Hotel vs Airbnb: Why I’d (Most Likely) Choose Hotel over Airbnb for My Accommodation

First of all, I know you might have found a lot of similar posts about this topic on the internet. Well, that won’t stop me from writing this post anyway.

There’s some mixed opinion about which one is better for accommodation. I know some of my friends who would strongly recommend Airbnb for a lot of reasons. Some even make their side income as the landlord to rent their property through the platform.

I know some other people who would still go for the conventional way to book a hotel room. Their reasons could vary, from being blatantly skeptical about staying at some random stranger’s property to just take the easy way in terms of choosing an accommodation.

As for me, despite the fact that I’ve got a lot of friends who have recommended Airbnb since a few years back, my first Airbnb experience wasn’t quite long ago. It was during my stay in Brunei sometime last year. After that, I also got a couple more Airbnb experience that led me to write this one.

And as you probably expect from the title of the post itself, I’d personally choose a hotel over Airbnb. Why? This is why I’m writing this post! 🙂 

Hotel vs Airbnb: Why I'd (Most Likely) Choose Hotel over Airbnb for My Accommodation - The BeauTraveler

Hotel vs Airbnb

The first thing I heard about Airbnb when my friend recommended me to the platform, he said it was super affordable compared to the hotel. I think it was a few years ago when I didn’t really get a chance to try the platform to see if what he said was right. 

It was only during my birthday trip to Bangkok when I finally gave Airbnb a chance. But I didn’t get to book through Airbnb back then, since I got rejected by the landlord for the apartment was occupied on the date of my arrival in Bangkok. 

I finally got a chance to successfully book a room through Airbnb during my Borneo trip. After that, I stayed at an Airbnb for a few times. One time in JB with my boyfriend, and the other time in Bogor when I was visiting my late dear friend of mine Taufan.

Other than those times when I used Airbnb, I usually rely on hotel booking platforms like Agoda or Traveloka. And there are a few considerations that I have, that make me sure that I’d choose a hotel over Airbnb, given the situation. 

The living room at our Airbnb in Bogor.

Why I’d Choose Hotel(s) over Airbnb

Apart from the tax and regulation that is different between hotels and Airbnb, of course both have their pros and cons. One you could just book through your favorite platform and check in directly at the front desk, while the other needs you to contact the landlord first sometimes. 

However, there are some other considerations that make me feel like hotels are more suitable for me than Airbnb. Here’s why. 

1. I mostly travel solo. 

My pod when I stayed at Wanderloft Capsule Hostel.

The downside of traveling solo is that despite the fact that you travel on a budget, there are times when you realize that you could get a lot of things for a cheaper price when you travel with a partner. And one of them would be for accommodation. 

I’m quite price-sensitive when it comes to the thing I do or the place that I visit when I travel. I’d rather skip it if I find it too expensive. 

And when it comes to accommodation, there’s a bigger chance that you could find cheaper accommodation in a hotel booking platform than on Airbnb. Not to mention that they also have various types of accommodation that you could opt, based on your preference. 

From a bunk bed in a hostel to a 5-star hotel room, you could choose almost any kind of accommodation there. From a solo traveler’s point of view, the flexibility to choose suitable accommodation when you travel alone is quite high on the hotel booking platform. 

But hey, even I said so… There’s no harm to always do in-depth research when it comes to accommodation whenever you plan to travel somewhere. Who knows, maybe in some areas, a room on Airbnb would be much more expensive than a hotel room? That’s pretty much what happened to me when I ended up booking a room on Airbnb in Brunei

2. Airbnb is illegal in some countries.

This is why it’s important to do your research first when it comes to your accommodation these days. Everything is so easy, but you could get into an illegal activity without knowing it for a nick of time. Like booking a room through Airbnb in countries like Japan or Singapore. 

Now there’s a joke about how Singapore is a fine country. It is where everything is fine, and you could get fined for a small thing like chewing gum. And hey, in addition to this… You could also get fined by booking a room through Airbnb. 

In that case, it applies if your landlord rents the room in the public housing. Therefore, do your own research before booking it through Airbnb!

My hotel room at Best Western Premier The Hive in East Jakarta.

For sure, when you travel somewhere… You just wanna have some good fun, not some experience to stay in jail or get fined. So, always double check the property before you book it, or whether Airbnb is legal in the country you’re about to visit. 

3. I don’t personally find Airbnb user-friendly as a booking platform.

The living room at EZ Lodgings, Brunei.

There are a few reasons why I don’t find Airbnb very user-friendly. Like if I compare my own UX of some booking platforms like Airbnb, Agoda, or even Skyscanner… I have to admit that Airbnb is my least favorite. 

First of all, the currency used for the booking activity. For me, I’ve got a limited option of currency. And it’s not even available in my own currency. Like, when I booked an apartment for a night in Bogor, I paid it with Singapore dollar through my credit card. 

Like, I couldn’t see the point why I couldn’t convert the amount of money paid for a property in Indonesia with freaking Indonesia Rupiah. 

Not to mention there were times when I wanted to book a property, but got rejected by the owner as the property was occupied on the date of my arrival. In that case, I suppose the availability date on Airbnb is not real time.

Also, the payment methods on Airbnb are quite limited. And even though there’s an option through Paypal, you couldn’t even use your Paypal balance on Airbnb. Instead, it connects you to your registered card in the account. Long story short, you could just use either your debit or credit card directly instead of Paypal. 

4. Their additional fees are still quite expensive. 

I know, even on some other booking platforms like Booking or Agoda, they also have some additional fees that enquire you to pay more than what was written on their first page. But correct me if I’m wrong, I think the additional fees on Airbnb are still the most expensive ones. 

Like, I’m not sure if it’s because it has been a few years since I heard Airbnb for the first time. Maybe the regulation has changed or whatever, but the reason why my friend recommended Airbnb was because it was super cheap. 

My room at Bogor Valley Airbnb.

Again, I’m the kind of person who’s price-sensitive. Like, if I could get a hotel room that is more affordable, then why bother booking a room on Airbnb with so many additional fees included when I gotta pay?

5. Free breakfast is available at some hotels. 

Breakfast buffet at Savoy Homann Hotel.

One of the advantages of booking the whole apartment through Airbnb is the fact that they usually come with a kitchen where you could cook on your own. This definitely helps if you try to save the budget through cooking on your own. 

However, hotels or even hostels usually provide you free breakfast that could also help you save some bucks when you travel. 

And of course, if you’re a spoiled traveler like I am, then at least I don’t need to bother preparing the meals on my own. HAHA. 

To be fair, for me personally… I’d rather eat McDonald’s than my own cooking, so an apartment with a kitchen won’t really help me save the money. And of course, why would I pay extra for something that I know I won’t use anyway? 

So yeah… For me, I think hotels are definitely a better option if I gotta choose. Traveling itself is sometimes quite hard, and it’s always a relief to book it the easy way like a hotel room. 

But hey, even though I could say that… Also for me, I’d choose anything that makes more sense. It helps when it’s even more affordable within my budget. 

How About You?

Now that I’ve elaborated my whys and hows, I’d love to hear from you!

Would you prefer to choose hotels or Airbnb for your accommodation? I’d like to hear your point of view… Drop me a comment below, and cheerio! 🙂 


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