Where To Take Your Teen in 2019

If you're a parent of a teenager, you'll know better than anyone how difficult it can be to encourage them to join in on family time, especially if you have significantly younger children to add to the mix too.

Arranging family days out can be difficult because your aim is to choose somewhere that's going to excite everyone involved. So, to help you and your family spend some quality time together, here are the best places to take your teen in 2019.

Where to Take Your Teen in 2019 - The BeauTraveler

Wildlife Viewing

No matter how old you are, seeing wildlife such as a tour around the safari park or the zoo is a wonderful day out for the whole family.

Being able to laugh together as monkeys climb your car, having the chance to feed animals that you would only dream of seeing up and close, and the rides are all enough to excite even the most stubborn of teens. Plus, they can capture some shots that will totally up their insta game.

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Treasure Hunts

One thing you'll have probably found with having a teenager is that they’re rather disconnected – and that’s understandable!

They're at an age where they want to socialize with their friends, but that doesn't mean that you can't have a good relationship too.

Taking them somewhere fun like Cluego, a team building treasure hunt resort will help you reconnect and have fun as a family unit. Plus, who doesn't love treasure hunts?

Historical Yet Fun Tours

If you're looking for something a little more educational, then why not take your teen on a fun historical tour of something that makes you proud to be British?

Perhaps you could head to Warwick Castle for a breathtaking tour, or maybe your family might enjoy a tour around the Morgan Motor Company factory, where you can see the cars being created and have plenty of chance to take photos in the cars?

Again, this would be a perfect chance to snap some incredible photos for the family album that you can treasure forever.

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Alton Towers

Finally, to really excite your teenager and please any younger (or older) members of your family, why not treat them to a super fun day out at Alton Towers?

With rides that are suitable for all kinds of ages and bravery, your teen is sure to have a wonderful day with you and your family. Perhaps you could suggest they bring a friend along so that you can enjoy seeing them enjoy their day with your family, and also a friend too!

Being a teenager isn't an easy time, and neither is parenting a teenager. However, there are still plenty of fun things that you could do together and rebuild your relationship with each other!

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