How to Use Public Transportation in Barcelona to Explore the City

If you're planning to travel to Barcelona, what's better than exploring the city by using public transportation? Not only will you get a chance to experience blending like a local, but it's also relatively cheap to get around Barcelona with its well-connected public transport!

In this post, I'm going to share several types of public transportation you can take to explore Barcelona, from bus to metro.

So, what's the easiest way to travel by public transport in the capital city of Catalunya? Can you purchase a travel card to use all of these transportation methods? Let's find out!

Public Transportation in Barcelona

There are so wide varieties of public transport in Barcelona these days that you can opt for communal transportation like the city bus, tram, and metro to make the most out of your stay in the city. And in addition to that, plenty of platforms like YEGO or Cityscoot enable you to rent an electric bike to get around the city. 

Other than that, of course you can always install taxi apps like Cabify or Free Now to get around in Barcelona with a car. However, the latter can be quite expensive, especially if you're planning to stop by a lot of places there. 

You can also join the walking tour around Barcelona for cheap, especially if you have some time to spare before your next flight. You can always book luggage storage in Barcelona, so you don't have to deal with your belongings to get the most out of your day in the city. 

So, here are some public transportations you can use in Barcelona to travel around!

Bus in Barcelona

public transportation in barcelona.
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The most well-connected transport to travel in Barcelona, taking a public bus to explore the city is recommended if you want to blend with the locals and see the off-the-beaten-path spots in Barcelona. With over 200 bus lines, you can purchase a single bus ticket for as low as €2.40.

While you can purchase a city card called T-Casual, which is usually valid for up to 10 trips for tourists, most of the public buses are fully digital, so you can also use your contactless bank card to pay for your ticket.

Traveling with a city bus in Barcelona can be a bit tricky, but you can always rely on apps like Google Maps or Moovit to make sure which bus line you should take to your next destination. Alternatively, you can also use the city tours with hop-on and hop-off buses, which you can easily purchase depending on how many days you will use it. For a 1-day bus city tours bus, the price for an adult is €29 per pax and €39 for a ticket that's valid for two days.

Tram in Barcelona

tram in barcelona.
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While it may not be as popular as bus and metro, the tram network is also a great option to travel around Barcelona, especially if you're planning to explore the outskirt of the city. The price for a tram ticket is slightly lower than a bus, with only €2.20 for a single trip.

If you get the T-Casual card, you can also use it to get on a tram in Barcelona. Alternatively, if you travel to Barcelona short time, you can also purchase Barcelona Card.

The perks of using Barcelona Card for tourists are not only it offers unlimited public transport in a limited time, but it also provides free entry to over 20 museums and discounts to some other must-visit places around the city!

Metro in Barcelona

metro in Barcelona.
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If you travel around Barcelona and visit all the top destinations in the city, chances are you will also find the nearest metro station there and that's also the reason why metro is probably the best and fastest way to travel around Barcelona!

Each metro line runs every 2 minutes, so you don't have to wait for far too long for the next metro to get around.

A single trip by metro in Barcelona will only cost you around €2.40, which is valid for around 75 minutes. The only difference is if you want to travel to El Prat Airport, the single ticket will be slightly higher than the regular one as the metro ticket to Barcelona Airport will cost you €6.40. You can also use any contactless bank card, T-Casual, or Barcelona Card for this!

Bottom Line

Exploring Barcelona with public transportation is not only a great way to experience the city to the fullest, it's also convenient and affordable as Barcelona has a well-connected transportation network that you can use anytime with the simplified payment method.

Whether you're planning to travel for a long term or just for a short getaway in Barcelona, you can always rely on their public buses, tram and metro lines to get the most out of the city!

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