Miapera Hotel and Spa: Where to Stay in Beyoglu, Istanbul

If you're looking for a mid-range hotel suitable for couple in Istanbul, you should consider staying at Miapera Hotel and Spa in Beyoglu. 

On my last trip to Istanbul, I was traveling with my boyfriend to attend a friend's wedding in Mersin. Since it was my boyfriend's first time in Istanbul, we stayed there for a couple of days before flying to Adana for the wedding. 

We had a bunch of options when choosing the accommodation in Istanbul during our last trip, but we then decided to choose Miapera Hotel Istanbul because the picture of their spa and indoor pool facilities lured us into booking it in the end. Which is ironic, considering we ended up not using any of these facilities since our stay in Istanbul was pretty short. 

However, I can still vouch for Miapera Hotel and Spa if you're looking for a hotel in Istanbul with a strategic location and a reasonable price. So, here's my firsthand review based on my experience staying at Miapera Istanbul!

Miapera Hotel and Spa in Beyoglu, Istanbul

Miapera hotel building in Beyoglu, Istanbul.
Source: Agoda

Since it wasn't my first time to be in Istanbul, I was actually considering staying in other areas of Istanbul before we decided to book Miapera Hotel in Beyoglu as our accommodation there. 

However, after a short discussion about where to stay in Istanbul, we decided Miapera Hotel and Spa in Beyoglu was probably the best choice for us, because: 

  • I was traveling from Bursa by bus when I checked into the hotel, and based on my experience staying at Liva Suite Beyoglu, the distance from Taksim to Alibey Koy Otogar (bus station) wasn't that far, so it would be more practical for me to get there compared to if we stayed in areas like Fatih or Besiktas. 
  • We agreed to take the Havaist bus from Istanbul New Airport to Taksim, and staying in Beyoglu area seems like a great idea considering it's not too far from Point Hotel – the drop-off point for Havaist and Havabus airport shuttles in Taksim.
  • Since we also had to catch the flight from Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW) in the Asian part of Istanbul to Adana for the wedding, we also had to take Havabus from Taksim to Sabiha Gokcen International Airport from the same drop-off point at Point Hotel Taksim. Miapera Hotel's location is pretty convenient, since it's only around 10 minutes drive to Point Hotel—even less, since we took the red-eye hour flight! 
  • We decided to only stay in Istanbul on the first and last day before heading to Adana, as we wanted to travel to Bursa and Canakkale in between. The issue is that we didn't want to carry around our big bags when we left Istanbul for Bursa and Canakkale, so we checked with Miapera Hotel if they provided luggage storage considering we'd stay at their hotel again before leaving Istanbul; they said yes, and we could leave our big bags for free! 

All these reasons and we saw some great pictures of their spa and indoor pool facilities made us decide to go with Miapera Hotel in Beyoglu for our accommodation in Istanbul, and we didn't regret it one bit! 

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We booked the Superior Room at Miapera Hotel and Spa in Istanbul through Agoda for IDR 1,144,927 (around $70 USD) per night, and we had two separate bookings as we went to Bursa and Canakkale in between. 

Considering the location and facilities at Miapera Hotel Istanbul, I find the night rate pretty reasonable. As a budget traveler, I probably would've picked a cheaper accommodation if I didn't travel with my partner. 

But if you're traveling as a couple and looking for a hotel with a reasonable night rate in Istanbul, Miapera Hotel can be a good option for this!


The location of Miapera Hotel is probably the main selling point of the hotel. It's within walking distance from Taksim Square, but not too close to have to deal with the crowds and noises nearby. 

I didn't even realize that Miapera Hotel is located next to the British Consulate in Istanbul until I went out the first day to get the local SIM card. As my boyfriend is British, he considers it an advantage though it doesn't matter much for me personally. 

However, I noticed that there's also a bus stop nearby when I had to pick up my boyfriend at the airport. I was about to take the bus to Taksim at the time, but it was during the Eid holiday that it took so long to wait for the bus, so I ended up walking to Taksim metro station. 

I also noticed that the nearest bus station is Omar Hayyam bus station, so the hotel is located not too far from Ariya Yildiz Apartment, except that it's located in the opposite direction. 

If you plan to visit the Museum of Innocence in Istanbul, Miapera is probably only a 10-minute walk from the museum. 

There are a lot of cafes and restaurants nearby, and a lot of them are open until late because on the first day we were in Istanbul, I woke up around midnight and when we went out to grab something for late dinner, we still had so many options around! 


Mind you, we stayed in Istanbul way too short to get the firsthand experience outside our bedroom at Miapera Hotel in Beyoglu. However, the facilities at Miapera were actually the main reason why my boyfriend and I decided to stay there for our accommodation in Istanbul. 

We were traveling in the spring, and it was still too cold outside, but Miapera has an awesome-looking indoor pool on their Agoda page.

We also initially wanted to try a couple spa session or Turkish hammam there, but we simply didn't have time so I can't really speak from my own experience for that matter. 

However, if you're looking for an Istanbul hotel with various facilities including a swimming pool and fitness center, Miapera Hotel has them all so you may want to consider booking a room there for your Istanbul vacation! 

Check-In Process

I arrived from Bursa a little over 2 PM, which was supposed to be the check-in time at Miapera Hotel. But the room wasn't ready yet, so I had to wait around an hour to check in. 

Apart from that, the check-in process was pretty smooth.

The staff at Miapera Hotel was really helpful, and they speak English very well. The staff at the receptionist even confirmed if I was the guest asking for the luggage storage, and I said yes. 

When they said I couldn't check-in yet since the room wasn't ready, I went to a pizza place nearby.

When I came back, I could check in, but when I arrived in the room, the housekeeper was still there. I had to wait for another 15 minutes on the stairs near the elevator, so you may want to come at around 3 or 4 PM to check in if you don't want to wait for your room too long. 

Review: Superior Room at Miapera Hotel, Istanbul

Bedroom in the Superior Room at Miapera Hotel in Istanbul, Turkiye.
Bedroom in the Superior Room at Miapera Hotel in Istanbul, Turkiye.

The Superior Room is the cheapest option at Miapera Hotel, but I stayed in two different rooms with the same room type. But somehow, I felt like the room where I stayed on my last day was better than the first one. 

Based on their Agoda page, the Superior Room at Miapera Hotel is around 22 msq – it's a bit cramped, but it's good enough for a night or two. 


On our first stay at Miapera Hotel, the room actually felt cramped – weirdly enough, that wasn't the case on our second stay there. 

I don't know if it's to do with the window access, since the second room where we stayed has a larger window than the first one. 

Another problem that we had on the first night at Miapera Hotel was the heater. We were traveling during shoulder season, and the heater was still on but it got too hot inside. 

We tried to turn on the AC, but it didn't help much so our first night in Istanbul we complained a lot about the heat. Overall, our experience on the second stay was better than our first night, and I genuinely wonder if it's to do with the fact that the second room felt more spacious to us. 


The weird thing is that while we thought that the bedroom was cramped, the bathroom in the first room we stayed at Miapera was actually the opposite.

It felt so spacious compared to the bedroom, I genuinely think it's more like the case of a bad design, if not because of the room position that forced it to be designed that way. 

Because again, the bathroom in our second room isn't like that. 

For context, there's a long corridor between the entrance door and our bedroom area. The bathroom is located along this corridor, and the bathroom has three separate sections: the toilet, the sink, and the shower. 

Meanwhile, in our second room, the bathroom has two sections, with the sink in the same area as the toilet and a shower section. The shower certainly felt smaller than the bathroom in our previous room. 

Other Facilities

During our stay here, we didn't book the room with complimentary breakfast, as I thought we would easily find some breakfast options nearby and I was right. 

But we passed the restaurant since it's close to the lobby and I was quite impressed with the restaurant since it seems quite large and fancy.

In fact, I was a bit surprised considering the entrance to Miapera Hotel looks pretty small from the outside, so I thought the hotel wasn't that big. Well, considering they have an indoor pool and the restaurant is big, I think the phrase “don't judge the book by its cover” quite applies here. 

They also have two elevators, though they're pretty small and cramped. In fact, it was so small that I basically had to go down alone because it wouldn't fit if my boyfriend and I went at the same time with our bags. 

That being said, it was pretty understandable, since I think it would be hard to find a hotel in Istanbul with large elevators unless you stay at a 5-star hotel.

If you choose to stay at an Airbnb or an apartment in Istanbul and have lots of baggage with you, I really recommend asking whether they have an elevator since most buildings in Istanbul don't… Unless it's either a posh establishment or an actual hotel. 


Superior Room at Miapera Hotel Istanbul, Turkey.
Superior Room at Miapera Hotel Istanbul, Turkey.

Why is Miapera Hotel Istanbul a good place to stay in Istanbul?

Miapera Hotel and Spa in Istanbul is a great establishment if you're looking for accommodation with top-notch facilities at a reasonable rate. 

If you book through Agoda or Booking.com, the starting rate is around $80 USD. According to their website, they also have a Single Room, but I definitely recommend Miapera Hotel for couple travelers looking for accommodation in Istanbul. 

The location is also pretty great. From Taksim, Miapera Hotel is only around 15 minutes walk – which is pretty convenient, especially if you enjoy strolling around the cobbled street! 

Does Miapera Hotel provide luggage storage for their guests?

Yes, they provide luggage storage for their guests. Even better, because it's free!
In my case, I basically left my luggage at Miapera Hotel as I made another booking to stay at the hotel after we came back to Istanbul. So I'm not sure if it's more like an exception case for us. 

However, you can still find luggage storage in Istanbul if you need it. I recommend Radical Storage to book one, otherwise both Istanbul New Airport and Sabiha Gokcen International Airport also have luggage storage you can rent when you need one. 

Is Miapera Hotel located near Taksim?

Yes. It's around 15 minutes walk from the famous Istiklal Street, but you will have to pass small alleys to get to Miapera Hotel where there are many shops and cafes that you can stop by. 

You can also take a bus from Omar Hayyam bus station. Taksim is only one bus stop away, but if you need to catch a metro from Taksim to anywhere in Istanbul, it's a convenient option.

Final Review: Miapera Hotel and Spa in Beyoglu Istanbul

On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give an 8 for Miapera Hotel and Spa because I really wouldn't mind staying there again if I got a chance since I really want to try all of their facilities if I could stay longer in Istanbul. 

In short, here are some pros and cons of Miapera Hotel and Spa in Istanbul based on my experience! 

  • Miapera Hotel has a reasonable night rate, considering the location and the facilities they provide at the hotel – from elevators, fitness center, indoor pool, to spa!
  • The location in Beyoglu is pretty strategic, and there's a bus stop nearby if you plan to explore the other neighborhoods in Istanbul. The most popular street in Istanbul, Istiklal Street, is only around 15-minute walk from Miapera and the hotel is located next to the British Consulate in Istanbul. 
  • I really appreciate the fact they provide complimentary luggage storage for days when we were traveling in between our stays at Miapera Hotel Istanbul. 
  • There are a lot of cafes and restaurants nearby, some are even open 24 hours so you won't have a hard time in case you get hungry at midnight. 
  • Their facilities are awesome! Although I didn't get a chance to experience them firsthand, but they have everything from fitness center to Turkish hamam at the hotel!
  • The inconsistency of the room. We stayed at Miapera Hotel on two different occasions, and although we booked the same room type, the experience was totally different. 

So, that's my overall review of Miapera Hotel Istanbul. Interested in booking a room at Miapera during your stay in Istanbul? You can click here to book your stay on Agoda, or here to reserve a room on Booking.com. Enjoy your stay!

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