Ariya Yildiz Apartment in Beyoglu, Istanbul.

Review: Accommodation in Beyoglu, Istanbul – Private Room at Ariya Yildiz Apartment

Beyoglu is one of the most popular areas for tourists to stay in Istanbul. Not only is it close to some must-visit spots like Istiklal Street or Galata Tower, but the area is full of restaurants and bars that you can visit within walking distance. On top of that, it’s fairly easy to find affordable accommodation in Beyoglu, Istanbul!

Since I stayed in Yalova last year, I decided to stay in Istanbul for a few days after my trip to Ankara. After I got disappointed with Liva Suite Hotel in Taksim, I decided to book my accommodation through Airbnb this time, and that was when I found a private room at Ariya Yildiz Apartment in Beyoglu.

Although I was intrigued to find accommodation a bit further away from Beyoglu, I decided to choose accommodation in Beyoglu instead since the only reason I stopped by Istanbul at the time was that I wanted to visit the Museum of Innocence in Beyoglu.

I thought it would be nice to have a nice walk to the museum from the accommodation while also getting a chance to check out some cafe nearby. Well, as disappointing as it sounds, if there’s anything I’ve learned about traveling to Istanbul, I feel like I shouldn’t trust my judgment when I go to the city!

Review: Single Room at Apartmani Amaro Novi Sad

Review: Single Room at Apartmani Amaro in Novi Sad

One thing I noticed when I started looking for accommodation to stay in Novi Sad is that the rate is slightly higher than most places in Serbia, even the capital city in Belgrade. I wasn’t picky when it came to accommodation, so I booked a single room at Apartmani Amaro in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Apartmani Amaro is the second accommodation that I booked through Agoda in Serbia after Apartmani Vasic in Banja Koviljaca. But I found booking Apartmani Amaro in Novi Sad more straightforward than the latter, as Apartmani Amaro allowed us to proceed with the online payment through Agoda.

In this post, I’m going to share a review of my experience when I stayed in the single room at Apartmani Amaro in Novi Sad on New Year’s Eve. I got connected with a girl in Novi Sad through Couchsurfing who kinda gave me some hope to have someone to spend the New Year’s Eve together, but she kinda ditched me so I ended up doing nothing in my room to welcome 2022 there.

So, how was my experience staying at Apartmani Amaro in Novi Sad? Here we go!

How to Have a Sustainable Holiday

Travel brings all kinds of benefits to all kinds of people. Travelers get to enjoy new experiences. Locals get a valuable income.

In fact, the income from travel can be vital to protecting some of the Earth’s most amazing places. That said, it’s important to keep the environment in mind at all times. So, here are some tips on how to have a sustainable holiday.

3 Inexpensive Holiday Ideas in Europe

Nothing beats a good holiday; the weather, new cuisines, cultures and lots of beautiful photos to take!

The problem is we’ll often end up really blowing the budget. Though you’ll have lots of fun, plenty of us would prefer the fun times without the huge price tags.

If you’ve still got some holiday time, and you’re looking for some inexpensive destinations, try one of these reasonably priced European spots. 

Review: Dieng Cool Homestay, an Accommodation Around Dieng Plateau in Central Java

Hi everyone!

If you wonder why lately I rarely post any post that is significant to my rambles, then here’s the answer… In case you didn’t know, I was planning a family trip that started with a little chaos earlier this month. First, I was supposed to have a road trip from Java to Bali and Gili as I mentioned here.

But life is never perfect, especially when you plan to travel in a group. Just a week before the D-day, the company that was supposed to work in a project with me and my cousin had to cancel the collaboration as they decided to stop collaboration with content creators. That led to the cancellation of free boat ticket to Gili from Bali.

And just 2 days before we departed to Dieng, my cousin had an idea to cancel the rest of the trip since the collaboration with the brand no longer exists. I already booked the accommodation for 2 nights in Dieng Plateau, but I’ll share the rest of the story in a separated post.

Right now, I’m in the mood to share my experience staying in the accommodation we picked around Dieng Plateau, Dieng Cool Homestay. So, how was our stay?