What You Could Get in Lublin for $10 – How to Get the Most Out of the Tourist Card and Beyond!

Christmas around the corner, and I suppose some of us miss Christmas markets' festivity during this time of the year, something that would probably be different this year.

And speaking of the Christmas market, I think Poland is one of the European countries you shouldn't miss if you get a chance to get there during Christmas days. It is one of the most devoutly religious countries on the continent, with over 80% of the population identified themselves as Catholic.

So, it feels like a right time to talk about a city in Poland during this time of the year… Thanks to Karolina of Travel Poland Tours, today we're going to find out about how far you could get with $10 in Lublin.

Now, after we know what we could get in the city like Warsaw, Krakow, and Gdansk… What does make Lublin unique compared to other Polish cities?!

Things to Do While Traveling Around Lublin

The best things in life are free or at the very least, less than 10 bucks. The province of Lublin in Poland has a lot to offer in this price range. Find out what you can get in Lublin, Poland for under $10 USD, which is roughly 38 Poland zloty.

Lublin, Poland.

Did you know?

Lublin used to be the capital of Poland due to two separate occasions because of the World War. First time in 1918, and later in 1944, Lublin was appointed to be the capital city after the end of the World War 2.

To start with, you might want to get a Lublin Tourist Card for under $10 USD a day which includes free entrance to tourist attractions, a guided tour of the city of Lublin, and free public transport.

The latter would be very useful if you have plans of exploring the areas around Lublin, like the Majdanek State Museum and the charming medieval village Kazimierz Dolny.

Strolling Around the Old Town

Walk around the historic Old Town and find yourself recounting Lublin's history as you walk past old buildings and landmarks.

Some places of interest are the Po Faze Square, where one can find the oldest part of Lublin, the Krakow Gate which was constructed in 1320, and the Grodzka Gate which separated the Jewish quarter from the rest of the old town of Lublin.

As you pass through the main gate to the Old Town Square, don't feel bad about stopping at one of the cool cafés for a cup of coffee. It shouldn't be more than 10PLN, which is around $3 USD.

Lublin Old Town in Poland.
Lublin, Poland.

Visiting the Lublin Museum

Take a walk up the hill to see the iconic white facade of the Lublin Castle which you can see from any part of Lublin.

It houses the Lublin Museum which is worth a visit if you are interested in art and history, however, one of the best places to visit here is the castle tower which is a viewing terrace that will allow you to see a birdseye view of Lublin for just 9PLN.

Cebularz in Lublin.
Cebularz in Lublin.

Eating the Famous Cebularz Lubelski

Try the Cebularz Lubelski, a round-shaped flatbread that can only be found in Lublin, Poland. A buttery flatbread topped with diced onions, salt, and poppy seeds, this unique and special treat is only produced by 24 bakeries. The best place to have it is the Piekarnia Kuzmiuk at the Lublin Market.

Also, you can't leave the area without trying the pierogi domowe (Polish dumplings) of Bar and Restauracja Starowka with a pint of their regionalne piwo (which translates to local beer) which should be less than 20PLN.

And, after, you still have enough to splurge on a shot of Polish vodka or a pastry from one of Lublin's oldest patisseries, the Chmielewski.

Contributor: Karolina from Travel Poland Tours

Karolina and her husband Patryk were dreaming to escape Poland, their homeland when they first met. They always thought that life is better abroad. After being nomadic for a few years, they felt they needed to settle down somewhere only to find out that they have always had the most beautiful places at their fingertips

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