Review: Sunny Fine Guesthouse – Hue City, Vietnam

As I’ve done a road trip from North Vietnam to South Vietnam back in 2016, I get asked a lot of times about which city that I liked the best when I traveled to Vietnam. Without hesitation, I would answer their question with one thing: Hue.

Not so many Indonesian people I know have a special interest in Vietnam as I do, so it was only normal when they would question what Hue is in the first place. I don’t know though, but with the news about VietJet Air and its bikini flight attendants opening a route to Indonesia, maybe it will start opening Indonesian people’s eyes about the land of Uncle Ho? We’ll see. 😉

Okay, back to Hue. In this post, I would like to write a review on one of the best guesthouses that I have ever stayed, Sunny Fine Guesthouse.

My Insights: On The Viral Post of Indonesian Woman Calling Off Discrimination In Rome Airport

So, recently I read the news about a viral post of an Indonesian woman who traveled to Rome and she posted something about calling off discrimination as the officer asked her to remove her hijab.

As creepy as it sounds, I checked on Aghnia Adzkia’s facebook post and watched the video uploaded to her page.

Although I cannot call myself an expert when it comes to travel, but I’ve got some insights in this case. Not only because I am a traveler myself, but also because I used to be a staff working at the airport. Also, it kinda helps as I was a flight attendant with a privilege of avoiding immigration queue whatsoever.

With me being a Muslim myself, I think I could understand from both parties. So please allow me to take some time to give you my two cents in this case. This is only my personal opinion, but I hope this can open up your mind when it comes to traveling as a passenger.

Bogor Botanical Garden: The Solution To When You’re Too Broke To Have A Fancy Vacation ($10 for a day!)

It was all started when we planned out our short trip to Puncak for safari night. The idea came up when my good ol’ friend Roro admitted the fact that she has never been to Taman Safari before when it’s been a long time ago since the last time I went there as well.

At first, we were planning to stay the night at Puncak to have safari night then visit Kota Bunga the next day. My sister, Uun was planning to come with us too until in the last minute before the D-day she told us that she couldn’t make it as she had to rearrange a job interview. As silly as it sounds, she then had to schedule the interview on the weekend.

Long story short, because we have booked a bungalow around Puncak and the rate would be too expensive to be split into the two of us, we were a bit hesitant to actually make it to Puncak. Plus, some of my friends’ suggestion about how bad the traffic could be to get to Puncak has also discouraged us from getting there.

So then we spent our Friday night discussing on where to go. Either we book another place with the lower rate or we change our itinerary. So we chose the latter.

After arguing about whether we go to Bogor Botanical Garden or Kebun Raya Bogor, we started googling only to find out that Bogor Botanical Garden is, in fact, the translation of Kebun Raya Bogor in English. Never have I felt so failed as an Indonesian woman who claimed her fluency in English! :p

DateHacks: How To Date An Indonesian

I got inspired to write about this last week when suddenly one of my colleagues brought up the subject. He’s a Malaysian guy struggling to find ‘the one’ through dating sites and somehow he always failed. Basically, he brought up the subject as he wanted to find the hole about what he has done wrong.

He went out on several dates, and despite the fact that some of them went well, they always ended up miserably. He made some kind of statistic for the dates he’s been through with the composition of 10% total failure, 40% gold diggers, and half of the chances he got, the dates went well but everything got dry after the date with the girls communicating less and less each day.

Being a guy as he is, he could notice the red flags. But as a human being, he is curious to find out what he has done wrong just so he can try to at least improve it if he gets another chance.

As an Indonesian girl who’s been so long since the last time I dated another Indonesian, I’ve given the perspective as myself. To my surprise, just today I had a lunch date with my old friend. And this event kind of inspired me to write about this even more.

Taukkyan War Cemetery: Reminiscing The Lost Lives In The World War 2

If you asked anyone who has ever gone to a date with me in any way possible, I think it’s fair to say that I’m quite flexible and easy to go with. As long as I remember, I rarely had a fight over where to go or what to have for dinner when I dated anyone. When one gets indecisive, I’ll come as a rescue for both of us while being my ol’ lady boss giving suggestion where to go or what to eat.

The same thing happened when I went to Yangon with Max back in 2015. The difference between Max and me is that he’s a very laid-back traveler who will be quite satisfied by staying at the hotel in the foreign city and going out only when he has to. On the other side, I am always that traveler who’s got someplace in mind whenever I get a chance to visit a new place.

Before we arrived in Yangon, I’ve already prepared myself with some information about the city. At the time I was already familiar with Myanmar and their political situation, thanks to 4-year education on International Relations. But other than that, I didn’t even know what to prepare before traveling to Myanmar.

The good thing is that my attitude kinda helps me to adjust things in various situations. So I was just like… Veni, vedi, vici. 😛

And that was exactly what happened when I landed in Yangon, Max with his meh attitude just agreed on the idea of us going to the generic and touristy Shwedagon Pagoda until I saw this brochure at the hotel seeing some pictures of this big, well-maintained cemetery. Taukkyan War Cemetery.

So I asked the receptionist about this cemetery and the receptionist told me that this cemetery is quite far from Yangon, around 1.5 hours by car from where we stayed. And we stayed in the city center, FYI.