevertheless, we didn't regret our decision to stay at Khum Phucome Hotel because of our pleasant experience with them. From the lovely gesture for the Valentine's day celebration, to the attentive staff who catered to what we needed during our stay, Khum Phucome Chiang Mai was the best hotel we've stayed in our previous Thai trip.

So, have you been to Chiang Mai and got any recommendations for accommodation to stay in the city? Why did you like it? Share in the comment below, and cheerio! 🙂

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