Paris or Barcelona: Which City is More Romantic?

You all know I’ve been writing and telling stories for such a long time. I like to share either my own experiences or general information that I feel could be useful for my readers.

Recently, I’ve met some friends from and we’ve exchanged a lot of interesting information. A little information about INSIDR, they are a friendly startup based in Paris.

Their main goal is to make our travel experiences in Europe the best. They also offer a smartphone rental service where you can get recommendations and suggestions directly from the Parisian community! Now, I am going to share several pieces of information from INSIDR that I found interesting.

Eiffel Tower.

Who doesn’t know about Paris? Besides the obvious tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower or Louvre, Paris has a lot of hidden gems that you should visit.

Take a tour along the Seine and see both the left and right banks of the city. You will also pass by several of the most beautiful bridges in Paris.

In some particular places along the banks of the Seine, you can see some eye-catching street arts. Get the authentic French experience by going to local markets, here are some recommendations of the best local food markets that you can find in Paris. You can also get some varieties of French street foods in these markets.


Stop for a while, and get a coffee in some of the best Parisian coffee shops. And while you’re at it, why not getting something to eat too? Get one of the best croissants in Paris, as this is one thing that is totally French.

Also, don’t forget the sweet little treats that are also totally French: macarons. There is no doubt that you can get the best macarons in France, so don’t miss out on the best macarons in Paris.

Furthermore, if you’re not satisfied with just eating macarons, you can also take a macaron class in Paris and try to make them yourself!

Macaron class.

When it comes to food, you have endless choices in Paris. From brunch that you can get with less than €20, to the most romantic dinner places, you can find anything in Paris. There are also several restaurants that have the best choices for gluten-free foods. You should also try the best crepes that Paris can offer. The possibilities never end!

Journey to Barcelona

Barcelona is another place that can be seen as very romantic.

You can easily spend 2 or 3 days in Barcelona, and you will still feel like you need more time there. There are just many things to do in Barcelona!

The most well-known and probably first destination in every tourist’s mind is La Sagrada Familia. There is a reason for this; this building has a magnificent view.

Sagarda Familia.

Museo Picasso is another favorite destination, along with Park Guell which is an interesting outdoor space with a lot of artwork. It feels like you are walking in an open space museum of Gaudi.

If you’re traveling with your family, Barcelona also has activities that you can enjoy with your kids. For a slightly different atmosphere, go to the west of Barcelona to the Barceloneta area and enjoy the coast of Barcelona.

Barcelona also has a vast choice of gastronomy. If you have no idea as to what you can try in Barcelona, read this article of the best foods that you can get in Barcelona.


As this is Spain, you should probably start by going to one of the best tapas bars in Barcelona. After that, try authentic Catalan food at this cool restaurant in Barcelona.

To spend your night in Barcelona, you can go to some of the cozy bars in every corner of the city. Find one of these speakeasy bars in Barcelona and socialize with tourists and local people; a very interesting place to meet new people. You should also visit the cocktail bars in Barcelona and try their signature drinks.

Speakeasy bars in Barcelona.

You have a lot of choices of places to stay in Barcelona, from a simple cheap hostel to a luxury hotel. You can stay in any area and easily visit every interesting site in town by using public transportation. Read this article about public transportation in Barcelona and you will be able to navigate your way around easily.

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