Glamping Ciwidey: Is It Worth It or Just Another Instagram Clout in Bandung, Indonesia?

For travelers coming to Bandung, glamping is probably one of the most popular things to do outside the city since Bandung is well-known as a sweet escape for Jakartans to enjoy its scenic natural beauty with Tangkuban Perahu volcano and numerous beautiful tea plantations.

Although I got a chance to go for staycations at some other place with glamping facilities in Bandung like Horison Green Forest, it was my first time to experience it when my boyfriend visited my hometown earlier this year. After a few considerations, we decided to book our accommodation at Glamping Ciwidey.

Ciwidey is a countryside area in the southern part of Bandung, one of the most popular destinations for outdoor activities in Bandung. It's home to Kawah Putih or the White Crater, known as the city's most romantic spot, making it so popular for pre-wedding photoshoots. 

Well, we didn't go there for a romantic getaway per se since my brother traveled and stayed the night with us for the glamping experience. I also used this chance for my boyfriend and my brother to bond with each other. Since I'm pretty close with my family, I personally think it's important for them to get to know each other and I'm glad it was a success!

We went glamping in Ciwidey for 2 days and one night, so I'm going to share all the things you need to know about the glamping experience in one of the most exclusive spots for glamping in Bandung. From how to book, the facilities, and my overall review now that I've experienced it myself. So, what do you need to know about Glamping Ciwidey? 

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Go on a hiking tour to Rengganis Crater and check out the Glamping Lakeside Rancabali. 

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What You Need to Know About Glamping Ciwidey

Not too far from the White Crater, there's a large campsite called Ranca Upas that's known as one of the best camping spots in Bandung. Although Ranca Upas is pretty popular as the best campground in Ciwidey and it also has a few glamping spots, we didn't go there for glamping this time.

Instead, we went to the glamping spot at Situ Patenggang. For those who don't know about Situ Patenggang, it's a lake around 30 minutes from Kawah Putih. On the way to get there from Kawah Putih, you'll be spoiled by some beautiful scenery as the area is surrounded by large tea plantations.

The view of Situ Patenggang from Pinisi Resto in Bandung, Indonesia.
The view of Situ Patenggang from Pinisi Resto in Bandung, Indonesia.

Although Situ Patenggang has been popular as a recreational spot in Bandung since forever, the area became viral due to the opening of Pinisi Resto in 2016. It's a restaurant shaped like a Pinisi ship, one of Indonesia's UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritages. The unique architecture in the restaurant has drawn internet clout as it's now named one of the most instagrammable spots in Bandung too ever since. 

During the same time, they also launched glamping sites in the lake area called Glamping Lakeside Rancabali. And this is where we went glamping in Ciwidey! 

Since most businesses in Indonesia rely heavily on social media especially TikTok and Instagram, and Glamping Ciwidey is one of the glamping spots in Bandung that's become super popular on both platforms as so many social media influencers spoke highly of it after their glamping experience there.

Although I usually try to avoid a place that's Instagram clout like that, I decided to contact the number I found on their Instagram page for more information before booking our stay at Glamping Lakeside Rancabali. They don't accept reservations from any online travel agency like Booking or Agoda, so the only way to book accommodation there is through their WhatsApp account.

As a traveler who gets so used to booking everything online, I feel like they're missing out. As an entrepreneur, I understand their strategy to (a) cut the cost as online travel agencies like Traveloka usually charge some extra fee to get reservations through them, and (b) this booking procedure also enhances the exclusivity of this glamping site. 

I also think with the way they operate now, they target exclusively Indonesians since they also only accept bank transfers for the payment method. I'm not sure if their customer service speaks English, but if you're a foreigner looking to experience Glamping Ciwidey for your next trip to Bandung, you should still be able to transfer your payment using Wise

The payment must be completed upfront, but you can reschedule your stay up to 3 (three) days before your original date if you book during the weekdays. If you plan to stay there for the weekend, the latest you can reschedule is a week before your original booking.

Once the payment is confirmed, they will send you a receipt via WhatsApp. Keep the receipt, as it's also a coupon for free entrance and parking spots when you enter the Situ Patenggang area.

Glamping Ciwidey Review: Staying at Glamping Lakeside Rancabali

After messaging them through WhatsApp, they sent me a catalog with the types of cabins and tents available to rent. The price starts from IDR 1,400,000 (around USD $90), and they have both weekday and weekend rate which makes it quite convenient for us to plan a weekday trip for a cheaper rate. LOL.

We booked the New Lakeside Tent; they only have one unit for this type of tent, and the weekday rate for it is IDR 2,040,000 (around USD $130). It's quite expensive compared to the other glamping sites on Traveloka or Booking, but the tent can accommodate up to 4 pax. In addition, it's all-inclusive with free breakfast and all guests can enjoy free spot facilities in all Glamping Lakeside Rancabali areas plus free entrance ticket to Rengganis Crater, which is located around 10 minutes from the glamping spot!

In a perfect world, you can also add a bonfire or order BBQ package during your stay at Glamping Lakeside Rancabali. Unfortunately, we went there during the rainy season that it was already pretty challenging for us to go back to the tent after our dinner at the restaurant. Let alone have a bonfire or BBQ outside!

New Lakeside Tent at Glamping Lakeside Rancabali in Ciwidey

New Lakeside Tent at Glamping Lakeside Rancabali in Ciwidey, Bandung.
New Lakeside Tent at Glamping Lakeside Rancabali in Ciwidey, Bandung.

When we entered Situ Patenggang area, the staff showed us the cabin where we were supposed to check-in. The check-in was pretty smooth, and the receptionist also showed us the location of our tent with a motorbike while we followed him in our car. The New Lakeside Tent wasn't that far from the receptionist, in fact it's exactly behind the receptionist's cabin!

They provide a parking spot for every tent in this area, so it will be convenient if you rent a car in Bandung to get there.

Room Facilities at Glamping Lakeside Rancabali in Ciwidey

The tent itself looked pretty small from the outside, but once we got inside it was actually quite spacious for 4 pax. I have to say, it's not as fancy as I thought it would be, but it's quite convenient!

They provide mineral water and complimentary tea and coffee for us, and we have direct access to the lake on the balcony. Well, it wasn't really a balcony since it was more like a spider web with a swing where you could just relax while enjoying the lake view. Keep in mind that swimming is not allowed on this lake, so don't bother!

The tent has 3 beds, a queen-sized bed with two single beds. We were supposed to go glamping with my cousin but he canceled at the last minute, so we left one bed empty which made the space feel even bigger.

What surprised me is that the room also comes with a traditional heater. Since it was raining the whole night during our stay and the weather got really chilly, the heater helped to warm up the night. And champagne, since my boyfriend brought a bottle from England. LOL.

Overall, the room facilities were quite decent to stay the night. However, be aware that it seems like there are some stray dogs outside at night and they barked so loud when we were sleeping. I'm not sure if they hid below the tent because of the rain, but they were definitely close that we woke up a few times because of their bark.

Another downside of our experience at Glamping Ciwidey was the service since the communication between the guests and the staff at Lakeside Rancabali relied heavily on WhatsApp, yet they were pretty lousy about responding when we needed it.

For instance, when we checked in we realized there was no toilet paper in the bathroom and they didn't come until during dinner time when it was raining and we couldn't go back to our tent from Pinisi Resto. They were only responsive when the resto staff finally reached out to one of them via WhatsApp!

Bathroom at Glamping Lakeside Rancabali

There's nothing fancy about the bathroom in the New Lakeside Tent at Glamping Lakeside Rancabali in Ciwidey, but it comes with all the necessities for your comfortable stay with a functional shower, toilet, and sink.

Our toilet in the tent was pretty clean too, although I don't think the hot water worked well there. However, it wasn't a big issue since none of us needed hot water to get ready per se. The bathroom also comes with complimentary toiletries with all-purpose shower gel and a toothbrush kit with a small tube of toothpaste.

Overall, it has everything you need for a short stay but I would say there's anything luxurious about the shower or the room facilities at the New Lakeside Tent for our glamping in Ciwidey. If I have to be honest, the night rate felt a little too expensive compared to the facilities they offer on the glamping site.

I mean, with the same amount of money that I paid for this glamping experience, for a little less I could've booked a historical suite at Grand Hotel Preanger or Savoy Homann in Bandung city center.

Pinisi Resto

Staying at Lakeside Rancabali glamping site won't be complete without talking about the other main spot close to Situ Patenggang: the Pinisi Resto.

Mind you, if you think about visiting Pinisi Resto on the weekend, here's my advice… Don't. Seriously, I went there on a Saturday in 2017 with my local blogger friends and we couldn't even get a nice picture because there were too many people. Come to think of it, we didn't even order anything there because we couldn't get a place to sit!

Well, the good news is that if you decide to stay at Glamping Lakeside Rancabali in Ciwidey, you'll get a chance to enjoy the view from Pinisi Resto during the off-peak hours. Plus, you'll get a complimentary breakfast in the resto too. On paper, it sounds like a dream but not according to what happened to us during our stay at Glamping Ciwidey!

Pinisi Resto in Situ Patenggang, Bandung.
Pinisi Resto in Situ Patenggang, Bandung.

General Review: Pinisi Resto in Ciwidey, Bandung

Although we got free access to all areas around Situ Patenggang during our stay at Glamping Lakeside Rancabali including Pinisi Resto, meals and beverages outside the buffet breakfast are not complementary. However, it's not a big issue since when we checked the menu at the resto, the price was actually more affordable than we expected.

Unlike the overpriced meals like we had at Sari Ater in Ciater, we could still get some traditional snacks for as low as IDR 15,000 (around $1 USD) per portion. However, keep in mind that most food and beverages served on the menu are more like traditional Indonesian food, so you won't be able to find some decent Western food at Pinisi Resto.

The service was slightly better than the staff at the glamping site, if I have to be honest. The staff at the restaurant was very assertive; they even helped us to get a response from the hotel staff when we got stuck at the restaurant during dinner time and we couldn't go back to our tent when it was raining heavily outside.

Although I don't think there's anything special about the meals here except maybe for the lake view from the top. I have to say, I had better meals elsewhere so I wouldn't praise them for the products they sold there either. Though considering its popularity, I was genuinely surprised that the food there wasn't overpriced!

The Glamping Ciwidey Complimentary Breakfast at Pinisi Resto

This is where I was utterly disappointed at Glamping Ciwidey. So, upon check-in the staff informed us that our breakfast time would start from 7 AM the next day.

Since the check-out time was at 12 PM and we wanted to explore more areas around the lakeside in the morning, we decided to wake up at 7 and went to Tanjung Pakis area first before heading for breakfast at Pinisi Resto. It wasn't even long until then because I remember we arrived at the restaurant at around 8 AM.

To my surprise, everything was almost finished! Like literally everything, we barely even got water at that point, and the buffet was practically running out although even without that condition, the options didn't seem too appealing either.

Look, I didn't expect some fancy breakfast like I went for a staycation at Blackbird Hotel, but I was appaled by the fact that they even ran out of the staple like rice and it wasn't even an hour after the starting time for breakfast!

I understand that Glamping Lakeside Rancabali is probably often used as a spot for corporate gatherings or something, but my God… I don't know what I was mad about, was it the fact that people got so greedy that they ate almost the whole buffet breakfast without thinking about the other guests or was it more to do with the Glamping Ciwidey that didn't seem to plan to refill all the things they ran out for complimentary breakfast for their guests?!

Anyway, it definitely made me lose my appetite, and the leftover wasn't even that good. The only good thing about it was the fact that we practically had Pinisi Resto for ourselves without the clout coming for Instagram photos. Although keep in mind that they have a designated spot for the complimentary breakfast so you wouldn't be able to eat your breakfast at the “ship dock,” which is the popular spot at Pinisi resto for an Instagram shot.

Other Facilities at Glamping Lakeside Rancabali in Ciwidey

Apart from the accommodation and complimentary access to some of the most instagrammable spots in Bandung, staying at Glamping Lakeside Rancabali in Ciwidey also comes with some extra perks outside the campsite areas.

All guests staying at Glamping Ciwidey have access to Situ Patenggang areas, including the Pinus forests and strawberry farms around the area. There's also a spider balcony near the bridge that connects you to the lake, but if you stayed at New Lakeside Tent like we did… It wasn't any different from the one you had at the tent.

Despite some disappointments that I encountered during our stay at Glamping Lakeside Rancabali in Ciwidey, there are also some other facilities that I truly enjoyed during our glamping experience there!

Cruising the Lake with a Rented Boat

Although access to Situ Patenggang is free for the guests at Glamping Lakeside Rancabali, you can also enjoy the lake view at its finest by cruising the lake by boat for an extra fee. You can rent a boat for IDR 30,000 (around $2 USD) for an hour's stroll around Situ Patenggang, and the boat is more than enough for the three of us with the captain rowing it behind us! 

Honestly, at this point I realized how cheap it is to travel around my hometown compared to more popular places like Chiang Mai. LOL. I mean, my boyfriend and I literally paid 25 times more expensive to rent a boat at Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in Thailand and the view at Situ Patenggang was so much better! But then again, I suppose it's also the perk of being a local since the chance of me getting scammed in my hometown is almost zero. LOL

During our stroll at Situ Patenggang, the captain basically acted as a tour guide since he told us the story about the folklore of Ki Santang and Dewi Rengganis, two lovebirds who got separated and finally reunited around Batu Cinta (Indonesian words for the Stone of Love) in the middle of the lake.

If you visit Situ Patenggang during the dry season, there's a high chance you can step down to Batu Cinta that's located in Pulau Asmara (Indonesian words for the Love Island – not the TV show lol). However, since we went there during the rainy season, the water level increased, and the island and the stone were basically sunk into the lake.

Wandering around the Glamping Lakeside Rancabali

Since our tent is within the Pinisi Resto area, we got a chance to explore the Tanjung Pakis area where most family cabins are located. Compared to our side of the tent, Tanjung Pakis is more secluded but it's still practically easy to cross the lake by the bridge from there.

Most tents and cabins in Tanjung Pakis are designed for families or big groups traveling to Situ Patenggang. When I checked the brochure for Glamping Lakeside Rancabali, the rate for all tents and cabins in Tanjung Pakis is actually pretty similar with the New Lakeside Tent that I rented for the night.

Honestly, from what I saw from outside, it seems like the tents and cabins at Tanjung Pakis are more convenient. Although given the idea it's not located straight by the lakeside, you won't get a direct view of the lake like what we had on our balcony with the swing.

When we went back to Pinisi Resto for our breakfast, we also passed the golesat circuit. It's a gocart-like ride with a 3-wheeled bike that you could try during your stay at Glamping Lakeside Rancabali. As a guest, you'll be entitled to one circuit of this golesat ride. Unfortunately, there was no staff around there when we passed it, so maybe their operational hour started later than 8 AM. 

Strolling around the Tea Plantations in Ciwidey

When visiting Ciwidey, there is no way you'll pass the chance to stop at one of the tea plantations. Ciwidey has some of the largest tea plantations in Bandung, and Situ Patenggang is basically surrounded by so many of them.

If you plan for Glamping Ciwidey, you can also book a stay at Keong tents. The night rate for a Keong tent is cheaper than those in Tanjung Pakis or lakeside, but it's further away from the civilization (i.e. Pinisi Resto) so it may not be convenient if you don't have your own vehicle for the glamping experience.

The glamping areas for Keong tents are closer to the tea plantation near the lake, and the beautiful view of the plantation is guaranteed if you book your stay there.

Visiting the Suspension Bridge at Rengganis Crater

The good news is that after all the disappointments about Glamping Ciwidey that I experienced during my stay, the highlight of this trip to Ciwidey was actually when we visited Kawah Rengganis or Rengganis Crater

Situated around 15-minute drive from Situ Patenggang, Rengganis Crater is home to one of the longest suspension bridges in Southeast Asia. The 370-meter bridge was built around 75 meters above sea level, so this isn't the ideal bridge you want to cross if you have a fear of heights. However, you can also ask for a harness since the staff can provide it when you need it for extra safety.

My boyfriend is afraid of heights, and while he was being a good boy trying to overcome his fear to make the best of our trip there… The aftermath wasn't a lie because he literally had to shut off for almost an hour after crossing the bridge on the way out.

Suspension bridge in Rengganis Crater, Ciwidey.
Suspension bridge in Rengganis Crater, Ciwidey.

The original bridge was built during the Dutch colonial era in the 20th century, and it was initially made of wood before the current government rebuilt it with concrete and steel cables.

If you stay at Glamping Lakeside Rancabali as a guest, you'll be eligible for free entry to Rengganis Crater. I'm not sure how much the entrance ticket is, but I think it's around IDR 40,000 (around USD $2.5) for local visitors although I'm not sure if it's different for foreigners.

The bridge was initially built to connect Ciwidey and Bandung, and now you can cross the bridge to visit one of the hidden gems in Bandung: Rengganis Crater. While it has gained popularity as a tourist attraction in the city for the locals, Rengganis Crater is still far less popular compared to the famous White Crater in Ciwidey.

Apart from the suspension bridge, you can also ride the suspension chairs that go on the zipline to connect to the main crater site. Everything is totally free for Glamping Ciwidey guests, as you just need to show the payment receipt that they sent on WhatsApp after your booking confirmation.

Although technically the suspension chairs should be as scary as the bridge for those who fear heights, my boyfriend said that the bridge scares him the most while the chair was pretty fun.

Also, one of our concerns when we figured out about the suspension bridge was the minimum weight for the passengers since a few days before my boyfriend and my friends got rejected to ride the zipline at Ciater as the minimum weight requirement for that was 90 kilograms and all of them are heavier than that!

Because of this, we had to ask the staff first, and they said not to worry since the minimum weight for passengers to ride this suspension chair is 200 kilograms. So yes, this attraction is accessible to pretty much everyone!

Rengganis Crater is best known for its heart-shaped crater, which you can see from above when you ride the suspension chair. That's also why I highly recommend taking it since not only is it going to be a great new experience, the scenic view is really worth seeing!

Although the suspension chairs are accessible to anyone, the way down to the crater is not. Mind you, Rengganis Crater was only discovered in the 1970s and it was pretty much untouched until 2000s, when the Glamping Lakeside Rancabali management took over. The infrastructure for this site isn't 100% ready, so I wouldn't recommend it for disabled travelers as it's definitely not wheelchair-friendly!

Apart from the crater, there's also a small waterfall and a place for a mud bath in the area. So even though the way to get there was quite exhausting, it's pretty rewarding when you get to the crater area!

Whether you just want to soak your feet in the water to relax or just sit down in the nearest gazebo to enjoy the scenery around Rengganis Crater, there are some activities you can do before going back to hike. A mud bath is also possible in some areas around the crater, so don't forget to bring a change of clothes if you want to do this!

However, please note that their toilet area isn't anything fancy, so you may want to check the toilet and shower area first before deciding whether a mud bath there is your cup of tea.

In addition to the free entrance to Rengganis Crater in Ciwidey, you can also get a welcome drink at the restaurant near the entrance. It's nothing fancy as it's basically just tea or coffee, but it was pretty relaxing after the hike and you can also sit down while facing the tea plantation in the surrounding area.

Final Verdict: Is Glamping Lakeside Rancabali Worth it?

Personally, I think paying the night rate of IDR 2,040,000 per night for a glamping experience in Ciwidey didn't seem worth it, considering glamping is just a downgrade version of a hotel. I mean, I paid less for two different suite rooms at a 4-star, historic hotel close to the Museum of the Asian-African Conference in Bandung city center and I personally found it more valuable.

alternative option for glamping ciwidey
Argapuri Jungle Resort Ciwidey
  • The accommodation at Argapuri Jungle Resort is so much more affordable than Glamping Lakeside Rancabali.
  • Argapuri Jungle Resort has various types of accommodations suitable for all types of travelers, Whether you want to book their Glamping Suite with your dog (it's pet-friendly!) or splurge a bit on their Deluxe Bungalow for your family, all options are there!
  • Although it's technically still located in Ciwidey, it's a bit further away from Kawah Putih and Situ Patenggang as the location is around 20++ kilometers from the main sites in the area. 

However, given the idea that this rate is for the capacity of up to 4 (four) pax, it didn't sound so bad since with that night rate, I didn't have to pay extra for parking or the entrance fees to all the attractions around Ciwidey. But still, I think Glamping Lakeside Rancabali could do so much better with their service since it's really expensive compared to the lousy experience when it comes to breakfast and slow-response from the receptionist!

The receptionist cabin from our tent at Glamping Lakeside Rancabali in Ciwidey, Bandung.
The receptionist cabin from our tent at Glamping Lakeside Rancabali in Ciwidey, Bandung.


  • It's an all-inclusive accommodation, so you barely have to pay extra to use all the facilities around the glamping site. You can enjoy the lakeside view and explore the Pinisi Resto, along with the complimentary entrance to Rengganis Crater where you can experience the suspension bridge that's claimed to be one of the longest in Southeast Asia. 
  • Despite its popularity among tourists, the price of food and beverages at Pinisi Resto is actually quite affordable!
  • Apart from the receptionist (who was so slow in responding to messages on WhatsApp), most staff were quite assertive and friendly. We practically wouldn't get any response if it wasn't for one of the restaurant staff reaching out personally to the receptionist when we got stuck there and couldn't go back to the tent because of the rain. And I loved that our boat captain was a good storyteller to tell us about the folklore related to Situ Patenggang!


  • Booking isn't available on online travel agencies like Agoda or, so if you have a loyalty member to any of those platforms you won't be able to get points for your stay. The only way to make a reservation is if you reach out to them directly via WhatsApp.  
  • Full payment for the booking is required and it's non-refundable, although you can reschedule it with terms and conditions applied. 
  • Considering the room facilities and the buffet breakfast were pretty much the downgraded version of a hotel, the night rate was super expensive!
  • You may need to go for breakfast as early as possible to avoid the leftovers from those big groups for the buffet. 
  • The only way to complain or call the receptionist for anything related to room service is by WhatsApp, and they're not very responsive either. 

So, is it worth staying at Glamping Lakeside Rancabali in Ciwidey? Yes, if you're traveling with a big group since the price per person can be much more affordable to travel around Ciwidey.

The price for separate tours from Bandung city center to Ciwidey is much higher than IDR 500,000 (around $31 USD) per person, so staying at Glamping Ciwidey is not only more affordable but it also gives you time to relax before exploring some of the popular sites in the area like the White Crater and Rengganis suspension bridge.

However, if you're traveling solo in Bandung and planning to make the most of your stay in the city to visit Kawah Putih and Rengganis in Ciwidey, I'd suggest joining a day trip from the city center will be more worth it just because it will be way cheaper for you.

So, have you tried glamping before? Do you have any favorite glamping sites that I should add to my bucket list? Maybe something that offers a better experience than Glamping Ciwidey? Share in the comment below, and cheerio!

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