What You Could Get in Wroclaw for $10 – 6 Must-Do in the City on a Budget

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After we covered Warsaw and Gdansk, let's find out how else you could spend your $10 bill in the other city in Poland… And on this occasion, we've got Marta and Milosz from Backpackers Wro to talk about Wroclaw and how you could enjoy traveling on the budget in the city.

So, are you planning to stop by Poland as a part of your Europe trip? Are you interested in visiting other cities in Poland? Say no more, because we've got you covered! 😉

Have yourself a wow day in Wroclaw!

What You Could Get in Wroclaw for $10 - The BeauTraveler

Wroclaw is the fourth largest city in Poland. Although Poland is a member of the European Union, the national currency is the Polish zloty (PLN). $10 USD is currently the equivalent of PLN 37. The minimum hourly rate in Poland is $4 USD, which means you need to work 2.5 hours to earn your $10 USD.

A one-way public transport ticket costs $0.9 cents, a liter of fuel is $1.4 USD, and you pay an average of $0.7 USD for a loaf of bread.

Having $10 USD, you can spend a pleasant day in our city.

Odra cruise in Wroclaw.

1. Buy the Transport Ticket

Firstly, buy two single public transport tickets for $0.9 USD each. They are valid for all buses and trams, and you can use it whenever you like during the sightseeing.

The cheapest option for a tasty and local breakfast in Wroclaw is to go to the milk bar “Mis”. For $1 USD you can have milk soup, a sandwich or sausages, and a hot drink.

2. Avoid Getting Lost with the Free Map with Dwarfs!

The best option to explore Wroclaw is to visit the tourist office in Market Square (called “Rynek”) and ask for a free map with dwarfs. A dwarf is a symbol of Wroclaw.

The small statues of dwarfs are located all over the city, and each one is different. Some of the dwarfs are sleeping, eating, working in various professions, and they are always located close to tourist attractions, restaurants, universities, and private companies.

The map will help you find them all, and at the same time, you will visit the most famous tourist attractions in the city for free!

Wroclaw dwarf.

3. Don't Miss Przedwojenna When You're in Town!

If you get hungry after this long walk, we recommend to go back to the milk bar and have a typical polish lunch for no more than $1.5 USD.

If you prefer to try something else, go to the bistro “Przedwojenna” where for $2.4 USD you can try a typical Polish snack (big size) and $1.3 USD for a glass of vodka, small beer or hot drink.

4. Garrison Church

A few steps from “Przedwojenna” pub there is a fantastic viewpoint tower of the Garrison Church. The admission fee is only $1.4 USD, and you can get on top through narrow and curved stairs.


5. Learn the History of Neon

After dark head to Ruska 46 street and learn about the history of neon in Wroclaw. Watch more than 30 old neon signs of stores, cinemas, and department stores, most of which do not exist. You can enjoy it for free.

6. Enjoy Cheap Beers to End the Day!

Finish your day at Boguslawskiego street.

There is a passage of little pubs and restaurants situated under the railway embankment. It is the place where students and corporate employees meet in the evening and enjoy a cheap and extensive selection of beers and food.

For around $2 USD you can enjoy a pint of cold beer!

Contributor: Marta and Milosz from Backpackers Wro

Marta and Milosz enjoy backpacking and minimalistic travels. They have traveled to 72 countries and are hungry for more. Starting in 2019, they travel together with their little son. 

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