Review: Dieng Cool Homestay, an Accommodation Around Dieng Plateau in Central Java

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If you wonder why lately I rarely post any post that is significant to my rambles, then here's the answer… In case you didn't know, I was planning a family trip that started with a little chaos earlier this month. First, I was supposed to have a road trip from Java to Bali and Gili as I mentioned here.

But life is never perfect, especially when you plan to travel in a group. Just a week before the D-day, the company that was supposed to work in a project with me and my cousin had to cancel the collaboration as they decided to stop collaboration with content creators. That led to the cancellation of free boat ticket to Gili from Bali.

And just 2 days before we departed to Dieng, my cousin had an idea to cancel the rest of the trip since the collaboration with the brand no longer exists. I already booked the accommodation for 2 nights in Dieng Plateau, but I'll share the rest of the story in a separated post.

Right now, I'm in the mood to share my experience staying in the accommodation we picked around Dieng Plateau, Dieng Cool Homestay. So, how was our stay?

Review: Dieng Cool Homestay, an Accommodation Around Dieng Plateau in Central Java - The BeauTraveler

Dieng Plateau, Central Java

It's been years since I wanted to go to Dieng Plateau. Looking back, I think the first time I wanted to visit Dieng was way back when I was based in Semarang, the capital city of Central Java.

I was working for an airlines company when I heard about this cool destination in Wonosobo. In the past few years, I even read some news about how the weather in Dieng got so cold that snow-like dew came up every morning there and they could go as far as -2°C when it happened.

In fact, just a few months before starting to plan my trip there, the algorithm on Google actually led me to some recent news about this situation in Dieng during the summer as well.

Known as the caldera complex formed by the eruption of ancient Mount Prau, the area is an active volcanic region. It is encouraged for you to regularly check the geological report before visiting Dieng. There have been a few events whereby the craters around the area spew some sulphuric fumes as well as poisonous gas. The infamous tragedy was back in 1979 when the Sinila crater erupted with around 149 people died in the event.

These days, however, Dieng has a lot of things to offer despite all the risks visiting there. From the well-known Dieng Cultural Festival that is held annually since a decade ago, to the blessing of the fertile land that harvests the locals with high-quality potatoes and carica papaya.

One of the buildings at Dieng Cool Homestay.

Dieng Cool Homestay

I traveled to Dieng in a group of 4 with my mom, my brother, and my cousin. I booked the accommodation around a month before our planned departure to Dieng.

Since we were supposed to have a long road trip to Bali, I was trying to get tight on the budget for the accommodation and that was the reason why I ended up booking 2 (two) budget double rooms at Dieng Cool Homestay.

I got the rate of IDR 1,036,000 (around $73 USD) for 2 budget double rooms in 2 nights. But please note that I was traveling in low season when the accommodation was considered cheaper than if you travel around Dieng Cultural Festival, for example.

Check-In Process at Dieng Cool Homestay

We arrived in Dieng at around 7 PM, and just some heads up that there is no reception desk at Dieng Cool Homestay. We were just lucky that when we arrived there, someone was still at the mini-market on the first floor of building with Dieng Cool Homestay sign.

I just had to approach him to say that we wanted to check-in as I booked the accommodation through Agoda already. It was quite easy, and the guy didn't even ask for the deposit. He only said that our rooms were located in the building across the street. And when we reached there, he even asked which room we're going to take.

When he asked me that, I told him that I wanted the room with a decent wifi connection as I had to work later that night. Unfortunately, he said that the only rooms with decent wifi connection are the one on the first building. But he said that the room in the corner might get the connection from there so then I chose it just to be safe.

First Impression at Dieng Cool Homestay

The bed in the budget room at Dieng Cool Homestay.

To be honest, I wasn't very impressed when I first entered the room. I mean, sure it's pretty basic since it's a budget room in a homestay. But, when I checked the room where my brother and my cousin stayed… They didn't even make the bed!

We really didn't know whether they changed the sheet or not since the last tenant staying in the room. And we couldn't complain since the guy left already.

I mean, the bedsheet was still clean but still… At least show a little effort to impress your guest, no?!

Apart from that, there was really nothing fantastic about the homestay. They didn't provide amenities so make sure you bring your own towel if you're planning to stay at this homestay.

Review: Dieng Cool Homestay

The room at Dieng Cool Homestay.

The Room

The balcony.

You know, since it's a budget room then I understand that there's nothing much to expect. But how about my take for the rest of my stay there?!

To be honest with you, it was quite terrible. First of all, the wifi connection couldn't reach the building where I stayed. It could, if I stayed outside in the balcony. But when you gotta work in the middle of the night, it was a little troublesome since (1) the weather in Dieng was super cold and (2) it was quite spooky!

On the first night I stayed there, I forced myself to work outside. The good thing is that they provided us with a chair and a table around the balcony so I could do it with no problem. But at some point, I got to just give up and use my mobile phone to tether the hotspot since the wifi connection was too low.

The other thing that is also important when you're in Dieng is whether your accommodation provides a water heater in the shower or not. As I mentioned previously, the weather in Dieng could be so cold. And the water could even be colder, especially at night.

The Shower

The shower.

In the shower, they provide tap water as well as the one in the shower. The tap water is cold, when the shower is supposed to have the water heater. However, for some reason the water heater could only work on the first day we were in Dieng.

Yes, it worked the same way in the other room where my cousin and my brother stayed too. So not only was the shower cold, but it was freaking freezing!

For my overall stay, to be honest I was quite disappointed. Moreover as I saw a really nice hostel not so far from Dieng Cool Homestay's location, Tani Jiwo Hostel. I just wish I could book that hostel instead than enjoying the freezing water at Dieng Cool Homestay.

Even worse, when we were about to check out it was a bit unclear where to go since there was nobody in the mini-market, so we just left the key at the carica shop nearby. It was a bit absurd, but one had to do it.

Am I disappointed that I booked there? Well, life goes on despite whether I was disappointed or not. Am I gonna recommend Dieng Cool Homestay for anyone who's going to Dieng? No, not really.

The Review

To make it short, here are my takes on staying at Dieng Cool Homestay.


  • The location is quite nice since it's not so far from Arjuna Temple, one of the tourist attractions in Dieng. 
  • The night rate is super affordable as it's less than IDR 300,000 per night, which is quite nice. 
  • It's close to some small shops to support the local communities who make the living out of selling potatoes or carica. 
  • They provide a water dispenser outside, so you can always refill your own tumbler since they don't provide glass or cup. 
The water dispenser.


  • If you got the room in the second building as I did, the wifi connection is lame that you might end up using your own mobile data instead. 
  • Such a confusing way to check-in as well as to check-out.
  • The water heater didn't work. Not on my second day I stayed there, as it worked just fine on the first day. 

Would I Stay at Dieng Cool Homestay Again?

To be honest, Dieng didn't impress me much in general so I doubt that I'll ever go there again. But never say never. Although to be fair, I'm not gonna pick Dieng Cool Homestay as my accommodation if I ever go back to Dieng.

Have you been to Dieng Plateau? Or are you planning to go? Stay tuned for my upcoming post about my trip around Dieng Plateau, and cheerio! 😀


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