Top 3 Cheap and Fun Things to Do in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Known for its carnival and samba, it's not surprising that Rio de Janeiro has become the most popular city for travelers in South America.

Planning to visit Brazil for your next holiday? If Florianopolis is suitable for an off-the-beaten-path destination, Rio is definitely one of the places to go in Brazil due to its accessibility to other cities around the country. 

You can easily spend a day in Rio de Janeiro to visit all the landmarks of the city like Christ Redeemer or Sugarloaf, but one of the most fun things to do in Rio is one: party!

From affordable local cuisine to endless party scenes for the cheap, Renee from Renee the Wanderess will be sharing some activities to do in Rio de Janeiro… Especially if you're looking for ideas what to do in Rio as a budget traveler!

Top 3 Best Things to Do in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Every Friday night in Rio de Janeiro, there is a party in the neighborhood of Lapa. Whether you're looking for some good food or just want to socialize and meet people while dancing your night away, this area is perfect to spend your day in Rio on a budget. 

Before experiencing the best party scene in Rio, I'd highly recommend joining this sunset sailing tour to immerse yourself in the city's vibes when the sun is down. After that, head to Lapa to make the most of your trip to Rio. 

Lapa is one of the places to go in Rio de Janeiro, especially if you're a budget traveler looking for cheap alternatives to make the most of your stay in the largest city of Brazil. 

So, here are some fun things to do in Rio!

1. Try Brazilian street food

There are a variety of street vendors in Lapa, and you can take your pick of affordable Brazilian food that will satisfy your tastebuds. In fact, it's one of the best places to eat in Rio de Janeiro!

Try the queijo coalho, which is cheese grilled on a small handheld oven. You might also want to try a Brazilian hot dog, which has a lot of interesting toppings, including potato chips, corn, pickles, and carrots.

The coxinha is a traditional Brazilian snack made out of shredded chicken dipped in dough and fried. They go really well with molho rose, a sauce made of ketchup and mayonnaise.

Go add some brigadeiros for the dessert. They are a sort of chocolate ball made with chocolate and condensed milk.

Lapa in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2. Taste the national cocktail: caipirinhas

How about a few drinks?

For as low as 50 BRL (around $10 USD), you could have two or three caipirinhas, a Brazilian national cocktail made with cachaca, a type of sugar cane liquor. It is usually mixed with sugar, ice, lime, and sometimes fresh fashion fruit.

Be careful with how many glasses you could take, because they are made quite strong. One or two will often do the trick for those of you who want to drink responsibly.

3. Head to the nightclub

Visiting Rio de Janeiro isn't complete without experiencing the party scene in the city. The price for an entrance into one of the nightclubs in Lapa isn't that expensive, some bars and clubs even allow entrance for as low as 30 BRL (around $6 USD).

There is always music on the streets of Lapa, but if you want to have a more club-like atmosphere or see some of the better live music, you will have to pay to get into one of the clubs.

My favorite in Lapa is Sacrilegio, which has a variety of different music and the interior has church decor. Many of the most famous musicians of Brazil play at this club.

After your big night out, just remember that you're going to wake up in paradise again.

Rio de Janeiro is one of my favorite cities in the world as there are so many things to do in such a really fine budget, day or night.

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