Review: Lhamour Mongolia Charcoal and Pine Tar Soap

If you read the last post on Around The World With The Beauties, you may be familiar with Lhamour Mongolia already. As I mentioned in the post, I actually got some other products from Lhamour that I'm still yet to try. And the new one that I just initially tried is their soap bar.

At first, I wasn't so sure whether the soap was actually used for body or face. But then as I read their official website and I found that we can also use it for our face, I tried it as the facial wash instead.

My consideration is the ingredients with activated charcoal that it seems to be effective for oily and acne-prone skin. And lately, I got some problem with acne on my face too. I figure, maybe it's the best time to try. Especially now that I'm so obsessed with any organic beauty products!

Seriously though, I'm so obsessed to the point that now I'm actually starting my own project to make DIY shampoo bar because I want to see if shampoo bar works on my hair. And just so you know, I'm the kind of person who usually hates DIY stuff simply because I suck at crafts. 😛

Lhamour Mongolia Charcoal and Pine Tar Soap

Based on what I've read on their official website, the main function of this charcoal and pine tar soap bar is actually for the body, but then again they emphasize that this can be used for the face too.

As written on the description of the product, they claim that the benefit of the soap is to draw impurities and toxins from deep within our pores. The activated charcoal as one of their ingredients is effective to deeply cleanse and detoxify. And while it gives a deep cleaning on your face, it also helps you to exfoliate.

Sounds like a dream, right? In addition to that, pine tar in their soap ingredients is also claimed to work for soothing treatment. It is effective for some skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

How much and where could you get Lhamour Charcoal and Pine Tar Soap?

As I assume through the color accordingly, the composition of pine tar in the soap is slightly more than the charcoal.

Since I got the product for free, I had to check on the price first to see how much it costs. And it's actually super affordable! 🙂

As Lhamour has expanded their market worldwide, the price range in some countries is pretty similar. For example, in their official Facebook page, the soap bar costs 13,000 MNT (around $5 USD). As they also have an online shop in Hong Kong, there you could get the soap bar for $100 HKD (around $12.75 USD).

The price applies for a 100-gram soap bar that seems to last for a long time. In the packaging, they will also add their production date, and it can be used anytime within 2 years from the date.

Review: Lhamour Charcoal and Pine Tar Soap

The packaging comes in the plastic cling wrap with the binding that states the brand, as well as the composition and direction on how to use the soap bar. The packaging itself is super cute, I personally love it.

Unlike the bath bomb whose cling wrap got torn during the shipping time, this one was steady and it was wrapped nicely.

Review: Lhamour Mongolia Charcoal and Pine Tar Soap - The BeauTraveler

First Impression

Well, the size of the soap bar is quite big. But then the simple and cute shape makes the soap is easy to use. I think even though it's big, but the size comes super handy if you want to use it for your entire body.

If you use it for face only as I do, the size works quite well too.

Since the last soap bar product that I used was foamy, I initially thought that it would be the same with the charcoal and pine tar soap. But apparently, the Lhamour one didn't create much foam when I used it to wash my face. But I suppose it was because they use natural organic ingredients and they didn't use detergent if anything.

As I got used to using the foamy facial wash, I felt some kind of different sensation. But in a good way, as in the soap feels so soft on my skin even though it comes in the form of a soap bar.

Final Verdict

I've used the soap for a week now and so far, I like this product.

My face looks cleaner whenever I used it. And since I got some acne problem in the past couple of weeks, it starts getting better since I combine the soap with some organic facial oil. For now, I use jojoba oil from Purivera Botanicals as the additional product. It works wonder on my skin. 🙂

Before and after I washed my face with Lhamour charcoal and pine tar soap. My face looks slightly brighter and somehow the acne on my face looked smaller.


  • It feels so soft on my skin. 
  • Compared to some other organic products, I think it's quite affordable. Especially if you could get directly from Mongolia. Only $5 USD, girls!!!
  • It's multifunction as you can use as both facial wash or body soap. 
  • The soap smells quite nice, it's so soft. And since it's made of organic composition, it smells so natural. 


  • It's quite bulky, as the size is quite big and not so travel-friendly. 
  • They come with plastic cling wrap, so again… Not so travel-friendly unless you've got a container with the size of the soap bar. 

Other than the size, so far I could swear by this soap. However, since it's still relatively difficult to ship to Indonesia, I think I could pass to repurchase this. For the availability in your country for Lhamour product, you can check it here.

So, have you tried any product from Lhamour before? What product would you recommend to use for everyone? Or do you have any other organic product from different brand? Let me know your favorite in the comment below, and cheerio! 😀

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2 thoughts on “Review: Lhamour Mongolia Charcoal and Pine Tar Soap”

  1. I’ve tried the charcoal soap too, as I have some acne problem on my skin. It was very effective yet very gentle. Sadly I recently run out of mine and they also don’t ship to where I’m now. I would give the product 9 out of 10, as it’s too bulky to carry and I had to use a knife to slice it to smaller sizes.

    1. but the shape of the soap is too cute to be cut in smaller pieces. hahaha. 😛

      yes, unfortunately they don’t ship to indonesia either, although i heard that they have distributor in singapore and at that point i could ask my boyfriend to buy it for me. because i just found out that pine tar ingredient is rarely (if never) found in local beauty products in indonesia. and i really love the smell, it’s soft but it works the magic! 🙂

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