What You Could Get in Gdansk for $10 – Some Options to Spend Your Zloty in the City

When Joanna from Overhere told me that she wanted to cover Gdansk for $10 series, there was one thing that came in mind about the city: Euro 2012. Yup, after covering Warsaw and Krakow, this time we're gonna talk about the third city in Poland!

For those who don't know yet, I've been a big supporter of Croatian National Team since as long as I could remember. Yep, not because of their great performance in the last World Cup. But anyway, Gdansk was the venue when Spain with Jesus Navas scored a last-minute goal against Croatia in UEFA Euro 2012.

Apart from that, I'm still interested to find out more about Gdansk in general though… So, thanks to Joanna, now we're going to cover the city and what you could get there with your $10 USD!

What You Could Get in Gdansk for $10 - The BeauTraveler

Is $10 Worth Spending in Gdansk?

Gdansk is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. Located in the north, on the Baltic coastline, it attracts tourists from all over the world with its numerous attractions and beautiful architecture.

There are many great things to do in Gdansk. This city is suitable for families with kids, history aficionados, nightlife people, nature lovers and all travelers who appreciate an interesting and picturesque city. Lots of museums and monuments, restaurants, cafes and pubs, charming gardens, amazing zoo, impressive cathedrals, sandy beaches – Gdansk has it all!

But how much will it cost to travel to Gdansk? Is it an expensive city to travel to?

Boat cruise around Gdansk.

Well, it is relative and it depends on which city you compare Gdansk with. In comparison with Berlin or Paris, Gdansk is cheap to travel to. But when we compare it with, say, Balkan cities, the prices seem to be high. So, let's look at the facts.

Some Things You Can Do in Gdansk with Your $10

We have $10 USD. What can we get for such amount of money in Gdansk?

Currency in Poland is zloty – PLN. Despite the fact Poland is in the European Union, there is no Euro currency in the country.

$10 USD gives us approximately 35 PLN. For such an amount of money we can get:

  • Ticket for an adult in the Museum of the Second World War with an audioguide. We will have a few PLN left to buy a coffee in the museum's cafeteria.
  • Children return ticket for a boat cruise to Westerplatte peninsula.
  • Admission to three-person family to Amber Museum.
World War Museum, Gdansk.
  • Adult ticket and kid ticket to European Solidarity Centre.
  • Single Bed in 6-bedroom in Hostel4u which is located 5-minute walk from Gdansk Old Town.
  • Single bed in an 8-bedroom in Hostel 3City which is situated 2-minute walk from Gdansk Old Town.
  • Three-course meal in a milk bar (Polish: bar mleczny). Milk bars are a specific kind of restaurants in Poland. They are partially funded by the Polish government which makes the prices significantly lower than in conventional restaurants.
  • Coffee with cake in a restaurant in Gdansk Old Town.
  • Some small souvenirs, such as mug, fridge magnet, key pendant, beer or wine opener, decorative seashell, etc.
  • About 5-kilometer drive in a taxi.
European Solidarity Centre.

As we can see, prices in Gdansk are not very low. We will not get a room in a nice hotel for $10 USD. Nor will we get a meal in any of Gdansk Old Town restaurant for such an amount of money.

But there are many ways to limit our spendings while traveling and it is perfectly possible to enjoy a visit to Gdansk without spending an arm and a leg.

Contributor: Joanna and Bartosz from Overhere

Joanna & Bartosz, travel enthusiasts behind Overhere, a Polish couple who love mountains, nature, and Poland. Through their blog, they will show you the most beautiful places to visit in Poland and the best hiking trails to explore. 

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