Review: Single Room at Apartmani Amaro in Novi Sad

One thing I noticed when I started looking for accommodation to stay in Novi Sad is that the rate is slightly higher than most places in Serbia, even the capital city in Belgrade. I wasn't picky when it came to accommodation, so I booked a single room at Apartmani Amaro in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Apartmani Amaro is the second accommodation that I booked through Agoda in Serbia after Apartmani Vasic in Banja Koviljaca. But I found booking Apartmani Amaro in Novi Sad more straightforward than the latter, as Apartmani Amaro allowed us to proceed with the online payment through Agoda.

In this post, I'm going to share a review of my experience when I stayed in the single room at Apartmani Amaro in Novi Sad on New Year's Eve. I got connected with a girl in Novi Sad through Couchsurfing who kinda gave me some hope to have someone to spend the New Year's Eve together, but she kinda ditched me so I ended up doing nothing in my room to welcome 2022 there.

So, how was my experience staying at Apartmani Amaro in Novi Sad? Here we go!

Apartmani Amaro in Novi Sad, Serbia

Compared to other accommodations in Novi Sad, I could say that Apartmani Amaro is one of the most affordable accommodations in the city. However, it also comes with a downside since location-wise, Apartmani Amaro is far from the city center.

Some must-visit spots in Novi Sad, like Petrovaradin Fortress or Trg Slobode, are around 15 minutes by bus from Apartmani Amaro. But if you're up to exploring the city by taking a public bus, you don't have to worry since there are at least 2 bus stops near the apartment. You can take the bus from either Temerinski Put or Sentandrejski Put to the city center of Novi Sad.

If you come from Belgrade by taking the public bus in Serbia, you could also reach Apartmani Amaro in around 30 minutes drive from the bus station in Novi Sad. I took a taxi then, and paid around 800 dinars (around $7 USD) for the ride.

Night Rate & Check-In Process at Apartmani Amaro

I booked the room at Apartmani Amaro a couple of months in advance, not so long after confirming my booking at Apartmani Vasic for my accommodation during my stay in Loznica. For the 3-night stay in Novi Sad, I paid IDR 1,488,768 (around $100 USD) in total. I found the night rate quite expensive, but then again I booked the accommodation during the public holiday, so it was pretty understandable.

However, the booking process was quite convenient compared to my other booking experiences with Agoda when I stayed at Apartmani Vasic or The Dorm Cave by Travellers in Cappadocia. The payment proceeded online, so I didn't have to pay anything else upon check-in.

Since I arrived in Novi Sad just a couple of days after getting pickpocketed in Belgrade, I decided to ask the staff at Apartmani Amaro to see if they could provide me with the white paper so I could have the necessary documents to open a bank account in Serbia. At first, the receptionist lady told me she wasn't familiar with it, but she ensured that they'd figure it out.

And the next thing I knew, they knocked on my door an hour later and gave me the white paper that I needed. Needless to say, I may be biased since they kinda saved my life and reduced my stress after what happened when I lost my wallet. But I definitely appreciate their help and providing me with the document I needed to sort things out.

Upon check-in, they gave me a magnetic censor for the main door and also the key to my room. Since I booked the single room, I got the corner room close to the playground.

I was pretty amazed when I reached the room because, judging from the front, Apartmani Amaro looked quite small. But apparently, the property is quite spacious, it even has a large playground with a slide and a swing for children, making it look like one of the budget and family-friendly accommodations in Novi Sad.

Single Room at Apartmani Amaro

The single room at Apartmani Amaro wasn't anything fancy, but it's quite suitable for a few nights' stay in Novi Sad. However, what I loved the most about staying at Apartmani Amaro is the fact that I could have my own privacy there.

The room was located outside the property building, at the corner close the playground. It was almost hidden from the bar, which is also used as the reception desk. The room was quite cramped, but it has everything you need for your stay.

It comes with a queen-sized bed, a small workspace with a desk, a TV, an attached shower/toilet, a small wardrobe, and even a small fridge, although the latter wasn't working when I stayed there. Since I stayed there during winter, the room also came with a good heater to keep me warm.

I also saw a portable air conditioner, which I assume can be used during the summer. While I didn't need it during my stay, I think it could be a plus point if you consider staying at Apartmani Amaro in Novi Sad during the warmer season.

They also provide a complimentary bottle of water for your stay, although since I stayed for 3 nights in total. While the tap water in Serbia is drinkable, I decided to still rely on mineral water for my whole stay in Serbia just to be safe so I ended up getting mineral water from a kiosk nearby.

Over all, the room was quite cozy, even though you shouldn't expect anything fancy for your stay. The staff at Apartmani Amaro was also super friendly, I almost felt like they were my friends rather than the strangers I met on my vacation.

Apartmani Amaro: A Budget-Friendly Accommodation in Novi Sad

If there's anything that disappoints me from Apartmani Amaro, it was probably my first impression when I arrived at their parking area. Since I booked through Agoda, and the pictures on their Agoda page seem fancier than the real one, I was initially second-guessing whether I was in the correct location.

Well, it seems like I did, it was just the pictures on Agoda seem to be too old to represent how the property looks right now. Other than that, I also thought that the bar serves meals, but nope… They only serve drinks. No meals whatsoever, not even cold pizza.

There are some restaurants and bakeries, which are walking distance from Apartmani Amaro, but some of them were closed on New Year's Eve, so I literally had to go to the city center just to eat since I could barely find anything around during the public holiday there.


  • Their staff is remarkable! They're super friendly and accommodating with what you need, and they also speak English so you don't have to worry about miscommunication! 
  • The room is quite cozy and remarkable. 
  • It has a spacious playground with a slide and a small swing for children. There's also a swing for adults to relax too. 
  • Online payment is available through Agoda.
  • Free parking for the guests. 
  • The location is close to a few bus stops if you rely on public transportation to get around Novi Sad. 


  • It could be because I booked during peak season on New Year's Eve, but I found the night rate quite expensive. 
  • The location is a bit further away from the city center. 
  • They don't serve meals, so it may not be ideal if you're looking for long-term accommodation, especially if you're there around peak season. 
  • The fridge in my room didn't work during my stay. 

As for the accommodation, I have nothing to complain about except for maybe the broken fridge in the room where I stayed at Apartmani Amaro. But I think they could definitely improve the guest experience by providing meals or light snacks at the bar.

So far, I'm moderately satisfied with my stay at Apartmani Amaro in Novi Sad. Have you been to Novi Sad? Got any recommendation for budget-friendly accommodation in Novi Sad? Drop your suggestion below, and cheerio! 🙂

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