Top 3 Budget-Friendly Things to Do in Izmir, Turkiye with Kids

Izmir has always been my favorite city in Turkiye. This coastal city has a lot to offer, whether you're into beaches or history. It's also suitable for digital nomads, with some coworking spaces in Izmir you can go to at a reasonable rate. 

So, how about if you're traveling with kids to Izmir, Turkiye? Lindsay from My Trampoline Kids has some insights about exploring the Aegean sea town and its surroundings on a budget. 

So, here are some things to do in Izmir on a budget if you're traveling with children!

What to Do in Izmir, Turkiye with Kids

Izmir is located on Turkiye's Aegean coast. Known as one of the most modern cities in Turkiye, the local currency has had some volatile fluctuations as of late that have made things cheaper for visitors. Unfortunately, it doesn't apply to the locals, as the buying power for locals gets quite difficult for the same reason. 

If you're planning to travel to Izmir with kids and looking for some affordable things to do in the area. Here's everything you need to know about getting the most of your trip to Izmir with children!

Indulge in Turkish street food

Firstly, when it comes to food, you can eat plenty of street food on a budget. For example, an ice cream cone was generally around 60 TL and was the perfect bite size to eat before it melted. 

Secondly, we found a great hotdog vendor outside the Karsiyaka ferry terminal that sold hotdogs for cheap as well. 

When in Izmir, don't forget to try the bagel-shaped pastry for breakfast called gevrek. It's called so in Izmir, but if you travel to another place in Turkiye like Istanbul or Bursa, the same delicacy is best known as simit

It's one of the cheapest breakfast options in Izmir, but it's worth spending more for the proper Turkish breakfast somewhere in Inciralti, Balcova. The latter is a coastal area, where you can also stroll around the seaside after your breakfast with the kids.

Turkish restaurant menu.
Disclaimer: the photo was taken in 2018. The price may have changed dramatically with the recent economy in Turkiye.

Get on a day trip to Ephesus

Taking transportation was super cheap that it's worth spending extra days to get on a day trip to some destinations in Izmir. One of the best places to visit for a day trip from Izmir is Ephesus and Sirince in Selcuk area. 

You can take a train from Basmane station to Ephesus using Izmirimkart, and the kids could ride the train for free.

There was no assigned seating, but Izmir was the starting terminal and it was quite easy to get seats going towards Ephesus. But when coming back to Izmir from Ephesus in Selcuk, the train was quite full the entire way.

For a more convenient option, you can also book a day tour to Ephesus from Izmir with a private transfer. 

Train from Basmane in Izmir to Ephesus in Selcuk, Turkiye.
Train from Basmane in Izmir to Ephesus in Selcuk, Turkiye.

Visit Izmir Zoo

The Izmir Zoo was quite impressive too, and the entrance ticket only cost about 20 TL (around $0.62).

Inside the food court was where we spent most of our money, as a bottle of water was the same price as our entrance fee. 

Once the bus to the zoo, entrance fees, and food were factored in, it's hands down one of the best ways to spend a day outdoors in Izmir for 2 adults and 2 kids… And it's not expensive to make the most of it!

Aegean Sea view from Izmir, Turkiye.
Aegean Sea view from Izmir, Turkiye.

Contributor: Lindsay of My Trampoline Kids

Lindsay is a mom of two little boys who love the outdoors and are trampoline addicts. They are the proud owners of bouncey castles and trampolines, and they have brought hours of enjoyment. 



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